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Fall 2004

Karthik Jeyabalan, Jerrin Kallukalam, Ariel Rabkin, Patrick Reilly, Nurwati Widodo, Web Research Infrastructure Project Final Report Fall 2004, December 17, 2004
Spring 2005

Mayank Gandhi, Jimmy Yanbo Sun, ARC Data Extraction and summarization, May 2005
Karthik Jeyabalan, Jerrin Kallukalam, Representation of Web Graph for in Memory Computation, May 2005
Shantanu Shah, Generating a Web Graph, May 2005
Richard Yu Wang, Web Research Infrastructure Database Section Semester Research Report, May 2005
Fall 2005

Benzaquen, S., Guo, W., The Web Laboratory: Preload System, Fall 2005 Final Report. December 2005
Gerner, N., Sosa, C., Fall 2005 Semester Report for Web Lab Database Load Group. December 2005.
Gu, M.-D., User Tools: Basic Access API Design and Implementation. December 2005.
Jain, P., Shtokman, D., Tiwari, H., Data Movement Research Project. December 2005.
Kohli, S., Sanghi, L., Data Monitoring and Tracking. December 2005.
Siddavanahalli, M., Singhal, S., Web Lab Subset Extraction. December 2005.
Shah, S., Retro Browser. December 2005.
Spring 2006

Gerner, N., “WebLibrary Design Progress Report. May 2006
Murarka, S., Web Graph Project. May 2006.
Sosa, C. B., Jain, P., Shtokman, D., Web Library: Data Movement Spring 2006 Report. May 2006.
Zhu, N., Basic Access API. May 2006.
Fall 2006

Adil Aijaz, Heritrix WebLab. December 2006.
Andrzej Kielbasinski, Data Movement and Tracking. December 2006.
Dmitriy Shtokman, Web Library: Data Movement Fall 2006 Report. December 2006.
Spring 2007

Laran Evans, Web Research Infrastructure. May 2007.
Kyeongseo Hwang, Jung Kwan Kim and Hardeep Singh, Index to the History of the Web. May 2007.
Kwan Dong Kim and Chang Min Kim, PageRank Calculation using Sparse Matrix in Clustered Computer Environment. May 2007.
Sangwoo Kim, Sanjay Rajan, and Sean Seguin, Web Graph Generation. May 2007.
Andrzej Kielbasinski, Data Movement and Tracking, Spring 2007 Report. May 2007.
Dmitriy Shtokman, Web Library: Data Movement Spring 2007 Report. May 2007.
Fall 2007

Asha Balasubramaniam and Dmitriy Shtokman, The Web Laboratory: Data Movement and Tracking Team Fall 2007 Report. December 2007.
Wioletta Holownia and Michal Kuklis, WebLab Site Development and Researchers’ Tools. December 2007.
Anthony Jawad and Jie Teng, Web Graph Generation: Fall 2007 Report. December 2007.
Chang Min Kim and Thomas Chen, PageRank Calculation. December 2007.
Ashish Virmani and Neha Arora, Anchor Text Analysis. December 2007.
Spring 2008

Asha Balasubramaniam, The Web Laboratory Project Data Movement and Tracking Report. May 2008.
Vijayanand Chokkapu and Asif-ul Haque, PageRank Calculation using Map Reduce. May 2008.
Prashant Baktha Kumara Dhas and Jasim Mohammed, An anchor text analysis of links to five state government websites for the years 2004 and 2005. May 2008.
Wioletta Holownia, Michal Kuklis and Natasha Qureshi, Web Lab Collaboration Server and Web Lab Website. May 2008.
Manu Jain, Gayatri Kaul and Aditi Lyall, Web Graph Generation. May 2008.
Lokesh K Sharma,Sandeep S Shekhawat and Sneha Khadye, Data Profiler Tool. May 2008.
Summer 2008

Manu Jain, Web Graph Generation. August 2008.
Fall 2008

Jacob Bank and Benjamin Cole, Calculating the Jaccard Similarity Coefficient with Map Reduce for Entity Pairs in Wikipedia. December 2008.
Nayan Busa, Unmesh Jagtap, and Utkarsh Prateek, PageRank Calculation using Map Reduce. December 2008.
Xingfu Dong, Hubs and Authorities Calculation using MapReduce. December 2008.
Zhiyu Zhang, Web Graph Cleaning using Map Reduce. December 2008.
Spring 2009

Razen Alharbi, An Open Source GUI for Web Graph Cleaning on Hadoop. May 2009.
Jacob Bank, Exploring the .gov Domain from 2002 to 2005: InDegree and OutDegree Analyses. May 2009.
Chris Frommann, Analysis of OutLinks and Growth in the .gov TLD. May 2009.
Oleg Krokhin, Efficient extraction of individual pages from a complete web crawl. May 2009.
Pradeep Mani, Open Source suite for Page Rank calculation on Hadoop Cluster using Map-Reduce. May 2009.
Shraddha Ladda and Subhashri Suresh, Weblab .gov domain analysis. May 2009.
Tom Ternquist and Jonathan Yu, An Investigation into SOLR and the Full-text Indexing of Books. May 2009.
Aditi Vad, Pig Latin Evaluation through PageRank Algorithm Implementation. May 2009.
Fall 2010

Akshay Bhat, Analysis of community structure of .Gov domain. December 2010.
Charles Xeller and Craig Frey, Investigating Changes in the .Gov Domain. December 2010.