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“Direct Observation of Super-Plasticity of Beta-SiC Nanowires at Low Temperature”, Y.F. Zhang, X.D. Han, K. Zheng, Z. Zhang, X.N. Zhang, J.Y. Fu, Y. Ji, Y.J. Hao, X.Y. Guo and Z.L. Wang, Adv. Funct. Mater., 17 (2007) 3435-3440.
“Bio-inspired fabrication of antireflection nanostructures by replicating fly eyes”, J.Y. Huang, X.D. Wang and Z.L. WangNanotechnology, 19 (2008) 025602.
“Synthesis of Single-Crystalline Niobate Nanorods via Ion-Exchange Based on Molten-Salt Reaction”, C.Y. Xu, L. Zhen, R.S. Yang and Z. L. Wang, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 129 (2007) 15444-15445.
“Morphological tuning and conductivity of organic conductor nanowires”, H.B. Liu, J.B. Li, C.S. Lao, C.S. Huang, Y.L. Li, Z.L. Wang and D.B. ZhuNanotechnology, 18 (2007) 495704.
“Lithiated MoO3 Nanobelts with Greatly Improved Performance for Lithium Batteries”, L.Q. Mai, B. Hu, W. Chen, Y.Y. Qi, C.S. Lao, R.S. Yang and Z.L. Wang Adv. Mater., 19(2007) 3712–3716.
“High-performance pentacene field-effect transistors using Al2O3 gate dielectrics prepared by atomic layer deposition (ALD)”, X.H. Zhang, B. Domercq, X.D. Wang, S. Yoo, T. Kondo, Z.L Wang and B. Kippelen Org. Electron., 8 (2007) 718-726.
“Tuning the Thermal Stability of Molecular Precursors for the Nonhydrolytic Synthesis of Magnetic MnFe2O4 Spinel Nanocrystals”,Q. Song, Y. Ding, Z.L. Wang and Z.J. Zhang Chem. Mater., 19 (2007) 4633-4638.
“Wireless Joule nanoheaters”,C. Falconi, A. D’Amico and Z.L. Wang Sensors and Actuators B, 127 (2007) 54–62.
“Growth of Carbon Nanotubes by Pyrolysis of Thiophene”,G.H. Du, W.Z. Li, Y.Q. Liu, Y. Ding and Z.L. Wang J. Phys. Chem. C., 111(2007) 14293-14298.
“Enhancing UV photoconductivity of ZnO nanobelt by polyacrylonitrile functionalization”, J.H. He, Y.H. Lin, M.E. McConney, V.V. Tsukruk and Z.L. Wang J. Appl.Phys., 102 (2007) 084303.
“Synthesis of Ba-doped CeO2 nanowires and their application as humidity sensors”, Z.W. Zhang, C.G. Hu, Y.F. Xiong, R.S. yang and Z.L. WangNanotechnology, 18 (2007) 465504.
“Bridged ZnO nanowires across trenched electrodes”, P.X. Gao, J. Liu, B.A. Buchine, B. Weintraub, Z.L. Wang and J.L. LeeAppl. Phys. Lett., 91 (2007) 142108.
“Giant Enhancement in UV Response of ZnO Nanobelts by Polymer Surface-Functionalization”, C.S. Lao, M.C. Park, Q. Kuang, Y.L. Deng, A.K. Sood, D.L. Polla and Z. L. Wang, J. Am. Chem. Soc., online.
“Multicolored ZnO Nanowire Architectures on Trenched Silicon Substrates”,P.X. Gao, J.L. Lee and Z.L. Wang J. Phys. Chem. C., 111(2007) 13763-13769.
“Facets and surface relaxation of tetrahexahedral platinum nanocrystals”, Y. Ding, Y.F. Gao and Z.L. WangAppl. Phys. Lett., 91 (2007) 121901.
“Solid Au nanoparticles as a catalyst for growing aligned ZnO nanowires: a new understanding of the vapour–liquid–solid process”, M. Kirkham, X.D. Wang, Z.L. Wang and R.L. Snyder Nanotechnology, 18 (2007) 365304.
“ZnS/Silica Nanocable Field Effect Transistors as Biological and Chemical Nanosensors”,J.H. He, Y.Y. Zhang, J. Liu, D. Moore, G. Bao and Z.L. Wang J. Phys. Chem. C., 111(2007) 12152-12156.
