electric-motor IEEE PAPER 2017

Optimizing Heat Sink Geometry for Electric Vehicle BLDC Motor Using CFD
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Overheating in electrical motors results in detrimental effects such as degradation of the insulation materials, magnet demagnetization, increase in Joule losses and decreased motor efficiency and lifetime. Hence, it is important to find ways of optimizing performance

Design and Simulation of Luo Converter for DC Motor Control for an Electric Vehicle Applications
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Abstract: DC voltage provided by battery contains high voltage ripples and it is not constant enough, thus it is not applicable for most devices like electric-vehicle controller. DC-DC converters are employed to attenuate the ripples regardless of change in the load voltage. In

Fuzzy based Speed Control of Brushless DC Motor fed Electric Vehicle
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Abstract: The aim of this paper is to provide a system for the speed control of a Brushless DC motor (BLDC) fed inverter with the electric vehicle. The fuzzy logic technique is used to estimate the speed of the BLDC motor under variable and fixed condition of the back-EMF.

A holistic simulation workflow to design an acousti-cally optimized electric wheel hub motor
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Abstract In the paper a holistic simulation workflow is presented which enables the designer to analyze the acoustic behavior of electric wheel hub motors numerically. The applied electric wheel hub motor shows an extraordinary power-to-weight-ratio, as it combines two

Development Of Three Wheeler Electric Vehicle With BLDC Motor
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Abstract Environmental protection and energy issues have most active subject of interest and electric cars with Brushless DC motors are new energy efficient drives in industrial applications. In the present paper control system is designed to develop electric car

Design and Construction of a Solar Hybrid Car (Electric Motor and Human Propulsion)
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Abstract: This work presents the design and the construction of a solar hybrid vehicle whose principal driving force is a photovoltaic system, assisted by human propulsion. The solar race of Atacama Desert (Chile) was the first challenge that the solar vehicle faced, with a

Antitheft Alarm System for Electric Motor Pumps
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Abstract: An anti-theft system for electric motor includes controller, feedback circuit and alarm circuit. The feedback circuit continuously monitor the electric motor load, if the motor load is disconnected controller gives alarm with the help of buzzer This paper reports the

Electric Motor Noise Status
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Electric Motor Noise Status April 1112, 2017 NASA Acoustics Technical Working Group Dr. Brenda S. Henderson Dennis L. Huff NASA Glenn Research Center Page 2. Objectives 350 KW Future Aircraft Propulsion Applications 3 Results reported here are for unloaded motors

Mathematical Model In Smaill Quadrate For The Specific Consummation Of The Electric Motor
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The Latin squares are known since the time of Oler, which he used in themathematical analysis, while Fisher was the first who used them in the theory and in the practice of the modern experimental plans. The Latin squares are marked with the sign

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Abstract-With an all-time increasing demand of typical fossil fuel based vehicles, we are facing an imminent danger of our environment being more polluted in the coming years. Every year more vehicles are added to roads and the total number is believed to surpass 2.0

Electric motor and transmission sizing and optimization for dynamic robots, exoskeletons, and prosthetics.
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Summary We present a set of calculations and heuristics such that, given the design goals of a legged machine (robot, exoskeleton, prosthetic device, etc.), a designer can make reasonable comparisons of the motor and transmission technologies available; and, having

A Polyphase Electric Field Motor
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ABSTRACT It is proposed and described an electric motor whose operation is based on the torque produced by a rotating electric field, generated by a polyphase electric system. The electromagnetic and circuital theory that sustains the Polyphase Electric Field Motor (PEFM)

Study of vibration behavior of misalignment and its impacts on the operation of the electric motor and on the energy consumption
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Abstract Condition monitoring by vibration analysis is effective tool for detecting misalignment defect. The misalignment is a major cause of reduced life of the equipments (couplings, bearings, gears); it causes a malfunction to the engine and increases the

Parametric Design Study of Electric Motor Using Multipolar Moment Matching Method Based on Model Order Reduction
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This paper presents a parametric study of the electric motor based on model order reduction (MOR). To include the effect of the parameter into the reduced model, multipolar moment matching method is used. Firstly, the high dimensional model is parameterized using the

A Novel Double Rotor without Stator Electric Motor: Theoretical and Functional Aspects
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ABSTRACT Conventional electromagnetic motor contains two components-stator and rotor. In this present case, both the components of an electromagnetic motor are allowed to remain free, ie both the components are allowed to rotate. Thus, there is no stationary stator in the

IoT-Based Traction Motor Drive Condition Monitoring in Electric Vehicles
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Abstract This paper presents an implementation of a Wireless Internet of Things (IoT) system applied to the traction motor drive condition monitoring in electric vehicles (EVs). The design and testing of the prototype using an ESP8266 microcontroller module to acquire

BLDC Motor Drive Simulation for Electric Bicycle
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Abstract: This paper presents design of Brushless DC motor (BLDC) driver for electrical. The drive system includes converter to produce the required voltage for BLDC. Hall Effect sensor is needed to decide on the position of the permanent magnet to match it with the right BLDC

Electromagnetic evaluation of an in-wheel double rotor axial-flux switched reluctance motor for electric traction
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Abstract. In this paper, a novel in-wheel double rotor axialflux switched reluctance motor for electric traction is presented. The proposed double rotor axial-flux switched reluctance motor has a particular disposition of the stator and rotor poles that provides short flux path without

Speed Control of Axial Flux BLDC Motor by Using Closed Loop Control for Electric Vehicle
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Abstract Compact motor with high torque and wide speed range is the primary requirement for in-wheel electric vehicle application. Radial flux permanent magnet (RFPM) brushless direct current (BLDC) motors are an interesting solution for electric vehicles, because of their