enterprise resource planning-erp

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in higher education: A literature review and implications
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Abstract:ERP systems are the largest software applications adopted by universities, along
with quite significant investments in their implementation. However, unlike other applications
little research has been conducted regarding these systems in a university environment.

Measuring the Performance of ERP System-from the Balanced Scorecard Perspectives
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ABSTRACT Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are commercial software systems
that can be dened as customizable, standard application software which integrates
business solutions for the core processes and the main administrative function of an

An applied approach to teaching HR concepts using an ERP system
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Abstract Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems offer a software-based system that
handles an enterprise’s total information system needs in an integrated fashion. These
systems are purported to incorporate best business practice. Many universities have

Measuring ERP system success: a respecification of the Delone and McLean’s IS success model
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ABSTRACT The implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has grown
rapidly world-wide in recent years. According to AMR Research, the globalization and
centralization, and the performance management as the key drivers for continue ERP

The Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Implementation on Organization: Case Study ERP Implementation in Indonesia
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Abstract Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is one of the most popular software
technologies for supporting operational organization. It emphasizes business transformation
which will lead to process change in its effort to maximize the company’s benefit. However,

ERP system selection by AHP method: case study from Turkey
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– Abstract- An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a critical investment that
can significantly affect competitiveness of a corporate in the future. There are many national
and international ERP vendors in Turkey. This study presents a comprehensive framework

The value of teaching using a live ERP system with resource constraints
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ABSTRACT The current crisis in Information Systems (IS) in Higher Education centres
around what skills an IS graduate should possess, in a world where programming is
becoming devalued and coding outsourced (Benemati and Mahaney, 2004). Many

Methodology of ERP system implementation–a case study of project-driven enterprise
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Abstract: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are an application software
implemented in a great number of manufacturing companies worldwide. The implementation
of an ERP system is performed to integrate business processes, allocate company’s

Critical success factors for ERP system selection, implementation and post-implementation
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During the last decades, the segment of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems was
one of the fastest growing segments in the software market, and these systems are one of
the most important developments in information technology. Due to strong demand, there

Abstract:The implementing risk of ERP systems has much ambiguity, having no
quantifiable indicators and evaluation results only are big,small,general or other
qualitative description, so it is reasonable and scientific to apply fuzzy comprehensive

Integrating an ERP system into a BSBA curriculum at Central Michigan University
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Abstract An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system accumulates financial and
nonfinancial data helping a company monitor its success. It is estimated that by the year

ERP system implementation: a case study of the construction enterprise
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Abstract The enterprise resource planning software market has been growing at a very fast
pace over the last few years and has been predicted to keep growing rapidly in the long
term. The objective of the study is to investigate, analyze and systematize the factors that

The Effectiveness of the Accounting Information System Under the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)
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Abstract This study aimed to identify the effectiveness of the accounting information system
for companies that adopting” Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)” systems, and its
relationship with the quality of accounting outputs (information) and the internal control. To

The exploration of top management support to the ERP project then influence user satisfaction–use the information, system, service quality, as the moderators
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Abstract The importance of top management involvement and project team collaboration to
system success has long been recognized by various researches. This research tries to
explore the effect of these important factors to system quality, service quality and user

Risk management issues in the implementation of an ERP system for a large greek company.
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Abstract:-The subject of the current article is the application of a typical risk management
process during the installation of an Enterprise Resource Planning System, SAP, in a large
Greek wood company. The study was conducted by the Sector of Operational Research

ERP System Selection Model for Low Cost NGN Phone Company.
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ABSTRACT Next generation network (NGN) phone company is handling telecommunication
and media services in rural and sub-urban areas. In order to ease the replication process
and to encourage entrepreneurship development through franchise package, ERP system

White paper: Key issues in ERP system implementation
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When companies introduce new computer-based systems it is often part of a larger
organisational change project. For many years, these systems were developed from scratch,
either in-house, or by a company specialising in system development. This model of

A mobile user interface for an ERP system
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ABSTRACT Mobile access to information stored in corporate back-end systems such as
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), or Customer
Relationship Management (CRM) systems is particularly beneficial for mobile workers.

