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Knowledge Based Embedded System Modeling With Real-Time Response Requirements

Modeling and validating distributed embedded real-time systems with VDM++
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order to cope with this complexity and indeed a large body of knowledge exists on  Profile for
Schedulability, Performance and Time, and research on performance analysis based on this  an
extension of VDM++ to enable the modeling of distributed real-time embedded systems. 

Architectural foundations for real-time performance in intelligent agents
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B Hayes-Roth  Real-Time Systems, 1990 ,Springer
 Hayes-Roth and Erman 1989), we model an intelligent agent as a dynamic embedded system. 
The driver also should send feedback to the cognitive system regarding the success or  It performs
a variety of knowledge-based reasoning tasks, which vary across different task 

 Boosting re-use of embedded automotive applications through rich components
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W Damm, A Votintseva, A Metzner, B Josko , of Foundations of , 2005 ,tcs-trddc.com
 now becomes shared across designs and across design teams, leading to an incrementally
growing knowledge base.  The system-level design environment Ptolemy II5 supports the
component-based heterogeneous modeling and simulation of embedded systems. 

Embedded system design using UML and platforms
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R Chen, M Sgroi, L Lavagno, G Martin  System Specification, 2004 ,Springer
 <<opaque stack>> describes the case when the upper level component has no knowledge
of how the service is   . de Jong, A UML-Based Design Methodology
for Real-Time and Embedded Systems, Proceedings of DATE 02. 

At the Boundary of Workflow and AI
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KL Myers, PM Berry , AAAI-99, Workshop on Agent-Based Systems in the , 1999 ,aaai.org
 Hierarchical models are generally desir- able for modeling sophisticated processes due to their
capac- ity to simplify complex tasks.  A reactive control system is a form of knowledge-based
software controller that operates as an embedded system within dynamic 

 Semantic space: An infrastructure for smart spaces
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 gathers environmental information such as temperature, noise, and light from embedded sensors),
and  of gathering contexts from sources, man- aging contexts using the knowledge base, handling
application queries, and reasoning about contexts based on rules. 

Feedback control real-time scheduling: Framework, modeling, and algorithms*
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 papers have shown that the deadlines and periods of tasks in embedded digital control  The
instantiation of a load profile should incorporate the knowledge of the workload, and  Based on
the scheduling architecture and the performance specifications, a system designer can 

DERAF: a high-level aspects framework for distributed embedded real-time systems design
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DERAF is an extensible high-level aspects framework based on the aspect orientation conceptual 
of aspects to facilitate the handling of timing, performance, distribution, and embedded NFRs
at  is described using RT- UML and shows DERAF aspects affecting system elements. 

 Design considerations for distributed real-time DEVS
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YK Cho, BP Zeigler, HJ Cho ,AI and Simulation , 2000 ,acims.arizona.edu
 To support the design methodology for real-time embedded systems based on event-based  [2]
JS Hong, and TG Kim, Real-time Discrete Event System Specification Formalism  [8] BP Zeigler
and J. Kim, Extending the DEVS- Scheme Knowledge-Based Simulation Environment 

Modeling real-time systems—Challenges and work directions
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 These requirements are certainly the most important for advanced real-time systems usually
embedded in mass market products  3.1 Component-Based Modeling  To our knowledge, this is
a problem not thoroughly investigated and which cannot be solved by directly transposing 

Active software
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R Laddaga ,Self-Adaptive Software, 2001 ,Springer
 are built to contain knowledge of their operation, and they use that knowledge to evaluate  of how
to use introspection; 2. Improving the debug-ability of embedded, very high  C3 systems, all have
hierarchical control, gatekeeping barriers, and incur delays based on unnecessary 

 From organization models to system requirements: a’cooperating agents’ approach
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Our contention is that a single conception of agent as embedded in a particular  mod- elling
framework allows large amounts of knowledge to be managed along knowledge structuring dimen 
at considering banking-by-phone as an alternative to conventional teller-based banking 

Modeling time (s)
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the available resources (the execution platform) is main concern of real-time embedded system
design.  Application elements may be any UML element suitable for modeling an application  and
Execution platform elements can be annotated with time information based on logical 

 OPCAT-a bimodal CASE tool for object-process based system development
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 ment, intelligent knowledge base querying, and a multi-user version, which enables collaboration 
Acknowledgements: The authors would like to ac- knowledge the contribution of many  Real-Time
& Embedded Computing Conference,

Specification-Based Prototyping for Embedded Systems’
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J Thompson, M Heimdahl, S Miller ,Software Engineering—ESEC/FSE’99, 1999 ,Springer
 These ideas are illustrated in Figure 5. 5 Specification-Based Prototyping with Nimbus A general
view of an embedded control system can be seen in inside square of Figure 6. This model consists
of the process, sensors, actuators, and the software controller. 

 Modular performance analysis and interface-based design for embedded real-time systems
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E Wandeler ,2006 ,tik.ee.ethz.ch
 system is typically dedicated to a specific application domain, and knowledge about this  analysis
results, and that can seamlessly be embedded into an embedded systems’ design  same framework
to actively support system design through interface-based design methodologies