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Comparison of Edge Computing Implementations: Fog Computing, Cloudlet and Mobile Edge Computing
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Abstract When it comes to storage and computation of large scales of data, Cloud Computing has acted as the de-facto solution over the past decade. However, with the massive growth in intelligent and mobile devices coupled with technologies like Internet of

Fog Computing: Implementation of Security and Privacy to Comprehensive Approach for Avoiding Knowledge Thieving Attack Exploitation Decoy Technology
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ABSTRACT Now days, Cloud network is less secure or defend the data on cloud from the data felony attacks, principally corporate executive attacks. An oversized and secure of skilled and private information is kept on Cloud server. Cloud network storage is getting

Service Architecture Models For Fog Computing: A Remedy for Latency Issues in Data Access from Clouds
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Abstract With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) the world is projecting towards a scenario where every object in the world (including humans) acts as a sender and receiver of data and if we were to see that concept mature we would soon be talking of billions more

Securing Cloud using Fog Computing with Hadoop Framework
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Abstract The need to store data is increasing day by day may be as a record or as a memory. The conventional way of storing was with the hard disks of computers or in the smartphones. With the increase in number of profiles of individuals there was a parallel increase in the

Information Logistics and Fog Computing: The DITAS Approach
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Abstract. Data-intensive applications are usually developed based on Cloud resources whose service delivery model helps towards building reliable and scalable solutions. However, especially in the context of Internet of Things-based applications, Cloud

Moving From Vehicular Cloud Computing to Vehicular Fog Computing: Issues and Challenges
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(MANETs) in which the mobile nodes are moving vehicles. The vehicles consist of on-board units and a group of sensors to gather data and to communicate with the other vehicles and the roadside units (RSUs). VANETs have received increased attention in recent years due to

Design, Implementation and Optimization of Innovative Internet Access Networks, based on Fog Computing and Software Defined Networking
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1. DESIGN In this dissertation we introduce a new approach to Internet access networks in public spaces, such as Wi-Fi network commonly known as Hotspot, based on Fog Computing (or Edge Computing), Software Defined Networking (SDN) and the deployment

Attribute-Based Secure Data Sharing with Efficient Revocation in Fog Computing
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Abstract Fog computing is a concept that extends the paradigm of cloud computing to the network edge. The goal of fog computing is to situate resources in the vicinity of end users. As with cloud computing, fog computing provides storage services. The data owners can

FOG COMPUTING-Shifting from Cloud to Fog
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Abstract: To support the computational demand of real-time latency-sensitive applications of largely geo-distributed IoT devices/sensors, a new computing paradigm named Fog computing has been introduced. Generally, Fog computing resides closer to the IoT

Real-time FOG computing healthcare monitoring
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Abstract In todays society, consumers are demanding a richer experience in health and wellbeing smart devices as a way to improve quality of life. As result demand for network resources to stream data via the internet is predicted to increase ten-fold. Therefore, to

Survey Paper on Fog Computing
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Cloud computing refers to the ability to store data and retrieve it from off- side locations. It is a model in which data, processing and applications are concentrated in devices at the network edge. The term fog computing was introduced by the CISCO systems. Fog computing is also

A Review: The Internet of Things Using Fog Computing
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Abstract: Fog computing is a research area that targets on providing services and specifying customers needs in the space between Ground and Cloud . In the current cloud-based Internet-of-Things (IoT) model, smart devices (such as sensors, smart phones) exchange

A Survey of Fog Computing and Its Applications
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Abstract: We live in a world where consumer products, goods, vehicles, industrial and utility components, sensors, and other everyday objects are being combined with Internet connectivity and powerful data analytic capabilities that promise to transform the way the

Online Optimization Techniques for Effective Fog Computing under Uncertainty
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The Internet of Things (IoT) environment will encompass billions of devices that are expected to generate more than two Exabyte of data per day [1]. Fog computing is a promising approach to perform distributed computation and caching for supporting IoT

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ABSTRACT Fog is a budding architecture for computing, storage, control, and networking that distributes these services closer to end users along the cloud-to-things continuum. Fog computing is a model in which data, processing and applications are concentrated in

Fog Computing Middleware for Distributed Cooperative Data Analytics
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Abstract This paper presents an innovative fog computing middleware for distributed cooperative data analytics (DCDA) in the Internet of Things (IoT). The existing IoT systems gather data in a central place (eg, cloud) for post-processing and high-level situation

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ABSTRACT Cisco recently proposed a new computing environment called fog computing to support latency-sensitive and real time applications. It is a connection of billions of devices nearest to the network edge. This computing will be appropriate for Electronic Medical

Smart Data: A New Perspective of Tackling the Big Data Phenomena Leveraging a Fog Computing System
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Abstract The management of Big Data is a very important issue in emerging IoT technologies. Conventional methods are not sufficient to deal with the ever-increasing amount of raw data originating from the sensors. In this paper we approach this problem

Fog Computing
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Page 1. Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ingegneria Informatica Fog Computing Corso di Sistemi e Architetture per Big Data AA 2016/17 Valeria Cardellini centers located at the network edge Valeria Cardellini SABD 2016/17 2 Fog Computing

Impact of Fog and Cloud Computing on an IoT Service Running over an Optical/Wireless Network Testbed
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Abstract With the advance of the Internet of Things (IoT), the interaction between humans and smart objects is already a reality. New applications that are expected to operate in dynamic environments must support different modes of human/machine interaction (eg,

Demand Side Management Using the Internet of Energy based on Fog and Cloud Computing
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Abstract The smart grid, as a communication network, allows numerous connected devices such as sensors, relays and actuators to interact and cooperate with each other. An Internet- based solution for electricity that provides bidirectional flow of information and power is

Fog Computing Pushing Intelligence to the Edge
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Abstract Cloud computing is a delivery platform which promises a new way of accessing and storing personal as well as business information. It provides resources to its users through the Internet. But it also has a risk that is the involvement of a third party which makes it

Fog Computing Enhancing the Maximum Energy Consumption of Data Servers.
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Abstract Fog Computing and IoT systems make use of end-user premises devices as local servers. Here, we are identifying the scenarios for which running applications from NDCs are more energy-efficient than running the same applications from MDC. With the complete

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ABSTRACT Cisco recently proposed a new computing environment called fog computing to support latencysensitive and real time applications. It is a connection of billions of devices nearest to the network edge. This computing will be appropriate for Electronic Medical

Cross-Site Virtual Network Provisioning in Cloud and Fog Computing
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The interconnection of the different geographically dispersed cloud and fog infrastructures is a key issue for the development of the fog technology. Although most existing cloud providers and platforms offer some kind of connectivity services to allow the interconnection

A cost model for green fog computing and networking
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ABSTRACT 5G services and 4K will stress even more the future access/aggregation networks, where video contents have already become the main traffic contributor. The deployment in the convergent access of local micro data-centers (DCs) nodes is one