Factors affecting ERP system
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Abstract Purpose–Proposes providing an insight about enterprise resource planning (ERP)
adoption, highlighting contact points and significant differences between the way small to
medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large companies approach such a task. Design/

A process management perspective on future ERP system development in the financial service sector
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Most organizations use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, which provide a
platform for integrating processes and data. Even though competitive pressure forces
financial service organizations to permanently improve their business processes, there is

Supporting product development process through the ERP system
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The primary result of system integration for users in an enterprise should be an easier
utilization of system. To support product development process through the Enterprise
Resource Flaming (ERP) system in small and midsize manufacturing companies we

Measuring System Performance User Satisfaction after Implementation ofERP
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Abstract Now a day ERP systems are being adopted by various organizations as part of their
business growth strategies. However, one must realize that implementation of an ERP
system is not a goal but a journey towards the goal. Even after successful implementation,

The replication mechanism in a Romanian ERP system environment
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Modern Relational Database Management Systems have Replication technology. Large
enterprises are often spread around the country, and although WANs can be very fast and
reliable these days, it is often better for each location to have a local copy of data rather

ERP system adoption and vendor selection by locally-owned and multinational companies in Thailand
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Abstract Research published to date on the topic of the ERP system adoption and selection
phases have received minimal attention. Furthermore, most studies on information
technology adoption have been conducted in developed countries in particular the US

Assessing the impact of supply chain integration through an ERP system
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Abstract Many organizations have implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
systems, hoping to use the information integration these systems provide to improve process
efficiency and effectiveness. In particular, ERP systems may be instrumental in realizing

Fuzzy multi-criteria method for revaluation of ERP system choices using real options
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Abstract:Many corporate had implemented ERP systems since mid 1990s. Some of them
began late mid 2000s. ERP systems are newly well understood and confusion about these
systems is becoming clear. In this study a corporate based on construction has many

How to select and implement an ERP System
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ERP is a term that is widely used but still not well understood. Although ERP (Enterprise
Resource Planning)targeted to manufacturing companies, today it
encompasses any product that can be used across an enterprise. When implemented

Knowledge management (KM) using enterprise resource planning (ERP)system
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ABSTRACT The Chinese saying,(zhi shi jiù shì lì liang) means ‘knowledge is
power’. This slogan was originally attributed to Francis Bacon1 in scientia potentia est. The
phrase implies that knowledge will certainly increase abilities and competitive advantage,

Development of ERP systems based on workflow management system
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Abstract To meet the requirement of flexibility and responsiveness for the enterprises, a
workflow based ERP system is put forward. On the bases of workflow management systems
and component-based development, the architecture of the ERP built on components is

The study on ERP system evaluation based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy process method
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Abstract The paper makes use of AHP-fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to analyze
and evaluate performance of ERP implementation. This method can correctly reflect the
implementation level and characters of an ERP project. The paper gives an application

Developing a distributed ERP system based on Peer-to-Peer-Networks and Web Services
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Abstract As the business world gets more and more dependent on digital technology,
including information systems for resource management, even the small-to mediumsized
enterprises have to install and maintain complex enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Kazakhstan Perspectives on ERP System Implementation
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Abstract The main purpose of this study is to explore what are the critical factors in
implementing enterprise resources planning (ERP) system in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Theses critical factors are expected to be utilized in design and implementation of ERP

Selecting The Suitable ERP System: A Fuzzy AHP Approach
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Abstract An Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) is the information backbone of a
company that integrates and automates all facets of business operations. It is a critical issue
to select the suitable ERP system which meets all the business strategies and the goals of

Analysis of Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) of Malaysian Manufacturing Sectors: Current Status and
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ABSTRACT Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) requires to tap the power of
Information Technology (IT) and integrate information system in order to stay competitive
and customer oriented. Thus, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is one solution to

Reference model maintenance based on ERP system implementations
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Conceptual reference models in the narrow sense are detailed descriptions of information
processes in commercial domains such as retail, manufacturing, etc. They serve many
usages such as business process reengineering, information systems development or

Analytic Network Process in ERP System Selection
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Abstract An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has a major impact on a company’s
performance; therefore it is a critical investment. This paper presents a framework for
selecting a suitable ERP system using the Analytic Network Process (ANP) methodology.

