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Energy – management system for a hybrid electric vehicle, using ultracapacitors and neural networks
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A very efficient energy – management system for hy-brid electric vehicles (HEVs), using neural networks (NNs), was developed and tested. The system minimizes the energy requirement of the vehicle and can work with different primary power sources like fuel cells

Distributed intelligent energy management system for a single-phase high-frequency AC microgrid
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(HFAC) microgrid is shown as a novel solution towards integrating renewable energy sources in a distributed generation system . Better utilization of the Microgrid is achieved by solving power flow and power quality issues using pq theory-based active filtering called

Power management of a stand-alone wind/photovoltaic/fuel cell energy system
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This paper proposes an ac-linked hybrid wind/photovoltaic (PV)/fuel cell (FC) alternative energy system for stand-alone applications. Wind and PV are the primary power sources of the system , and an FC electrolyzer combination is used as a backup and a long-term

Efficient building energy management system based on ontology, inference rules, and simulation
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Energy use in the building sector shares a great portion of world energy and accounts for a lot of green house gas. It is necessary to increase energy efficiency in the building sector to reduce energy cost and green house gas emissions. This paper proposes a building energy

On the design and implementation of a home energy management system
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To reduce energy consumption and wastage, effective energy management at home is key and an integral part of the future Smart Grid. In this paper, we present the design and implementation of Green Home Service (GHS) for home energy management . Our approach

Smart home energy management system for monitoring and scheduling of home appliances using zigbee
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Energy management system for efficient load management is presented in this paper. Proposed method consists of the two main parts. One is the energy management center (EMC) consisting of graphical user interface. EMC shows the runtime data and also

An intelligent energy management system for PHEVs considering demand response
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The anticipating large penetrations of PHEVs in the smart grid environments brings up many technical issues (V2G, G2V, energy management , etc.) that need to be addressed. An emerging issue is that a large amount of PHEVs simultaneously plug-in to the grid (eg at a

Review on ultracapacitor-battery interface for energy management system
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Electrical energy storage is a central element to any electric-drive train technology, whether hybrid-electric, fuel-cell, or all-electric. A particularly cost-sensitive issue with energy storage is the high replacement cost of depleted battery banks. One possibility to ease the power

Energy production system management renewable energy power supply integration with building automation system
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Energy Production System Management Renewable energy power supply Article history: Received 23 April 2009 Received in revised form 28 November 2009 Accepted 13 December 2009 Available online 25 January 2010 Keywords: Building Automation Systems Renewable

Energy management system
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Full capture and containment of idle heat loads while reducing energy costs 20% reduction in fan speed equates to a 48% reduction in fan energy costs Fully adjustable high and low speed set points with the use of variable frequency drives Low initial up-front costs

An optimal energy management system for pv/battery standalone system
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This paper presents an optimal energy management for PV/battery standalone system . The system comprises photovoltaic array, battery, inverter and AC loads. PV array is an uncontrollable source due to the variations in irradiations and temperature. To deliver the

Energy management strategy for a grid-connected wind-solar hybrid system with battery storage: policy for optimizing conventional energy generation
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The aim of this paper is to develop and simulate supervisory algorithms for optimum operation of an integrated hybrid renewable energy system . The studied system is based on a DC-coupled Wind/Photovoltaic Hybrid System (WPVHS), equipped with battery storage

On-board system design to optimize energy management
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This paper presents the design of a new onboard system that contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 production by optimising vehicle energy . We designed an appropriate instrument that enables the driver to adopt the best driving behaviour, smooth

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This paper describes a harvesting and power management system that can be equipped with a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) node in order to harvest energy presents in the environment to be used for sensor node power supply. The proposed scope is to develop a

FeTOP- energy management system : Optimal operational planning and control of energy plants
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This paper introduces an energy management system , FeTOP, which provides an optimal operational planning and control scheme of energy plants. It consists of three functions: an energy forecasting function, an optimal operational planning function of the facilities, and a

Energy flow and management of a hybrid wind/PV/fuel cell generation system
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In this paper an energy system comprising three energy sources, namely; PV, wind, and fuel cells, is proposed. Each of the three energy sources is controlled so as to deliver energy at optimum efficiency. Fuzzy logic control is employed to achieve maximum power tracking for

Enerize E3 factory energy management system
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The Enerize E3 factory energy management system is the first system in the industry to succeed in visualizing the energy key performance indicator (KPI). This makes it possible to standardize energy management and encourage all members in a factory to participate in

Building energy management through a distributed fuzzy inference system
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Buildings consume significant worlds energy resources, approximately 32% of the total primary energy . The rapid depletion of energy resources, has imparted researchers to focus on energy conservation and wastage. The next generation of smart buildings is becoming a

Optimised thermal zone controller for integration within a Building Energy Management System
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Todays important buildings are often equipped with a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) that aims to control and optimise all the energy fluxes involving the HVAC system , but also the lighting and other appliances. The BEMS is also intended to maintain an

Integral Management System for the energy efficiency improvement in commercial facilities: Application to the Polytechnic University of Valencia
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One of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency in any system is by using more properly the energy resources in different facilities. Using them only when they are necessary is one of the most promising strategies. The aim of this paper resides on


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