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Design of a Distributed Control System Based on Embedded RTOS
ZZ XIA, SS WANG ,icee-con.org
mechanism. The reliability and maintainability of real time system by using the design
are greatly improved. Keywords Distributed control system, µC/OS-II, Embedded
system, Real-time system, Multitask 1. INTRODUCTION 

Distributed data acquisition and control system based on low cost Embedded Web servers
J Antony, B Mahato, S Sharma ,ijaest.iserp.org
control system. This embedded system can adapt to the strict requirements of the
data acquisition and control system such as the function, reliability, cost, size, power
consumption, and remote access and so on. This system 

An Embedded Tool Condition Monitoring System for Intelligent Machining
HZ Li, XQ Chen ,simtech.a-star.edu.sg
The monitoring strategy, hardware architecture, monitoring algorithms and results are introduced
and discussed in this paper. Keywords: Intelligent machining, Milling, Tool condition monitoring,
Embedded system, Sensor fusion  3.2 Hardware of the embedded system Fig. 

Implementing Reconfigurable Wireless Sensor Networks: The Embedded Operating System Approach
S Misra ,cdn.intechopen.com
2. The embedded operating system An embedded operating system can be viewed
as a collection of software modules meant to enhance an embedded system’s efficiency,
flexibility and robustness (Gomaa, 1993; Labroasse, 2002). 

Approach to an FPGA embedded, autonomous object recognition system: run-time learning and adaptation
R Salvador Perea, C Terleira, FA Moreno González ,2009 ,oa.upm.es
Simulation results show that this architecture has significant performance benefits.
Keywords: hardware embedded intelligence, FPGA embedded system, neural networks,
pattern recognition, autonomous system. 1. INTRODUCTION 

Designing a simulated testing system for embedded systems Development
A Debchoudhury ,bit.csc.lsu.edu
This layer will allow the user to put in test input in order to see how the input embedded system
code functions. It will also allow the user to specify output to be used as a control for testing the
results of the input code. I will first discuss current embedded system testing methods. 

Real-Time Rapid Embedded Power System Control Prototyping Simulation Test-Bed Using LabVIEW and RTDS
K Butler-Purry ,intechopen.com
protection methods in the test bed. The NI CompactRIO embedded system contains
the NI reconfigurable technology and a real-time controller with an embedded (Pentium)
floating-point processor. The 8-slot reconfigurable chassis 

An Advanced Multiple Access Bus Architecture for Embedded Multiprocessor System Design
J Kim ,nesl.ee.ucla.edu
multi-core computer systems. Also, the communication architecture has a significant
impact on the performance and power dissipation of embedded system-on-chip
(SOC) and system-in-package (SIP) designs. In a typical multi 

Recoding Embedded Applications into Flexible System-Level Models
R Dömer ,cecs.uci.edu
An Interactive Model Re-Coder for Efficient SoC Specification. In A. Rettberg, MC Zanella, R.
Dömer, A. Gerstlauer, and FJ Rammig, editors, Embedded System Design: Topics, Techniques
and Trends, Boston, MA, 2007. Springer. [2] P. Chandraiah and R. Dömer. 

Reference System: PLBv46 PCI Using the ML410 Embedded Development Platform
L Sanders ,2008 ,china.origin.xilinx.com
Summary This application note describes how to build a reference system for the Processor Local
Bus Peripheral Component Interconnect (PLBv46 PCI) core using the IBM PowerPC™ 405
(PPC405) Processor-based embedded system in the ML410 Embedded Development 

System-Level Modeling of DSP and Embedded Processors
C Schläger ,ece.utexas.edu
Experience shows that with the constantly changing requirements and priorities of the embedded
system market this task becomes very hard, almost unsolvable.  This is very useful when migrating
a C/C++ prototype to a program that runs on the embedded system. 

Distributed control for embedded system design
GW Hoover ,2008 ,greg-web.net
Design Format Semantics. At the core of any design specification methodology is an
underlying semantic for how the target system executes. Conventional software operates
with the assumption that instructions are executed sequentially, while hardware lives in a 

Security Monitoring Approach in Embedded System}
K Rahimunnisa, S Sureshkumar ,IJCA Proceedings on ,ijcaonline.org
ABSTRACT Embedded systems have been developed greatly in terms of scaling and
integration of devices. With each new generation the complexity of the application also
increases with its enhancement. But little concern is been given over the secure program 

Distribution Diagnosis of Networked Embedded System
M Bayart ,World Congress, 2008 ,nt.ntnu.no
Abstract: The progress in microelectronics allows to integrate, in embedded systems, both
digital computation and communication network capabilities. During the last years, smart
sensors and actuators, then embedded systems and network sensors have appeared. 

A Simplistic Study of Scheduler for Real-Time and Embedded System Domain
MVP Rao ,International Journal Of Computer , 2009 ,researchpublications.org
ABSTRACT This paper presents a new algorithm Parametric Multi Level Feedback Queue
[PMLFQ]. The algorithm PMLFQ has been presented for solving the problems and
minimizing the response time. In this algorithm, a parametric approach has been used for 

AN Kostadinov ,fett.tu-sofia.bg
In food, beverage and cosmetic packaging industry important issue for production quality is
that the label is present, and that it is positioned correctly (as example on all of the produced
and filled up bottles). There are different solutions in order to satisfy this requirement but 

Integrated Concept for Embedded System Study

Abstract Embedded systems are in everyday life and there is a frantic need of well-educated
developers, designers and programmers. The domain itself is in a big change because the
borders of pure ICT and embedded system are fusing and according to this process the 


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