Empirical study over the influence factors affecting performance of ERP system adoption: focused on manufacturers implementing manufacturing management
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The purpose of this study is to identify management performance that the local manufacturers
benefit from implementing ERP system into the procedural management performance and the
consequential management performance, and intends to prove whether there is any

Critical factors effect user satisfaction and impact of ERP system
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ABSTRACT Small and medium sized enterprises have been playing a vital part in Taiwan’s
economic development. Over the recent years, the benefits of ERP systems have appealed
to not only large firms, but also small and medium sized firms. However, implementation of

REAlist: Towards a business model adapting multi-tenant ERP system in the cloud
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Abstract. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are nowadays adapted to the
company-specific requirements by customization. Whereas smaller and general feature
changes are performed quickly by parameterization, changes of a company’s business

A model for selecting an ERP system with triangular Fuzzy numbers and Mamdani inference
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Abstract The enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an integrated set of programs that
provide support for core business processes, such as production, input and output logistics,
finance and accounting, sales and marketing and resource. It is important to select an

ERP System for Effective Management of Co-Operative Sugar Industries-A Case Study of Sahyadri SSK Ltd, Shiravade Karad (MS)
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Globalization, that is economic world without boarders is here to stay. No activity whether it
is social, economical or cultural; cannot do without the impact of globalization. Such
globalization has created an inevitable and essential requirement for any economic

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) System in Higher Education, A literature Review
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ABSTRACT ERP systems are the largest integrated software applications adopted by
universities, along with quite significant investments in their implementation. However,
unlike other applications little research has been conducted regarding these systems in a

A Qualitative Study of the Critical Success Factors of ERP System-A Case Study Approach
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Abstract The aim of the present study was to explore Critical Success Factors (CSFs) in
implementation, pre-implementation and post-implementation phases of ERP system. A
single exploratory case study approach has been employed to analyze the case of an

An empirical comparison of lot-sizing methods available in an ERP System
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The single-item lot-sizing methods, an important component of material requirements
planning systems, determine purchase or production quantities when the demand forecast
over the planning horizon is known. Material requirements planning modules in Enterprise

A Framework for ERP System Implementation: Socio-Technical Change Management Model Perspective
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Abstract The rationale of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is to integrate all facets of the
business enterprise under one suite of software applications. ERP standardizes the
processes and makes information management effortless by integrating the various

Goal directed project management intelligent system for the support of ERPimplementation and optimaladaptation procedure.
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Abstract:-One of the most difficult tasks in the world of ERP systems has proven to be their
installation and customization to fulfill the needs of the customer. In this paper the authors
present an auxiliary project management tool that supports the complicated process of

The Life Cycle Challenge of ERP System Integration
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Abstract To serve its purpose as a backbone for business integration, Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP) systems need to be integrated with other information systems inside and
outside the boundaries of an enterprise. An inductive case study was made to examine a

A new algorithm for ERP system selection based on fuzzy DEMATEL approach
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ABSTRACT In this paper, a fuzzy expert system comprehensive method is proposed for
selecting proper enterprise resource planning (ERP) system by analytical network planning
based on heuristic algorithm. After making the network model, the interdependencies

ERP System Selection: Criteria Sensitivity
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Abstract. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system selection process is an important step
in ERP adoption, since inadequately selected ERP may affect companies’ market share and
implementation time, effort and cost. Choosing appropriate ERP selection criteria is not

SOX 404-compliant ERP System Internal Control Framework-The Preliminary Outcome
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After the enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the importance of related issues, such
as internal controls and information security, has greatly increased. In the first stage of this
research, the grounded theory methodology is adopted to explore the necessary internal

Using ERP system to improve internal supply chain coordination
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In today’s competitive global market, one of the most effective ways towards achieving
competitive advantage has been the ability to accelerate the supply chain process through
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. ERP enables a more efficient internal and

Misfits of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and business strategies: Framework for identifying and classifying ERP misfit
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The most businesses realize that there is a limit to how far isolated systems can be used. In
relevant to this, more sophisticated systems are needed to solve problems of handling and
disseminating complex information, to automate business processes, to get an overview of

Pilot field research of business process and ERP system use practices in Sales Orders Management by small and medium size companies in Greece
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Abstract The deficiencies observed in the use of business processes, and the use of
information system implementations of such processes by Greek SME companies are
studied. A method for analyzing the use of business processes and the use of system

