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Embedded System Based Automated Drug Delivery Unit and MicroFluidics for drug discovery
U Eswaran, M Sreelakshmi ,prostate, 2012 ,ijarcce.com
ABSTRACT: Drug dosing is a technique that is done to cure the diseases through proper
prescription and control of drugs that have been identified to the corresponding disease
based on diagnosis. Drug dosing is a very critical and challenging step that needs to be 

Validating Dynamic Enterprise Distributed Real-time and Embedded System Quality-of-Service Properties using System Execution Traces
JH Hilla, P Varshneyab, HA Turnerb ,cs.wustl.edu
Abstract System execution traces can be used to validate enterprise distributed realtime and
embedded (DRE) systems quality-of-service (QoS) properties (such as response-time,
latency, and scalability) based on system structure/composition. As enterprise DRE 

An Embedded System for Smart Vineyard Agriculture
S Zachariadis, TH Kaskalis ,pacet.gr
Abstract—This paper proposes a system for smart vineyard agriculture. In the town of
Naoussa, which is known for its wine making and trade activities, we approached the local
wine makers and agreed on certain digitally enhanced facilities that could be offered by 

Learning Tool for Digital Design and Embedded System Training
G Donzellini ,intechopen.com
The complexity of today· s digital systems is putting new demands on the education of the
professionals working in this field. Electronic Design Automation (EDA) techniques are the
core of digital systems development processes, while traditional design and prototyping 

Quantitative Embedded System Architecture and Performance Analysis
G Hellestrand ,Platform Based Design at the Electronic System Level, 2006 ,Springer
In the context of this chapter, a system is software dominated electronic engine for control,
computation and communication, capable of interacting with the real world to capture data,
transform it, and recommunicate it to the world. In its simplest form, the digital subsystem 

Advanced Technology for Test and Evaluation (T&E) of Embedded System Functionality and Security
R Linger ,Results of SEI Independent Research and , 2011 ,
7.1 Purpose Software test and evaluation (T&E) can be a substantial problem for
organizations seeking to validate functionality and security in new system development,
legacy system evolution, and system acquisition. T&E often consumes significant 

Didactic Embedded Platform Atmega128 for Developing Real Time Operating System
A Kaliszan ,pwt.et.put.poznan.pl
[2] W. Richard Stevens, Stephen A. Rago Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment,
2nd ed. Addison-Wesley, 2005. [3] Lewin Edwards, Embedded System Design on a Shoestring.
Achieving High Performance with a Limited Budget, , USA: Elsevier Sience, 2003. 

Distributed embedded control system design with verification support
IV Shoshmina ,Automatic Control and Computer Sciences, 2011 ,Springer
philosophers. The main example demonstrating the applica bility of the method to
practical problems is a real embedded system of a vessel’s power supply. This  VPSS).
This embedded system controls two vessel substations. Each 

Embedded system for automation visual testing of electronic modules
R Ermis, B Horak ,World Congress, 2005 ,nt.ntnu.no
Abstract: The subsystem of a visual functional test is an embedded system, which is an
integral part of testing equipment for functional testing of electronic modules of dashboards
of vehicles after their installation. The flexible solution of structure of measuring an 

System Level Design of Embedded Controllers: Knock Detection, a Case Study in the Automotive Domain
MMP SpA ,cs.york.ac.uk
This design problem is typical of embedded systems in other industrial segments.
Methodologies have been proposed for embedded system de- sign including architecture
design space exploration.  Formal models for embedded system design. 

An Operating System Architecture for Embedded Systems| Design and Implementation
CM Cheng ,1998 ,software.org.mx
model that is probably not embedded in any hardware design. An embedded system usually
involves a microcontroller with limited computation power and simpli-  Since the main purposes
of applications on an embedded system are mostly to control a wide variety 

Portable Embedded Sensing System using 32 Bit Single Board Computer

in DAS. The DAS is changing from PC-based to embedded system application based.
The embedded system is normally designed so as to minimize size, power
consumption and cooling requirements (James, 2000). In these 

Performance Enhancement of Embedded System Based Multilevel Inverter Using Genetic Algorithm
MP Perumal ,Journal of Electrical Engineering, 2011 ,Versita
This paper presents an optimal solution for eliminating pre specified order of harmonics from
a stepped waveform of a multilevel inverter topology with equal dc sources. The main
challenge of solving the associated non linear equation which are transcendental in 

Component technology in an embedded system
D Polberger ,2009 ,polberger.se
Abstract Software components have been touted as the solution to the modularity problems
faced in the software industry, one that also gives rise to a sophisticated market of software
parts. With components, proponents claim, software is effortlessly built by combining 

Codesign from Different Perspectives in Embedded Control Systems: Application to a CNC System
WAN Jiafu ,jiafuwan.net
10 4 = = T Tr (2-6) where Tr is rise time. Obviously, due to Equation (2-6), the factor of
embedded system implementation is neglected.  2.1.3 Non-Schedulability In the
resource-constrained embedded system, noticeable input-output jitter and 

A Novel Dynamically Optimized Embedded Video Burst Scheduler to Enhance the System QoS
B Bag, AK Jana ,International Journal of Soft Computing ,ijsce.org
in the Dept. of Electronic and Communication Engineering, Haldia Institute of Technology,
Haldia, WB, India. His research interest includes embedded system and processor
architecture for multimedia application. He is a professional 

System JTAG Supporting eXternal and Embedded Boundary Scan Test (XBST, EBST)
BS Test ,2005 ,files.sjtag.org
2005 [16] Brian Stearns (National Semiconductor), “Back to the basics: scaling JTAG
to meet evolving embedded system needs”, July 2005, available from

Design and implementation of an embedded backup system

user. The final evaluation shows that the system is easily, efficiency, storage-space saving
and network-bandwidth saving, and it can be used in many situations. Keywords:
Embedded system, backup system, rsync. 1. INTRODUCTION 

Towards Many-Core Real-Time Embedded Systems: Software Design of Streaming Systems at System Level
K Huang ,2010 ,e-collection.ethbib.ethz.ch
This thesis presents a set of novel techniques for contemporary multi- core and future many-core
embedded system design.  An embedded system running all these applications demands a total
performance payload of up to 10,000 SPECInt benchmark units [ABM+04].