embedded system research papers 2012

Embedded System Verification Through Constraint-Based Scheduling
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ELM Olfat, G Nicolescu, G Pesant ,The 18th International , 2012 ,zivny.cz
Abstract. This work introduces Constraint Programming (CP) as a powerful tool for the
verification of performance metrics of Multiprocessor System-on-Chip (MPSoCs). Our
methodology was evaluated using streaming applications mapped onto a target MPSoC. 

 Implementing a hybrid methodology for the design of an Embedded System
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OF Onaolapo, O Uchenna ,Information Systems, 2012
Abstract—This paper described a hybrid methodology that can be deployed in the
development of an intelligent critical sensitive system. To obtain this methodology, we
interfaced the internationally accepted Structured System Analysis and Design 

 Embedded System Based Automated Drug Delivery Unit and MicroFluidics for drug discovery
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U Eswaran, M Sreelakshmi, MV Eswaran ,prostate, 2012
ABSTRACT: Drug dosing is a technique that is done to cure the diseases through proper
prescription and control of drugs that have been identified to the corresponding disease
based on diagnosis. Drug dosing is a very critical and challenging step that needs to be 

 Graduate Course on Embedded System Design Using FPGA with Cryptography Flavor
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C Parikh ,2012 ,people.cst.cmich.edu
Abstract Today, Field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) play a very important role in several
embedded applications used in the area of defense systems, bioinformatics, cryptography,
and many more. As embedded designs are becoming more complex, reconfigurable 

Experiments with embedded system design at UMinho and AIT
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A Tavares, M Ekpanyapong, J Cabral , Technology in Education, 2012 ,Springer
Nowadays, embedded systems are central to modern life, mainly due to the scientific and
technological advances of the last decades that started a new reality in which the embedded
systems market has been growing steadily, along with a monthly or even weekly 

 Use of modelling methods and tools in an industrial embedded system project: works and feedback
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AF Pires, S Duprat, T Faure, C Besseyre, J Beringuier ,ERTS, France, 2012
Abstract: In a context where critical embedded systems are more and more difficult to design
while ensuring high safety requirements and a non-ambiguous specification, Model Driven
Engineering offers opportunities to address such challenges and to share information 

 Power quality monitoring system based on embedded system with network monitoring
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K Yingkayun ,Scientific Research , 2012
This paper has proposed a power quality monitoring system on the detection of power
disturbance in real-time by using an embedded system. It can be controlled and monitored
by its function via Ethernet network. This system has been developed to monitor and 

 Innovative GSM Bluetooth based Remote Controlled Embedded System for Irrigation
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I Gautam, SRN Reddy ,International , 2012
ABSTRACT In past few years controlling and monitoring the machines remotely has seen an
interesting field of study among researchers. This paper mainly focuses on reviews in the
field of remote monitoring and control, the technology used and their potential advantages 

 Embedded System for Automatic Irrigation of Cardamom Field using Xbee-PRO Technology
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V Ramya, B Palaniappan ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT This project proposed an embedded system for automatic mist irrigation for
cardamom field, which has a wireless sensor network for real time infield sensing and
control of an irrigation system. This wireless system supports the cardamom field which 

 Embedded System Environment: Overview
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K Kim ,2012 ,cecs.uci.edu
Abstract This report describes ESE (Embedded System Environment), a tool set for
modeling, synthesis and validation of MPSoC design. It is an answer to the modern design
challenge, widening productivity gap. In the ESE design flow, the final implementation is 

 Multicore Based Closed Loop PMDC Motor Controller Embedded System
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KSV Grace, K Baskaran ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract Multicore Systems are placed very important role to develop minimized low power
portable embedded system devices. This paper presents a scheme for implementing the
speed control of BLDC motor using digital PI Controller Cortex-M1. Processor based 

 Implementing Real-time Image Resizing for Live Video Streaming on an Embedded System
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SA Ali, L Hayat ,2012
Abstract—Live video streaming is a popular network application that involves real-time
acquisition, transmission and display of a sequence of image frames. However, the large
amount of data involved and bandwidth limitations adversely affect the quality of video 

Component Obsolescence Management Model for Long Life Cycle Embedded System
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X Meng, B Thörnberg, L Olsson ,Proceedings of IEEE Autotestcon 2012, 2012 ,miun.se
Abstract—This paper discusses the component obsolescence problem and presents a
mathematic model of obsolescence management for long life cycle embedded system
maintenance. For products like automotive, avionics, military application etc., the desired 