Combining resources and limiting the change boundary: the case of an ERP system implementation
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Abstract This paper deals with combination and development of individual resource units
that are embedded into networks of other units. The aim of the paper is to analyze the
possibilities for a supplier and a buyer to limit the change boundary when adjusting their

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)-An analysis of how Microsoft could implement VMI functionality in the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX.
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Title: Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) An analysis of how Microsoft could implement VMI
functionality in the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX. Authors: Peter Gurenius Johanna
Wicander Supervisors: Ola Johansson, Department of Packaging Logistics, Lund

Misfits in ERP System Implementation
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This master thesis is the final phase of the study ‘Master Information Management’at Tilburg
University. In order to complete this last phase, I performed a research for the last six
months, commissioned by BDO, on the misfits that occur during ERP implementations at

Mini track: ERP/EAI (ERPII) system issues and answers
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The lack of application integration is widely considered as a barrier for the automation of
business processes. During the last decade, organisations have turned to the adoption of
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to overcome this issue. ERP applications

ERP/EAI system issues and answers: A research journey
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Information Technology (IT) is being increasingly used to automate business processes at
strategic, tactical and operational levels. However, traditionally these applications have not
developed or been implemented in a coordinated way, but increasingly evolved as a

University Dedicated Next Generation ERP System
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Abstract. The school affairs administration system being used in universities is rapidly
changing depending on the national educational policies and the characteristics of
universities that are variously changing. Although the school affairs administration system

ERP-system: marketing analysis module
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Abstract: This paper substantiates the necessity of ERP-systems’ use in the trade-oriented
companies. The main requirements of a marketing analysis software module are defined.
The basic characteristics and functionality of the Registry_M module during its

The Use of an Online-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System to Teach Supply Chain Management
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ABSTRACT One of the recent developments in the evolution of information systems has
been directed towards integrating all the business activities and processes throughout an
entire supply chain from suppliers to customers. These information systems are commonly

College Management Module’s Constructed by Advance Java in the ERP System
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Abstract:This paper mainly discusses the design and realization of ERP system’s
accounting management modules. In this paper we explain the detail design and
implementation of this modules; it also separately analyzes the sub-modules of the design

One ERP system for twenty five universities An empirical investigation for development ERP private cloud Kingdom of Saudi Arabia universities case
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Abstract: The governments spend a lot of money on Educational Enterprise recourse
Planning [EERP] systems development to manage their universities business processes
more readably. It may exceed the cost for one system to any university about 20 million

REA-ERP: Challenges of using REA in an ERP System
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Abstract. The Resource-Event-Agent (REA) ontology is a powerful and well accepted
approach towards the design of enterprise information systems in the academic world.
However, it still lacks application in industry products. Software like ERP applications

Achieving Competitive Advantage through Enterprise Resource PlanningSystem (ERP) Empirical Evidence from Jordan
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Abstract Business world has witnessed huge challenges today, resembled in; speed
technological changes and the companies work for achieving the competitive advantage.
This study aims to investigate the effects of Enterprise Resource Planning ERP systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System as an Innovative Technology in Higher Education Context in Egypt
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Abstract The global adoption of ERP Systems in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) has
improved substantially over the past decade. Although this demand continues to grow, with
target market for ERP vendors, a few studies has been published on the

Investigation of Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) implementation in Libyan oil Service Company
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Abstract:This paper presents the findings of the investigation of ERP implementation. It
highlights the challenges and experiences of Libyan Companies in ERP implementation.
The success factors, failures are analyzed and have proposed recommendations to

Strategic success factors in ERP system implementation
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Abstract:-Different ways of approaching ERP implementation give different results. In order
to successfully implement an ERP system it is necessary to properly balance critical success
factors. By researching what the critical success factors in ERP implementation are, why

A Framework for Investigating the ERP System Quality from Users Point of View in Indian Industries
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Abstract:It has been close to 15 years since the word ERP has been used in the Indian
market. The Indian ERP market is currently estimated to be worth Rs 40, 0000 million and is
expected to grow at a CAGR of 25 percent in the next 3-4 years. Avery high failures rate of

System for storage and management of EEG/ERP experimentsgeneration of ontology
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Abstract: This paper shortly describes the system, which provides the possibility to store and
manage data and metadata from EEG/ERP experiments. The system is planned to be
registered as a source of neuroscience data and metadata. It is one of the reasons we

