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Comparison of Embedded System Models: From Signals to Transactions
G Funchal ,2007 ,www-verimag.imag.fr
Abstract Dedicated, special-purpose electronic devices are everywhere. These devices, also
called embedded systems, can be small and portable like cell phones, handheld computers,
navigation systems (GPSs) and MP3 players; or they can be large stationary installations 

Development of a TCP/IP stack in a real time embedded system
S Jakobsson ,Umea University, Department of Computing , 2007 ,cs.umu.se
Abstract A communication protocol is a description of the rules computers must follow to
communicate with each other. The TCP/IP protocol suite refers to several separate protocols
that computers use to transfer data across networks. It is named after the two most 

Embedded System-level Platform Synthesis and Application Mapping for Heterogeneous and Hierarchical Multiprocessor Systems
W Zhong ,2006 ,liacs.nl
Nowadays, modern embedded applications are becoming complex. Such complex
embedded applications lead to a single processor embedded system architecture can no
longer meet the performance requirements of these applications. Therefore, in order to 

Development and integration of a navigation component into an automotive embedded system
M Menne ,Hochschule Darmstadt, Fachbereich Informatik, , 2007 ,fbi.h-da.de
Abstract The purpose of this Master Thesis is the development of an car navigation software
and its integration into an automotive embedded framework. The navigation software
supports the planning of optimal routes from a starting position to the destination. Once a 

An Embedded Distributed System based on TINE and Windows CE
A Pazos, U Ristau, S Fiedler ,at PCaPAC08, , 2008 ,accelconf.web.cern.ch
library. Also several porting difficulties were related with the set- up of a correct Windows
CE programming environment. An infrastructure and knowledge for this family of
embedded system is now available. PRACTICAL APPLICATION 

A Server-side Pre-linking Mechanism for Updating Embedded Operating System Dynamically
BY Shen ,Journal of Information Science and , 2010 ,iis.sinica.edu.tw
eliminated. Keywords: embedded system, operating system, dynamic update, modules,
memory pro- tection 1. INTRODUCTION Component  systems. The development time
of an embedded system can thus be decreased. Recently 

MatLab script to C code converter for embedded processors of FLASH LLRF control system
K Bujnowski, A Siemionczyk, P Pucyk, J Szewinski ,LLRF System, 2007 ,flash.desy.de
functionality of MatLab. A basic drawback of this library, from the point of view of
compact applications, is its large dimension, which is over 250MB. This prevents
application of this solution in an embedded system. MCR library is 

The Valve Control System of Double-tube Bistable Water Collection Based on Embedded Systems
X Ying, L Ming, P Xuange, Z Bing ,The 2009 , 2009 ,academypublisher.com
processing and intelligent forecast of the water resources. In view of the above, we
designed a control system of twin-tube bistable water samples collected valve based
on embedded system. The system is to use our own designed 

A light-weight cooperative multi-threading with hardware supported thread-management on an embedded multi-processor system
BCC Lai ,Proc. of Asilomar Conference on , 2005 ,ivgroup.ee.ucla.edu
the parallel execution of the threads. However, it requires support by a heavy
OS-kernel such as Linux SMP, which makes it impractical to be mapped on a
resource-limited embedded system. MultiFlex [9] is a multi-processor 

Embedded algorithms within an FPGA-based system to process nonlinear time series data
JD Jones, JS Pei , of SPIE, the International Society for , 2008
This design flow in Fig. 1 results from careful planning and selection of stages and steps
that are suitable for an embedded system. Overall, Stages II and III produce basic results
that form a backbone curve useful for pattern classification in Stage IV. 

Towards an automated evaluation of an embedded mt system
J Laoudi, C Tate , of the European Association for Machine , 2004 ,mt-archive.info
How can recent advances in automating the evaluation of machine translation (MT) engines1
be applied to automate the evaluation of more complex embedded MT systems2? Consider,
for example, FALCon, an embedded system whose process flow appears in Figure 1. First 

Automated Validation of System Requirements for Embedded Systems Design
Y Jaroch, S Cunning ,Proceedings of the SCS , 2000 ,acims.arizona.edu
These activities allow the developers to perform requirements allocation evaluations and
trade-off analysis early in the process, and with knowledge of implications to the embedded
system as a whole. In model-based codesign (Cunning et al. 

Embedded Control System for High Power RF Amplifiers
DK Sharma, AK Gupta, A Jain ,Indian Particle , 2011 ,iuac.res.in
EMI performance of the running system is excellent. SOFTWARE DESIGN The
embedded system software has been built on the LabVIEW real time environment
running under real time operating system of the controller. The 

Design and Performance of Firewall System Based on Embedded Computing
Y Guo ,Grid and Cooperative Computing, 2004 ,Springer
The paper is organized as follows: Section 2 presents ar- chitecture of embedded firewall system,
Section 3 analyses the implementation mechanism of dynamic packet filter module and network
address translation (NAT) module in the embedded system. 

Design of embedded endoscopic ultrasonic imaging system
M Li, H Zhou, S Wen, X Chen ,The International Society , 2009 –
Including core and peripheral circuits of FPGA and ARM, power network circuit and LCD display
circuit, we designed the whole embedded system, achieving the desired purpose by implementing
ultrasonic image display properly after the experimental verification., solving the 

Pattern-driven Reuse of Behavioral Specifications in Embedded Control System Design
– ROBOTiCS, AUTOmATiON AND CONTROl ,intechopen.com
on individual success stories. Every real-world embedded system design stems
from decisions based on an application domain knowledge that includes facts about
some previous design practice. Evidently, such decisions 

Integrating Timing Aspects in Model-and Component-Based Embedded Control System Development for Automotive Applications
P Frey ,Dagstuhl-Workshop MBEES: , 2008 ,tu-braunschweig.de
the ATESST project (www. atesst. org). • Artifact abstraction levels on the artifacts of
an embedded system development un- der the perspective of a specific architecture
abstraction view. 43 Page 54. Figure 2: Function architecture 

Evaluation of web services implementation for ARM-based embedded system
H Matev ,ENGINEERING AND , 2007 ,dsnet.bjr-labs.com
The paper presents test-bed experiments for evaluation of Web services implementation for
ARM-based embedded system running embedded Linux 2.6. The gSOAP Web services
generation toolkit optimized for embedded devices is used. Security is also included in the