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RFID chip assembly for 0.1 cents
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UPH, and 5 years depreciation, the cost of chip assembly is 0.27 US cents per tag. Assume a further 15 US cents for the costs of an RFID tag and consider a yield loss of 2%. Then the cost of the yield loss is 0.3 US cents, which exceeds the depreciation costs of the

Near Field On Chip RFID Antenna Design
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This chapter deals with the designing strategy and process integration for a small On-Chip- Antenna (OCA) with a small Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag on a chip-area 0.64 x 0.64 mm at 2.45 GHz for communication in near field. On the other hand, communication

Chip versus chipless for RFID applications
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Passive chip RFID (10 to 800 cents) Ticket, label, card. Chip powered by the reader. Active chip RFID (with battery from $1 to $100) Long range (m), real time location, sensors. Emits continuous signal for positioning.IDTechEx Ltd IDTechEx SAW RFID Chip SAW RFID TAG

UHF RFID transponder chip and antenna impedance measurements
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Abstract-The communication performance between reader and transponder in radio frequency identification (RFID) in the ultra high frequency (UHF) range strongly depends on the matching between transponder chip and transponder antenna. To assure power

Hitachi µ-chip RFID Technology Compatible with Gamma Sterilization
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Executive Summary Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a wireless data collection technology that uses radio waves to remotely send and retrieve data contained within electronic tags. RFID is considered a technical leap from barcode in that RFID does not

A review on on-chip antenna for 2.4 ghz ism band rfid tag
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ABSTRACT RFID is one of the rapidly growing technologies for reliable wireless communication using radio frequency. This paper presents a bibliographical survey of the work published on three on-chip antenna topology for RFID tag operating at 2.4 GHz ISM

Implementation of a 2.45 GHz Passive RFID Transponder Chip in 0.18 µm CMOS
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In this paper, a passive 2.45 GHz band RFID transponder chip for high data rate communication and with low power consumption has been presented. The passive transponder chip contains five parts: a voltage multiplier converts received RF signal to

Silicon prototype of an bandwidth reconfigurable UWB RFID tag with on-chip antenna.
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Abstract:Inexpensive and power efficient transmitters are essential in tiny RFID tags. Increasing the data rate while reducing the power consumption is possible by using UWB Impulse Radio as communication scheme. Moving the complexity to a reader station in a

Selecting RFID Chip Type for Automated Authentication
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Abstract The paper presents a model for automated authentication of the relation between a RFID tag and the object that is tagged. The model is then a basis for describing a tool that

A Low-Voltage and Low-Power Digital Temperature Sensor Unit for RFID Chip
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Abstract This paper presents a design and layout of a low-voltage and low-power CMOS digital temperature unit for an RFID chip. The designed circuit has a measurement range from-40 0C to 120 0C and consumes approximately 24 µW with a 2.4 V DC power supply.

Damage analysis of composites integrated with RFID chip used in aeronautics
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ABSTRACT Purpose: A new approach to production process by direct integration of the RFID (Radio-frequency identification) chips into the composite parts used during the manufacturing (moulding) process of the composite parts has been presented. This

UHF-band Semi-Passive RFID Tag Chip Using New High Sensitivity Voltage Multiplier in Standard CMOS
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Abstract-We investigated a new high sensitivity UHF-band semi-passive RFID tag chip using 0.35 µm standard CMOS technology. The voltage multiplier in the tag chip uses a new threshold cancellation technique, and the simulation result shows that it can generate a

A Semi-Passive UHF RFID Tag Chip Applied for Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI)
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ABSTRACT The paper presents a semi-passive UHF RFID tag chip developed to meet the restrictive requirements for Electronic Vehicle Identification application. The use of an external power supply allows the tag to achieve longer communication ranges even

Implementation and Design of Digital System for High Frequency RFID Tag Chip
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Abstract: Passive RFID tag system requires low-power consumption. In this paper, the clock shutdown technology was been used to reduce power consumption and the module re-used was been used to reduce chip area. The design was been described for the digital part of

RFID Tags Enabled by Flip Chip
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First, what is RFID RFIDs are radio frequency identification systems tiny two-way radios with immense commercial potential. The simplest design consists of an antenna mated to an IC,(integrated circuit) using only two connection points, Power and query signals are sent

Performances Analysis of Reliable Fast Detection Anti-collision for RFID System Implemented on Chip
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Abstract This paper presents a performance analysis of Reliable Fast Detection Anti- collision Algorithm (RFDACA) for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system. The proposed RFDACA is implemented on-chip using Application Specific Integrated Circuit (

Higher Data Rate Anti-collision Algorithm of RFID System Implemented On-chip
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Data Rate Fast Detection Anti-collision Algorithm (higher data rate FDACA) for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems. Our proposed Higher Data Rate FDACA is implemented on-chip using Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) technology. The

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ABSTRACT An integrated immunoassay device (IID) for point-of-care testing (POCT) comprising a plastic flow-channel reactor (FCR) and a radio frequency identification (RFID)

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ABSTRACT RFID is a low power wireless emerging technology which has given rise to highly promising applications in real life. It can be employed for robot navigation. In multi- robot environment, when many robots are moving in the same workspace, there is a


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