Integration of a B2B Web Portal and an ERP System: the Case of a Trade Company
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Abstract: The web portal Merkur Partner provides the external user with insight into specific
business information over the Internet to the external users. This paper–a case study–
discusses the integration between the B2B web portal Merkur Partner and other

Modeling the Performance and Scalability of a SAP ERP System using an Evolutionary Algorithm.
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Abstract: Simulating the performance behavior of complex software systems, like Enterprise
Resource Planning (ERP) systems, is a hard task due to the high number of system
components when using a white box simulation approach. This paper utilizes a black box

Methodology of ERP system improving
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The need to implement the ERP class information management system occurs most
frequently in the case of a dramatic increase in the number of orders, when the company
management arrives to a conclusion that without IT support for decision making the

A Model for Choosing the Right ERP System
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Abstract. This work presents a model for the evaluation and selection of Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP) systems. Although these systems are used more and more there have been
reports of different kind of problems, underlining the need of having models for their

Planning and Implementation of an ERP system in a University in USA: Some Insights and Guidelines
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Abstract This paper discusses the successful planning and implementation of an ERP
system in an academic institution. Such an endeavor is a complex process involving
technical, financial, organizational, and operational issues. The first two are hard issues

Difficulties in the implementation of an ERP system: evidence from a transition economy
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Abstract: Previous research on ERP systems (EPRSs) shows that the risk of failure is very
important. Also, the difficulties in implementing an ERPS in a transition economy are
different from the ones encountered in a developed country (Huang and Palvia, 2001;

An Analysis of the Contracting Process for an ERP System
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ABSTRACT Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems integrate information across an
entire organization that automate core activities such as finance/accounting, human
resources, manufacturing, production and supply chain management etc. to facilitate an

Integrated data structures and business objects in ERP: Tool development and evaluation in SAP ERP system
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Abstract:Enterprise-wide data is central for timely and effective planning of materials,
activities, operations and resources; and execution of those plans across many functional
areas. Today, widespread use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems has

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European, Mediterranean Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems 2010

Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)System Implementation in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs): Concepts and Literature
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ABSTRACT Nowadays, Information Technology (IT) plays an important role in efficiency and
effectiveness of the organizational performance. As an IT application, Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP) systems is considered one of the most important IT applications because

Using a knowledge management evaluation framework for improving an ERP system-a Hong Kong construction industry case study
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Organisations need to rely on leadership, information support and human capital in order to
ensure a knowledge advantage over their competitors. Knowledge management (KM)
provides organisations with sustainable competitive advantage, because it becomes

Designing and validating an instrument to measure the degree of customization and cost of use and maintenance for a packaged ERP system
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Abstract Standard Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages are often customized by
the adopting organizations in order to close the gap between the functionalities offered by
the package and the specific needs of the organization. When customizing these

Implementation of An ERP System: Case Cimson Koulutuspalvelut Oy
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Abstract It is crucial for business organizations to constantly find new ways to improve their
procedures in order to maintain their position in the industry. One possible way to achieve
more cost-effectiveness is to introduce an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. An

ERP financial data archiving system
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This thesis is authored by Francesco Ferretti and is the resulting work of the thesis project
carried out by the author at the Technical University of Denmark. The project, titled ERP
Financial Data Archiving System, has been carried out for a telecommunication company,

Online, iterative and interactive integration of legacy system and up-to-dateerp: a case study and systematization
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Abstract. This paper describes the experience on combining a legacy system and a new
system into a functional enterprise information system. The case study scenario is
characterized by sparse human resources, very limited budget and online operation (as

A system dynamics exploration of agency theory interpretations of ERPacquisition methods in DOD
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ABSTRACT Implementing ERP is difficult. We examined three Department of Defense ERP
programs: one a success, one delivering value many years late, and one a total failure.
Misaligned incentives between stakeholders especially sponsor organization and system

Introduction to ERP/EAI System Issues and Answers: A Research Journey Minitrack
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Information Technology (IT) is being increasingly used to automate business processes at
strategic, tactical and operational levels. However, traditionally these applications have not
developed or been implemented in a coordinated way, but increasingly evolved as a