 Rethinking Embedded System Design
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S Das ,International Journal of Engineering (IJE), 2012 ,
Abstract Embedded engineering is designed using objects of nature and it also interacts
with nature. Therefore it is forced to obey the laws of nature. Nature does not make any
assumptions. But all our mathematical and scientific theories do. Therefore these theories 

Computer-assisted machine-to-human protocols for authentication of a RAM-based embedded system
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A Idrissa, A Aubert, T Fournel ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,proceedings.spiedigitallibrary.org
ABSTRACT Mobile readers used for optical identification of manufactured products can be
tampered in different ways: with hardware Trojan or by powering up with fake configuration
data. How a human verifier can authenticate the reader to be handled for goods 

 Embedded controller for vehicle In-Front obstacle detection and cabin safety alert system
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V Ramya, B Palaniappan, K Karthick ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT In today’s world safety and security plays an important role, hence we tend to
provide a good safety and security system while travelling. Vehicles are important in today’s
fast-paced society. Hence, acquiring a vehicle nowadays is considered a necessity, 

 Research of Data Model to Evaluate the Performance of Device Driver Based on Embedded System
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D LIU, Y GAO, Z BI, P ZHOU ,Journal of Computational Information , 2012
Abstract This paper is presented a data model to evaluate the performance of device driver
program based on real-time embedded system. According to the data model, it is given the
evaluation index under different model of data acquisition driver. It is comparatively 

 Embedded Controller for Radar based Robotic Security Monitoring and Alerting System
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V Ramya, B Palaniappan ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT In the mobile robot navigation, the ultrasonic sensors have been widely used for
the obstacles detection and map building because of its cost and efficiency. Generally
sensors are used to increase the accuracy of the obstacles position and decrease the time 

 Embedded Technology for Vehicle cabin safety Monitoring and Alerting System
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V Ramya, B Palaniappan ,International Journal of Computer Science , 2012
Motor vehicles are they not only the prime source of transportation, but also the prime source
of pollution. These motor vehicles contribute to over 30% of the hazardous gases that are
released into the atmosphere. Outdoor pollution levels are the key concern, but the quality 

 Operating System Core as Template for Embedded System Software Development
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L Jelenkovic, D Jakobovic ,2012 ,bib.irb.hr
Abstract: Software development for embedded systems is a fast growing industry.
Development for a mid-range complexity embedded system is usually based on custom built
templates and tools, or on commercially developed solutions with an operating system as 

 Embedded Patient Monitoring System
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V Ramya, B Palaniappan, A Kumari ,International Journal of Embedded , 2012
ABSTRACT The aim of this project is to inform the doctor about the ICU patient condition
through wireless. For the medical professionals it becomes important to continuously
monitor the conditions of a patient. In a large setup like a hospital or clinical center where 

 Development of Optical Flow Based Moving Object Detection and Tracking System on anEmbedded DSP Processor
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M Basavaiah ,Journal of Advances in Computational Research: , 2012 ,journalshub.com
Abstract Moving object detection and tracking has attracted a great interest from computer
vision researchers due to its promising applications in areas, like video surveillance, traffic
monitoring and image recognition. Moving object detection in digital image sequence 

Embedded sensor node deployment to monitor telescope drive system components
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SG Taylor, CJ Stull, J Wren, EY Raby ,Proc. of SPIE , 2012 ,reviews.spiedigitallibrary.org
ABSTRACT This paper presents the deployment of an embedded active sensing platform for
real-time condition monitoring of telescopes in the RAPid Telescopes for Optical Response
(RAPTOR) observatory network. The RAPTOR network consists of several ground-based 

 Prototyping an embedded automotive system from its UML/SysML models
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L Apvrille, A Becoulet ,ERTS, Toulouse, France, 2012
Abstract—The paper introduces a fast approach to prototype embedded systems. Software
components are first modeled and formally verified using a SysML environment named
AVATAR, supported by a free software named TTool. Simulation and formal verification of 

 Core/Shell Nanofibers with Embedded Liposomes as a Drug Delivery System
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A Mickova, M Buzgo, O Benada ,, 2012 ,psych.lf1.cuni.cz
ABSTRACT: The broader application of liposomes in regenerative medicine is hampered by
their short half-life and inefficient retention at the site of application. These disadvantages
could be significantly reduced by their combination with nanofibers. We produced 2