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Power-Aware Bus Encoding Techniques for I/O and Data Buses in an Embedded System

ABSTRACT Microprocessors with built-in Liquid Crystal Device (LCD) controllers and
equipped with Flash ROM are common in mobile computing applications. In the first part of
the paper, a software-only encoding technique is proposed to reduce the power 

A QoS-aware CORBA Component Model for Distributed, Real-time, and Embedded SystemDevelopment
N Wang, C Rodrigues, C Gill ,OMG Workshop On , 2003 ,cloudcustomer-council.org
Page 1. July 7, 2003 A QoS-aware CORBA Component Model for Distributed Real-time and
Embedded System Development Nanbor Wang and Chris Gill and Chris Gill {nanbor,cdgill}@
cse.wustl.edu Department of Computer Science and Engineering 

System-level power optimization of video codecs on embedded cores: a systematic approach
L Nachtergaele, D Moolenaar, B Vanhoof ,The Journal of VLSI , 1998 ,Springer
Page 1. Journal of VLSI Signal Processing, 18, 89–109 (1998) c 1998 Kluwer Academic
Publishers, Boston. Manufactured in The Netherlands. System-Level Power Optimization
of Video Codecs on Embedded Cores : A Systematic Approach. 

An embedded system for artificial intelligence applications
I Panagopoulos, C Pavlatos ,International Journal of , 2004 ,waset.org
Abstract—Conventional approaches in the implementation of logic programming
applications on embedded systems are solely of software nature. As a consequence, a
compiler is needed that transforms the initial declarative logic program to its equivalent 

Embedded real-time system considerations

Perhaps this is due to the perceived complexity of a formal proof or the perceived stability of
the kernel and embedded system based on empirical data. While both are valid  One layer of
security is validation that the embedded system is accepting commands 

hybrid hardware and software component architecture for embedded system design
H Marcondes ,Analysis, Architectures and Modelling of , 2009 ,Springer
Embedded systems are increasing in complexity, while several metrics such as time-to-
market, reliability, safety and performance should be considered during the design of such
systems. A component-based design which enables the migration of its components 

Embedded System Construction–Evaluation of Model-Driven and Component-Based Development Approaches

Model-driven development has become an important engineering paradigm. It is said to
have many advantages over traditional approaches, such as reuse or quality improvement,
also for embedded systems. Along a similar line of argumentation, component-based 

Feature-based component model for design of embedded system
XF Zha ,Intelligent Systems in Design and Manufacturing , 2004 ,mel.nist.gov
ABSTRACT An embedded system is a hybrid of hardware and software, which combines
software’s flexibility and hardware real-time performance. Embedded systems can be
considered as assemblies of hardware and software components. An Open Embedded

new architecture for next generation embedded system
T Chen, Y Lian , (ESA’06), http://citeseerx. ist. psu. edu/ , 2006 ,multicore.zju.edu.cn
ABSTRACT Nowadays embedded system, hardware/software technology has progressed
prosperously. In many field of industrial manufacture and people life, embedded system is
indispensable. Recently hardware of embedded system becomes more powerful and 

The Artemis workbench for system-level performance evaluation of embedded systems
International Journal of Embedded Systems, 2008 ,Inderscience
2000) or cost (DeBardelaben et al., 1997) of the design. Design space exploration
plays a crucial role in system- level design of embedded system (platform)
architectures. Due to the systems’ complexity, it is imperative to have 

ecad.tu-sofia.bg/et/2005/pdf/Paper081-B_Husan Embedded System of Building Management Systems using Microcomputer Approach
BK Hussan ,ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, ELSEVIER, , 2005 ,ecad.tu-sofia.bg
The development of the microprocessor equipment is characterized by the continuous
increase of the integration scale of elements in integrated circuits and improvement of their
operation properties: reliability, reduction of consumed power, weight and size. This paper 

Embedded system design
H Corporaal ,Progress White Papers, 2006 ,fhi.nl
Page 1. Embedded System Design Henk Corporaal www.ics.ele.tue.nl/~heco PROGRESS
Symposium May 10, 2006 Page 2. PROGRESS Symposium ESD 2006 Henk Corporaal (2)
Embedded system design: what systems are we talking about? Embedded System AI SI 

SystemC for Embedded System Design
M Lang ,2006 ,informatik.uibk.ac.at
The main driver to introduce a new language, is the increasing design complexity of
(embedded) systems. Like Verilog and VHDL, SystemC supports also modeling at register-
transfer-level, but the major reason for using it, is to work on a higher abstraction level like 

Testing the portability of desktop applications to a networked embedded system
Workshop on Reliable Embedded , 2001 ,pdl.cs.cmu.edu
Abstract Applications that were engineered for desktop environments are often ported to
networked embedded systems and mobile environments which have a higher rate of errors
due to variable and intermittent connectivity. In embedded systems there is a lack of 

Embedded Real-Time Linux on Chip: Next Generation Operation System for Embedded System
W Hu, TZ Chen, B Xie ,Proc. of Eighth Real-Time Linux , 2006 ,dslab.lzu.edu.cn
Abstract Real-time Linux is used in embedded systems because the source of Linux is
openly and freely available. But current real-time Linux is often an integrated software
platform, including all functions together. They store in flash or hard disks, loaded into 

User adjustable process scheduling mechanism for a multiprocessor embedded system
SL Chu, CC Hsiao, PH Chiu ,Proceedigs of the 6th WESAS , 2006 ,wseas.us
Abstract: The multiprocessor computer systems become more popular for the improvement
of the processor’s design and fabrication’s evolution. In the past, the multiprocessors
systems are usually adopted in server systems. Nowadays, the configurations of 

An embedded system for the electrocardiogram recognition
C Pavlatos, A Dimopoulos ,EMBEC’05, 2005 ,mule.cslab.ece.ntua.gr
Abstract: In this paper we present an embedded system for the efficient recognition of the
Electrocardiogram (ECG). The aforementioned system is generated by a proposed platform
that automatically maps applications on embedded systems using reconfigurable 

Real-time embedded system for rear-view mirror overtaking car monitoring
J Díaz, E Ros, S Mota ,Embedded Computer Systems: , 2006 ,Springer
The main goal of an overtaking monitor system is the segmentation and tracking of the
overtaking vehicle. This application can be addressed through an optic flow driven scheme.
We can focus on the rear mirror visual field by placing a camera on the top of it. If we drive 

Achieving industrial strength timing predictions of embedded system behavior

Abstract—This paper discusses why the extensive scientific results on predicting embedded
systems temporal behavior never, or very seldom, reaches the industrial community. We
also point out the main issues that the scientific community should focus on in order to 

MicroBlaze Tutorial Creating a Simple Embedded System and Adding Custom Peripherals Using Xilinx EDK Software Tools
R Jesman, FM Vallina , of Technology, http://www. ecaps. ece. , 2006 ,ece.iit.edu
This tutorial guides you through the process of using Xilinx Embedded Development Kit
(EDK) software tools, in which this tutorial will use the Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS) tool to
create a simple processor system and the process of adding a custom OPB peripheral (an 

Hardware/software communication and system integration for embedded architectures
S Vercauteren ,Design Automation for Embedded Systems, 1997 ,Springer
To facilitate flexible low-cost designs in short design time, emerging designs are based on
heterogeneous embedded system architectures, as depicted in Figure 1, that integrate software
programmable components, eg DSP and microprocessor cores, together with customized