Business information system strategy-How managers use CRM, ERP and SCM systems
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Yesterday, businesses were in charge, but thanks to Customer Relationship Management
and technology today where customers are now the centre of every company. Customers
are free to choose whatever product and that matter very selective in the choice of where

The Success of Project Management Information System for ERP Project at an Information System Corporation
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Abstract: The Project Management Information System (PMIS) is the coherent management
of the information required to implement projects successfully in the organization. PMIS has
been using on FPT Information System-a sub company of FPT corporation, to support

Enhancing User Experience Through Prosumption in the ERP System
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Looking through computer science literature, prosumption is always described in the context
of Web 2.0. Web 2.0 philosophy fits perfectly into the idea of self-production of new products
(content, media, etc.) by consumers. Surprisingly, only a small fracture of computer

Matching of an ERP System to a Public Organization
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ABSTRACT Efficient planning and utilization of organizational resources have always been
a top priority for executives worldwide and across industries. Private and public sectors are
seeking efficient utilizations of their resources to realize cost savings, better quality and

A Review of New Framework for Low Cost ERP System using Open Source Software.
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Abstract Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) nowadays is an important tool that offers
business full package of managing and integration of data’s. While Open Source was a new
broad spread of trend in the business world for the optimum value that offers any

A Study of Implications of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in Higher Education
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Abstract: Few years ago, the usage of information technology in Education field was
relatively simple and limited. However, as we progress into a more integrated world wherein
the technology has become an integral part of the business processes, the process of

An innovative postgraduate program on enterprise resource planning: Master Of Business (ERP): incorporating SAP R/3 system and related products at
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ABSTRACT This paper outlines the details of an innovative postgraduate program, Master of
Business (ERP), incorporating SAP R/3 System and related products that was introduced at
the University of Western Sydney, NSW, Australia, in 1999. The program aims to develop

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Abstract Abstract: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are software packages,
integrates different functions, facilitates information flow, equipped with standard practices
are the latest Information technology tools for effective business management of large,

A Software Quality Model of ERP System in Higher Education Institutions
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Abstract Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have widely been applied by a lot of
higher education institutions over the world; they have replaced their legacy systems to ERP
systems due the integration advantages. Although, the institutions have a large investment

Performance Review System–An ERP Application with Secure Data Storage and Cloud Backup
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Abstract: Traditionally we have seen that ERP systems are developed using Row-oriented
database system. Our project tries to implement column-oriented approach in development
of ERP systems. The system which we are trying to develop is Employee Performance

ERP System Gray-Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Based on Balanced Scorecard Method
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Abstract Based on the balanced scorecard method and applying the multilevel gray fuzzy
evaluation method, the article compared the performance of ERP system. The index system
is classified baht largely shows the main factors influencing of ERP system performance.

Android Based Mini ERP System for College Institutions
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Abstract: Mobile technology has introduced a new environment among upcoming
generations that can be used to improve the management process. The proposed system
will improve interactivity, accessibility, and convenience in the college management

A Web Service Based Design to Integrate a Web Portal and an ERP System
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Abstract Today the ability to seamlessly exchange information between internal business
processes, customers, and partners is vital for success. The organizations employ a variety
of disparate applications that store and exchange data in dissimilar ways and therefore

Increase of Competitivity of Production Management by Utilization of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
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ABSTRACT: The paper presents the mode in which the utilization of enterprise resource
planning (ERP) system contributes to the increase of competitivity of production
management. ERP system is a soft which incorporates inside all the aspects of an

The design of a DSS for the selection of ERP system and consultant
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Abstract: Investing in ERP is very expensive and yet risky on top of current and future
resources needed to be allocated for the project. ERP implementation failures have a
serious negative impact on organizations and this make the task of choosing the right ERP

Optimal parameter choice in modeling of ERP system reliability
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Abstract. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a complex software system that
supports network of different business processes. Sales of such systems has expanded in
the late 90s. In that period ERP installations dominated in large business organizations,

this system will save, on average, over $24.1 million dollars every year. The Tier III data center will also drastically reduce down time of our ERP system by about 30
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The Tier I data center that we currently have caused ten unscheduled outages of our ERP
system last year. Upgrading to the Tier III data center will add redundant capacity
components, which means that when one component goes down the entire system will not