“Mismatch Strain Induced Formation of ZnO/ZnS Heterostructured Rings”, X. Wu, P. Jiang, Y. Ding, W. Cai, S.S. Xie and, Z.L. Wang Adv. Mater., 19(2007) 2319-2323.
“p-Type a-Fe2O3 Nanowires and their n-Type Transition in a Reductive Ambient”, Y.C. Lee, Y.L. Chueh, C.H. Hsieh, M.T. Chang, L.J. Chou, Z.L. Wang, Y.W. Lan, C.D. Chen, H. Kurata and S. Isoda Small, 8 (2007) 1356-1361.
“Magnetic and Electrical Characterizations of Half-Metallic Fe3O4 Nanowires”, M.T. Chang, L.J. Zhou, C.H. Hsieh, Y.L. Chueh, Z.L. Wang, Y. Murakami and D. Shindo Adv. Mater., 19(2007) 2290-2294.
“Size dependence of the mechanical properties of ZnO nanobelts”, M. Lucas, W.J. Mai, R.S. Yang, Z.L. Wang and E. Riedo Philos. Mag., 87 (2007) 2135-2141.
“Growth of self-assembled ZnO nanowire arrays”, R.S. Yang and Z.L. Wang Philos. Mag., 87 (2007) 2097-2014.
“Bulk FePt-based nanocomposite magnets with enhanced exchange coupling”, C.B. Rong, V. Nandwana, N. Poudyal, J.P. Liu, M.E. Kozlov, R.H. Baughman, Y. Ding and Z.L. Wang J. Appl.Phys., 102 (2007) 023908.
“Electrostatic Potential in a Bent Piezoelectric Nanowire. The Fundamental Theory of Nanogenerator and Nanopiezotronics”, Y.F. Gao and Z.L. Wang Nano Lett., 7 (2007) 2499-2505.
“Low-Temperature In Situ Large-Strain Plasticity of Silicon Nanowires”, X.D. han, K. Zheng, Y.F. Zhang, X.N. Zhang, Z. Zhang and Z.L. Wang Adv. Mater., online.
“Effect of the Lattice Crystallinity on the Electron-Phonon Relaxation Rates in Gold Nanoparticles”, W.Y. Huang, W. Qian, M.A. El-Sayed, Y. Ding and Z.L. Wang J. Phys. Chem. C., 111 (2007) 10751-10757.
“Position-Controlled Seedless Growth of ZnO Nanorod Arrays on a Polymer Substrate via Wet Chemical Synthesis”, B. Weintraub, Y.L. Deng and Z.L. Wang J. Phys. Chem. C., 111(2007) 10162-10165.
“Integrated Nanogenerators in Biofluid”, X.D. Wang, J. Liu, J.H. Song and Z.L. Wang Nano Lett., 7 (2007) 2475-2479.
“Polymer functionalized piezoelectric-FET as humidity/chemical nanosensors”, C.S. Lao, Q. Kuang, Z.L. Wang, M.C. Park and Y. Deng Appl. Phys. Lett., 90 (2007) 262107.
“‘Simulating Synthesis’: Ceria Nanosphere Self-Assembly into Nanorods and Framework Architectures”, D.C. Sayle, X. Feng, Y. Ding, Z. L. Wang and T.X.T. Sayle, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 129 (2007) 7924-7935.
“Lateral Self-Aligned p-Type In2O3 Nanowire Arrays Epitaxially Grown on Si Substrates”, C.L. Hsin, J.H. He, C.Y. Lee, W.W. Wu, P.H. Yeh, L.J. Chen and Z. L. Wang, Nano Lett., online.
“Growth of high quality, epitaxial InSb nanowires”, H.D. Park, S.M. Prokes, M.E. Twigga, Y. Ding and Z.L. Wang, J. Cryst. Growth, 304 (2007) 399?01.
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“High-Sensitivity Humidity Sensor Based on a Single SnO2 Nanowire”, Q. Kuang, C.S. Lao, Z.L. Wang, Z.X. Xie and L.S. Zheng, J. Am. Chem.Soc., 129 (2007) 6070-6071.
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“Direct-Current Nanogenerator Driven by Ultrasonic Waves”, X.D. Wang, J.H. Song, J. Liu and Z.L. Wang, Science, 316 (2007) 102-105.
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