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Power Aware External Bus Arbitration for System-on-a-Chip Embedded Systems
K Ning , on High-Performance Embedded Architectures and , 2007 ,Springer
Tiwari [9] investigate the instruction level power model for general purpose processors and Li
[10] built a system frame work to conduct power analysis for embedded system. In general, the
external bus power can be expressed as: Pbus = CbusV 2 extfkµ + Pleakage (1) 

Quantitative analysis of system initialization in embedded Linux systems
A Puschmann ,Ilmenau University of Technology, Faculty of , 2009 ,puschmann.net
The system-on-chip (SoC) microprocessor has a variety of typical embedded system, like a
real-time clock (RTC), general purpose timers (GPT), several UART (universal asynchronous
receiver/transmitter), three SSP ports (Synchronous Serial Protocol, also known as SPI), a 

Concepts and Tools for the Test of the Communication Sub-system of Time-triggered Distributed Embedded Systems
M Horauer, E Armengaud , of the 3nd IEEE/AS ME , 2007 ,vmars.tuwien.ac.at
It is, however, much more problematic for an online test. The second item is often hard to achieve
due to accessability re- strictions of the distributed embedded system.  Prior to the test of a
distributed embedded system, the def- inition of a fault-hypothesis is mandatory. 

A Survey Of System-Level Design Notations For Embedded Systems
JL Díaz-Herrera , of Computer Science, Southern Polytechnic State ,
Embedded system applications range from small scale devices such as smart phones,
personal digital assistants (PDAs), set-top boxes, to large enterprise servers and
network computers, radar systems, automotive, avionics, etc. 

Operating System Components for an Embedded Linux System
M Hintermann ,Technische Universitat Munchen, 2007 ,robotics.ee.uwa.edu.au
61 C Contents of the CD 63 Bibliography 65 Page 9. List of Figures 1.1 Setup of an embedded
system   What Is an Embedded System? An embedded system is a
combination of computer hardware and software residing in a bigger device. 

Modelling and Implementation of a vision system for embedded systems
P Andersson ,2003 ,fileadmin.cs.lth.se
5 2.1 Embedded System Design . . . . .  INTRODUCTION This thesis addresses embedded system
design and particularly with questions related to design of vision systems for Unmanned Aerial
Ve- hicles (UAVs). The focus is on systems dedicated for complex image precessing. 

Dual Operating System Architecture for Real-Time Embedded Systems
D Sangorrin, S Honda ,International Workshop on , 2010 ,artist-embedded.org
Page 6. Dual Operating System Architecture for Real-Time Embedded Systems Daniel
Sangorrin, Shinya Honda and Hiroaki Takada Graduate School of Information Science,
Nagoya University, Japan {dsl, honda, hiro}@ ertl. 

The Atom LEAP Platform For Energy-Efficient Embedded Computing: Architecture, Operation, and System Implementation
D Singh, PAH Peterson, PL Reiher ,2010 ,flynn.zork.net
The LEAP platform has introduced a new embedded system design where components are not
selected exclusively for low average power dissipation, but instead are selected with both energy
and performance criteria to achieve highest energy efficiency and lowest system 

Embedded Communication System for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
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D Parks ,2003 ,engr.uvic.ca
application layer. The communication system for a typical embedded system is so
integral to the system itself that it can be thought of as the application layer. Each
layer adds functionality to the communication system. This is 

Schedulability Analysis for TMO-based Distributed Real-Time Embedded System
YH Choi, HT Lim ,wacerts.di.fc.ul.pt
Abstract The time-triggered message-triggered object (TMO) scheme is a general-style
component programming scheme and supports design and implementation of real-time
systems. In this paper, we present an approach to analyze schedulability for distributed 

Embedded System Management
JH Ka, JH Kim, WS Yoon ,Journal of Contents, 2005 ,trl.ajou.ac.kr
ABSTRACT This paper proposes a frame work for embedded system management. The
management system can automatically monitor and maintain the Internet connected
embedded-systems such as sensor devices, set-top box, web-pad, information appliances

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B Ahmad, S Hussain, S Ahmad ,gu.edu.pk
ABSTRACT Architecture Business Cycle (ABC) is description of a system, used to represent
relationship among structures/components of the system to the environment in which the
system is developed and implemented. In this paper ABC for an embedded system is 

System Development Process based on Embedded Linux and Sensor Node
SS Cheonan-si ,sersc.org
So, embedded Linux may be the best choice for a particular embedded system. In other words,
embedded Linux system simply designates an embedded system based on the Linux kernel
and does not imply the use of any specific library or user tools with this kernel [3]. 

Repackaging ACS for Embedded System (RAES) Report
JA Alfaro ,csrg.inf.utfsm.cl
Abstract The ALMA Common Software (ACS) is a distributed framework, which is currently
deployed as a big block, including runtime and development environments. The proposal is
to separate both environments and make it easy to deploy in embedded systems. This 

Digitally Greenhouse Monitoring and Controlling of System based on Embedded System
K Sahu ,ijser.org
Abstract-Monitoring and control of greenhouse environment play an important role in
greenhouse production and management. To monitor the greenhouse environment
parameters effectively, it is necessary to design a measurement and control system. The 

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