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ABSTRACT Organisations in the modern days are undergoing heavy transformation in the
wake of industrialisation and globalisation. In order to be competitive, organisations need
realtime information on their orders, materials, production, costs etc., to increase the

Campus-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Implementation: A Case Study
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Abstract Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have become a fact of life in higher
education. A 2002 EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research (ECAR) study estimated that
higher education had spent close to $5 billion on ERP systems. According to the study, 54

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To achieve faster growth, profit and revenue organizations are adopting various tools and
techniques. One such concept which organizations are adopting is ERP. Similar to as one
wants to reach at his destiny and that can be done by driving at a normal speed of 50 km/h

Industrial Fittings as a Complete Service and Support of its Implementation in theERP System: A Case Study
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Abstract: The case study deals with the implementation and usage of the ERP system in
LDM, a leading Czech producer of industrial fittings. LDM has taken the implementation
project for the purpose of reworking its traditional offer of deliveries of structural elements

Development of Transportation Supervision Information System of Frozen Seafood Processing Enterprises Based on ERP
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Abstract: The quality of frozen seafood products is closely related to the transport conditions,
this paper used ERP system to supervise and manage the whole process of food processing
and transportation. Experiment results demonstrated that the system played a good role in

Economic Benefits of an ERP System to a Low Tech SME.
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Abstract: This case study describes the potential economic benefits for installing enterprise
resource planning system in small to medium enterprises, using a study of a small enterprise
in the UK. The motivation for the research is to investigate the claim of ERP vendors that

Unintended benefits of adopting an ERP system in an Indonesian university
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is widely used by large corporations around
the world. In the last few years, ERP has crossed a border from only being used by private
for profit enterprises, to embark on a new group of customers, the universities. Universities

Factors Affecting ERP System Implementation in Kazakhstan
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Purpose-Recently, given the globalization of operations of many successful organizations,
due to rivalry pressures, companies are forced to reduce costs and streamline their business
processes in order to operate efficiently. Hence, the role of the Enterprise Resource

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Abstract: The authors propose to develop and to discover the integrated information systems
in applications Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), started to the evolution of business in a
globalization context. In this purpose the authors started from the appearance and the

A Pathology and Overview of Factors Influencing the Efficiency of ERP/SAPSystem in the Iranian Auto Industry
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Information technology/systems play a major role in improving the competitiveness of
organizations. There are numerous enterprise information software packages available in
the market. One of them is enterprise resource planning (ERP). ERP can provide

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Abstract: This paper evaluates the use of the application service provider (ASP) model in
implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, and why this model is
particularly beneficial in a local government setting. It describes the experience of the city

Integrating an ERP System into the BSBA Curriculum at Central Michigan University-The School of Accounting Experience
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ABSTRACT Many schools have (or are planning) some degree of Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP) integrated into their curriculum because of the global growth in the ERP
market. This article updates and extends our earlier article (Hayes and McGilsky, 2007)

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Summary Knowledge is considered as an enterprise’s invisible assets. Surviving in today’s
highly competitive and ever expanding global economy requires efficiently managing
corporate knowledge. Increasing requirements for extended enterprises have stimulated

Applying data mining techniques to ERP system anomaly and error detection
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Abstract: Data mining is a concept developed for analyzing large quantities of data. It is
based on machine learning, pattern recognition and statistics and is currently used, for
example, for fraud detection, marketing advice, predicting sales and inventory and

What Are the Factors Affecting ERP System Integration
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Abstract: The first wave of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems integrated the core
internal business processes and provided operational benefits for companies. The second
wave of ERPs introduced additional challenges due to the need for ERPs to interact also

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Issues, Challenges, and Benefits
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Abstract: Business management has entered the era of networking competition. This has
moved the competition from a local to that of global business environments and from
company against company to that of a supply chain against supply chain. Enterprise

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ABSTRACT While deciding whether to adopt a cloud-based architecture for an
organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), or not, executives of small and
medium enterprises (SMEs) take into consideration a number of factors that stand as signs

ERP system implementation: benefits and economic effectiveness
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Abstract:The enterprise information system offers the service platform to improve the
efficiency of enterprise work. Information systems are widely used in different areas and
improve the efficiency of enterprise activities. The main purpose of this paper is to present

