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Information technology (IT) is on the verge of another revolution. networked systems of embedded computers have the potential to change radically the way people interact with their environment by linking together a range of devices and sensors that will allowForeword Hugo de Man Professor Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Senior Research Fellow IMEC The steady evolution of hardware, software and communications technology is rapidly transforming the PC-and dot. com world into the world of Ambient Intelligence (AmI). This next wave of information

An object oriented Petri net approach to embedded system design
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A methodology is described for the automated design of complex systems that are embedded in a technical environment and are subject to real time constraints. The functionality of such systems is typically implemented in the form of mixed hardware and

Embedded system design : A unified hardware/software approach
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This book introduces embedded system design using a modern approach. Modern design requires a designer to have a unified view of software and hardware, seeing them not as completely different domains, but rather as two implementation options along a continuum of

Embedded system design
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Page 1. Embedded System Design Henk Corporaal www.ics.ele.tue.nl/~heco PROGRESS Symposium 2006 Page 2. PROGRESS Symposium ESD 2006 Henk Corporaal (2) Embedded system design : what systems are we talking about Embedded System AI SI CI

Learning of embedded system design , simulation and implementation: A technical approach
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Learning embedded system design , simulation and implementation opens a new paradigm in developing practical laboratory experiments for embedded based systems. This paper showcases method of learning system circuit design with the use of simulation computer

Taking on the embedded system design challenge
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tem or the majority of it on a single chip have doomed the custom of separating hardware and software in the early design phase. Hardware/software codesigns philosophy and techniques have permeated numerous application domains, such as wireless and

Rethinking embedded system design
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Embedded engineering is designed using objects of nature and it also interacts with nature. Therefore it is forced to obey the laws of nature. Nature does not make any assumptions. But all our mathematical and scientific theories do. Therefore these theories cannot be valid forThe focus of this paper is the description of the system design of a hand exoskeleton. This device is developed with focus on support of the rehabilitation process after hand injuries or strokes. As the device is designed for the later use on patients, which have limited hand

Encouraging interest in engineering through embedded system design
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Rapid advances in embedded systems present significant opportunities for fundamental change in education, at all levels, with a greater focus on active, collaborative learning. These advances can be exploited by integrating them into the elementary and middle school

Automated design space exploration on system level for embedded systems
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The design of embedded systems has to address several interacting design dimensions to implement parallelism, distribution over different locations, hard real-time requirements and design space exploration today. Thus a structured design process has to deal with

Embedded System Design and Validation: Building Systems from IC cores to Chips
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Page 1. VLSI DESIGN CONFERENCE 1998 TUTORIAL Embedded System Design and Validation: Building Systems from IC cores to Chips Rajesh K. Gupta University of California, Irvine. Sujit Dey NEC CC Research Labs, Princeton, NJ Peter Marwedel University of Dortmund. neha: c:\Rajesh

An efficient embedded system design for capturing and storing analog data
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Existing computer based data acquisition systems are cumbersome, expensive and have limited mobility. Part of the problem is the lack of integration of different components of such systems. Recent advances in systens-on-a-chip technology allows for compactness and

Synthesis and Implementation of NiZnFe2O4 ferrites to design Embedded system for humidity Measurement
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Along with magnetic properties, the spinel ferrites exhibit promising electrical properties, deployment of which results into evolution of new area of applications as the electronic sensor materials. The electrical properties significantly depend upon the environmental

Applications of scenarios in early embedded system design space exploration
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In the year of 2011 more than ten billion CPU cores were sold. This huge amount of cores, which is higher than the world population, clearly shows that CPU cores are a major part of our daily world. Most of these CPU cores, however, are hidden inside embedded systems

Design of an embedded system for monitoring and controlling temperature and light
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Each and every part of our life is somehow linked with the embedded products. Embedded systems are the product of hardware and software codesign. Embedded system is becoming an integral part of Engineering design process for efficient analysis and effective operation

Design and implementation of remotely managed embedded digital signage system
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This paper is about a remotely managed digital signage system design considering embedded system design rules and characteristics. Digital signage system design is based on various methods of using computer and television screens as well as other kinds of

Scheduling for hardware/software partitioning in embedded system design
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I present a new approach that solves the hardware-software partitioning problem for small embedded systems. Small application specific digital systems, often referred to as embedded systems, are often implemented using both hardware and software. Due to the

An effective project-based embedded system design teaching method
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Embedded system designs are pervasive in everyday life items such as microwave ovens, automatic brake systems, smartphones and sophisticated systems such as the Curiosity lander on the Mars. The knowledge and experience of embedded system design is

Embedded system design and implementation of standard auto-calibrated measurement chain
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This paper presents the design and the implementation of a standard auto-calibration system , to correct measurement chain and ensure its accuracy. The adopted solution consists in designing a reconfigurable instrumentation based on the use of a programmable