fog computing IEEE PAPER 2018


Latency-aware Application Module Management for Fog Computing Environments
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Due to rapid advancement in communication and hardware technology, it is expected that by 2020 there will be over 50 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices with many real-time latency-sensitive applications [Vermesan and Friess 2014]. In this context, Clouds can be

A Review on Fog Computing : Conceptual Live Vm Migration Framework, Issues, Applications and Its Challenges
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ABSTRACT Fog computing an extension of cloud computing services to the edge of the network to decrease latency and network congestion, could be a comparatively recent analysis trend. though each cloud and fog provide similar resources and services, the latter ABSTRACT Fog computing has been introduced recently to support the Internet of Things (IoT). It can provide many advantages for IoT applications. These advantages include support for low latency needs, mobility, location awareness, scalability, and efficient

Introduction to the Minitrack on Cyber-Assurance for Internet of Things and Fog Computing Architectures
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ABSTRACT Cyber-Assurance theory, application and embedded security for the Internet of Things (IoT)/ Fog Computing architectures is based on theoretical aspects and studies of practical applications. The objective of this minitrack is to increase the visibility of current ABSTRACT Fog computing provides a distributed data capturing, processing and resource allocation approach in the Internet of Things (IoT). The Quality of Service (QoS) requirements of IoT services are service delay, energy consumption, resource provisioning

Secure Data Access Control with Cipher Text and Its Outsourcing in Fog Computing
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ABSTRACT -In spite of the abundant advantages of storing data on cloud, Security still remains a major hurdle which needs to be conquered. The subsisting methods of protecting data on cloud have failed in preventing data theft attacks. An altered approach is carried out in our

An Architectural Model for Fog Computing
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ABSTRACT The adoption of the Internet of Things raises many challenges. A variety of its applications require widespread distribution and high mobility support. In addition to low latency and real time services. To meet these challenges, the Fog Computing is arguably a

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ABSTRACT In this evolving era of digitization the use of big data, cloud computing for securing the data has become the traditional method of data storage. In this paper we have come up with a new technology named Fog computing which is used for security and protection

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ABSTRACT -Even though the demand of cloud computing is on rise, it involves an inherent problems related to very less mobility as well as location-awareness, along with unreliable latency. These drawbacks make cloud computing very unfeasible solution for applications ABSTRACT Although mobile devices have obtained more and more capabilities such as CPU power, memory, and battery, they still cannot satisfy the requirement of high resource consuming applications. Fog Computing is one of the solutions for offloading the task of a

Analysis of Behavior Profiling Algorithm to Detect Usage Anomalies in Fog Computing
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ABSTRACT : Fog computing is the term coined by Cisco which is cloud computing extent and decentralized computing infrastructure in which several data were stored and subjected for computation. But the new computational theories have brought up the data security

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ABSTRACT In the fog computing environment, the periodic sequence can provide sufficient authentication code, and also reduce the power consumption in the verification. But the periodic sequence faces an known full-cycle attack threat in fog computing . This paper

RePage: A Novel Over-air Reprogramming Approach Based On Paging Mechanism Applied In Fog Computing
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ABSTRACT In fog computing it requires fog nodes running different tasks near the sources of data. Limited to on-board resource, fog node is hard to execute multiple tasks and needs over-air reprogramming to rearrange them. With respect to reprogramming, energy-efficient

Predicting Short-term Electricity Demand by Combining the Advantages of ARMA and XGBoost in Fog Computing Environment
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ABSTRACT : With the rapid development of IoT, the disadvantages of cloud framework have been exposed, such as high latency, network congestion and low reliability. Therefore, the Fog Computing framework has emerged, with an extended fog layer between the cloud and

A Novel UDT-Based Transfer Speed up Protocol for Fog Computing
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ABSTRACT Fog computing is a distributed computing model as the middle layer between the cloud data center and the IoT device/sensor. It provides computing network and storage devices so that cloud based services can be closer to IOT devices and sensors. Cloud

Overview- Fog Computing and Internet-of-Things (IoT)
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The internet today is getting connected to a very large number of devices or sensors of IoT. These numbers were not envisaged previously. IoT or Internet of Things, alternatively known as IOE, Internet of Everything envisages connecting more and more consumer electronic

Bonsai in the Fog : an Active Learning Lab with Fog Computing
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ABSTRACT As for every new technological trend, education of new scientists and engineers will be instrumental in shaping the implementation of the Fog architecture, including software development. In this paper, we describe a 2-hour hands-on lab activity that we

Fog Computing : An Overview of Big IoT Data Analytics
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ABSTRACT : A huge amount of data, generated by internet of thing (IoT), growing up exponentially based on nonstop operational states. Those IoT devices are generating an avalanche of information that is disruptive for predictable data processing and analytics CSE PROJECTS