Discovering and Analyzing the Prerequisites for Successful Implementation ofERP System in Thailand
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Abstract:The aim of this study is to explore and determine factors affecting the satisfaction
level of companies in Thailand using ERP systems. Most of the prior researches have
suggested budget constraints and level of IT maturity in organizations as core reasons for

Telecommunication Billing System Functionality and Architecture by Analogy toERP Systems
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Abstract Present research concerns telecommunication billing systems (TBS). The main
aims of this was to discuss the issues connected with TBS and suggest the conception of its
development into a modern extended telecommunication billing system (ETBS) as well as

The Strategic Importance of ERP System Evaluation and Selection
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An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systemis an integrated enterprise information
systemthat automates the flow of material, information and financial resources among all
functions within an enterprise using a common database. ERP systems are meant to

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ABSTRACT: Today, integration of information systems has become a necessity due to the
fact that the big companies have developed over time, mostly, separate information systems
for automation of different activities. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) means,

Actual vs. Planned ERP System Implementation Costs in Slovak and Slovenian Companies
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Abstract Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are still more and more common in
companies, not only in large ones but also in small and medium enterprises. Although
virtually nobody really doubts their importance for running business, there is a sentiment

Adoption of ERP system for operations management in SMEs
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Abstract. The fast development of the IT in the society of today has led to that more SMEs
rely on ERP systems. Especially, IT has facilitated the management of the flow of goods
within and between organizations and have made lead times more effective and also

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STRATEGIC BENEFITS: 1. Enhance Efficiency. An ERPsystem will eliminate duplication and
reduce resort to manual processes. 2. Facilitate Integrated Information. The ERPsystem will ensure
that all information will be located in a single location, instead of having data

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Abstract This study was conducted to determine the influence of management commitment
and change management on the implementation of ERP systems and their impact on the
quality of accounting information. Where the ERP system is a computerized system that

Business process-and graph grammar-based approach to ERP systemmodelling
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Abstract. Methods of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems modelling are presented
in the paper. The modelling is necessary to adapt an ERP system to a company in such a
way, that it fully supports a management at the operational level, ie it supports the

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Companies are starting to explore new strategies and solutions to increase their
competitiveness in a dynamic global market and thus focus their attention on the choice of
modern and powerful ERP system. Bulgarian companies undertake process change

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ABSTRACT Social media and enterprise mobility play an increasingly important role in
business. This paper examines if and how social media can be integrated in an on-demand
ERP environment, and identifies opportunities to enhance and adapt ERP functionality for

A Strategy to Manage the Metaprocess of ERP System Customization
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Abstract: This paper presents a transdisciplinary approach, based on the concept of
metaprocess, for modeling, organizing and managing ERP systems customization in various
projects simultaneously executed. For its operation, is presented an integrated

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ABSTRACT Every aspect of management in the modern age relies seriously on information
to flourish. Nonentity moves devoid of information and it is generally believed that
information is power and who has it. Changing circumstances and environments have

The purpose of this study is to shed light on the adoption of an enterprise resource plan-ning (ERP) system in the context of
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The purpose of this study is to shed light on the adoption of an enterprise resource planning
(ERP) system in the context of a mediumsized enterprise. ERP systems are software
packages that seamlessly seek to integrate all of the information flowing through an

ERP system and selection methodologies
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The main purpose of this paper is to present and define ERP Moreover, for a successful
selection and implementation of an ERP system, a right approach has to be selected, which
will in process deliver the optimal results with the chosen ERP system. It will be discussed,

Evaluation Framework for an ERP System using Balanced Scorecard Approach
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Abstract The overall purpose of this study is to explore whether BSC can be a better
indicator to measure ERP system performance and how the initial objectives of ERP
implementation affect the later ERP performance. In addition to this the study analyzes, the

ERP System Implementing With Subscription-Based Cloud Technologies
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ERP, the biggest issue was the transfer of information from the old to the new. There was a
large amount of data that didn’t mesh well with the new system because of the new way that
information was organized. There simply was no plan in place to manage the old data.

Limitation and Complexity of ERP System failure in an Organization: A case study
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ABSTRACT ERP systems are around since Nineteen Nineties. Many organisations across
the globe have deployed ERP systems since then. AN ERP system may be a terribly
complicated system and its deployment involves the complete organisation. however not