embedded system research papers and projects-12

A Embedded Readout System for Capacitive Sensor Arrays
S Pavlos, ED Kyriakis-Bitzaros ,digilab.teipir.gr
demokritos.gr Abstract—The design, implementation and first test results of an
embedded system comprised of a subsystem able to read an array of 16 capacitive
type sensors and an embedded processor is described. Each 

Integrating load balancing into petri net based embedded system design
C Rust, F Stappert , , University of Naples II, Naples, Italy, 2003 ,c-lab.de
ABSTRACT This paper introduces a Petri net model of a load balancing component for
dynamically modifiable embedded real-time systems. The presented work contributes to the
extension of an existing Petri net based design methodology towards the handling of 

A Design Analysis Tool for Embedded Systems Based on Abstract System Modelling
K Perko, T Nahtigal ,ELEKTROTEHNI?SKI VESTNIK, 2011 ,ev.fe.uni-lj.si
E-mail: andrej.trost@fe.uni-lj.si Abstract. Design analysis and evaluation are an important step
in the embedded system design process.  The embedded system models are composed of
hardware and software components described on an abstract system level. 

An Embedded System for Privacy Fall Detection based on the Frame-Difference Method
T Chotikawanid, N Jindapetch, W Suntiamorntut ,2020 ,infor.eng.psu.ac.th
Abstract—Detection of falling in the elderly is essential in the social environment that has
highly growth in the elderly population. Most of the elderly can not help themselves if there is
an accident. If the accident occurs while they live alone and do not receive help in time, it 

A General Purpose Embedded System Utilizing Runtime Reconfiguration
M Ericson ,glennis.se
Abstract: This paper presents the reARM platform, a small and flexible platform that is
designed around an ARM processor, utilizing runtime reconfiguration in the FPGA. The
platform uses the FPGA as an accelerator to speed up compute-intensive tasks, which 

An embedded system dedicated to intervehicle communication applications
X Diao, H Zhou, KM Hou ,EURASIP journal on , 2010 ,downloads.hindawi.com
To overcome system latency and network delay is essential for intervehicle communication
(IVC) applications such as hazard alarming and cooperative driving. This paper proposes a
low-cost embedded software system dedicated to such applications. It consists of two 

Research of Data Model to Evaluate the Performance of Device Driver Based on Embedded System
D LIU, Y GAO, Z BI ,Journal of Computational Information , 2012 ,jofcis.com
Abstract This paper is presented a data model to evaluate the performance of device driver
program based on real-time embedded system. According to the data model, it is given the
evaluation index under different model of data acquisition driver. It is comparatively 

Analysis and Implementation of DVFS Techniques in a Multitasking Embedded System
J Bradley ,2008 ,cseweb.ucsd.edu
A key concern in embedded systems today is power consumption. Increasing demands for
longer battery life and heating issues associated with power have led researchers to
develop new ways to reduce power and energy consumption in embedded systems. 

Incremental embedded system development based on an RTOS
X Wang ,2008 ,imit.kth.se
Abstract: In typical embedded system’s development, the software development is phased
depending on when hardware platforms become available, and some of the software
development has to adapt to the limitations and capabilities of these platforms. For many 

A Difference-Based Data Compression for Daily Activity Signals and Its Realization in anEmbedded System
JS Wang, CW Lin, YS Chen ,world-comp.org
Abstract-—This paper presents a difference-based data compression algorithm for daily
activity signals and its realization in an embedded system. Because daily activity signals
have little variances between consecutive data samples, the proposed data compression 

Security Processing for High End Embedded System with Cryptographic Algorithms Cryptographic Algorithms
M Shankar, M Sridar ,ijcsms.com
Abstract This paper is intended to introduce embedded system designers and design tool
developers to the challenges involved in designing secure embedded systems. The
challenges unique to embedded systems require new approaches to security covering all 

Glossary of Embedded System Terminology
ABIAB Interface ,Microcross GNU X-Tools™ ,microcross.com
BSP Board Support Package, typically referring to the low-level code or scripts that build
programs running on a particular chip on a particular circuit board. Also refers to the ROM
that boots an RTOS onto a specific board. Exact meaning varies. Build The process of 

Survey Report on Memory Allocation Strategies for Real Time Operating System in Context with Embedded Devices
D Diwase, S Shah, T Diwase ,ijera.com
ABSTRACT An embedded system is a computer system designed for specific control
functions or for any dedicated application, often with real-time computing constraints.
Real time

(RTOS) is specially used 

Approximating Behaviors in Embedded System Design
R Passerone ,Concurrency, Graphs and , 2008 ,Springer
Embedded systems are electronic devices that function in the context of a physical
environment, by sensing and reacting to a set of stimuli. To simplify the design of embedded
systems, different parts are best described using different notations and analyze with 

A Power Quality Monitoring System Via the Ethernet Network Based on the Embedded System
K Yingkayun ,intechopen.com
The problems about power quality have increasingly caused a failure or a malfunction of the
end user equipment for the past few years up to now. The problems have concerned with
either voltage or current frequency deviation. To have the power quality monitoring done 

A Novel Approach of Embedded System for Indian Paper Currency Recognition
MT Pathrabe, MS Karmore ,ijcttjournal.org
Abstract—This paper presents the Embedded System for detection of the counterfeit Indian
Paper Currency. The proposed system works with all the types of denominations of Indian
paper currency. This system relies on a specific feature of the Indian Bank Notes. The 

Reverse-Engineering Robby Roto: A 1980s Embedded System Masquerading as an Arcade Game
2005 ,cs.columbia.edu
Abstract Robby Roto was an arcade game produced by Bally/Midway in 1981. Although not
especially popular at the time, it does have the distinction of being one of the few
commercial arcade games whose code is now in the public domain (the rights reverted to 

Architectural Modeling for Hardware and Software in Reconfigurable Embedded System
SK Singh, MPS Bhatia ,2009 ,ijrte.academypublisher.com
Abstract-In Recent high-performance embedded system technology, applications are
demanding very high performance from system with minimum available hardware resource.
Due to this fast development, developer integrates more functionality into a single chip (

Design of a Bluetooth interface for low cost embedded system
T Ferguson ,csse.monash.edu.au
An embedded system is a combination of computer hardware and software, with perhaps
some additional mechanical or other parts, which is designed to perform a dedicated
function [1]. In many cases, embedded systems are part of a larger system or product, 

An Embedded System Design for SRAM SEU Test
KK Lee, S Kwon ,waset.ac.nz
Abstract?An embedded system for SEU (single event upset) test needs to be designed to
prevent system failure by high-energy particles during measuring SEU. SEU is a
phenomenon in which the data is changed temporary in semiconductor device caused by