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Wideband Steady-State Model of a Strained MQW-SOA
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Abstract-A wideband steady-state model of a MQW-SOA is described. Least-squares fitting of the model to experimental polarization resolved amplified spontaneous spectra were used to obtain difficult to measure model parameters such as the intraband broadening The IT for building a static and centralised infrastructure and applications does not provide companies flexibility to make rapid changes for the needs of evolving business. The changes in a traditional architecture could be complex, inefficient, and costly. Service–

Towards Introducing and Implementation of SOA Design Antipatterns
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Abstract:Service Oriented Computing (SOC) is an emerging distributed computing technology that is set to replace the existing ways of building software. Dissatisfactory performance of SOA projects has stimulated the developers to analyze the SOA worst

A Decision making framework for SOA adoption in e-Banking: A case study approach
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Abstract:E-banking grows rapidly due to the numerous potential benefits associated with it and integration is one of the most important challenges for e-banking success. In addressing integration issues, SOA has emerged and adopted by many banks. Nevertheless,

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ABSTRACT: Service-oriented architecture (SOA) refers to a software paradigm to develop systems comprising of a collection of services of which the services communicate with each other to reach a specified goal. The communication does not only engage simple data

Simulation of SOA-MRR-Based Equalization Technique for FSO Signals
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Abstract-The feasibility of combining a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) with a single passive microring resonator (MRR) to equalize the amplitude and phase fluctuations of the distorted signal in free space optical (FSO) communications is theoretically investigated

Architecture Proposal Model for SOA in Universities Educational Software
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Abstract-Since the first models of architecture were proposed by Zachman in the 80s, several authors have developed their own architecture models and methodologies, but most of them lack of details, and they are far away from current technology, business

An Empirical Study on Testing of SOA based Services
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Abstract:Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) removed the gap between software and business. Today, there is a business transformation among enterprises and they adopt a service based information technology (IT) model. So, testing is necessary for SOA based

Perspectives on SOA Post-Retirement Risk Research and What it Tells About the Implications of Long Life
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This paper reviews selections from the 15 years of Society of Actuaries (SOA) post- retirement risk research and discusses its implications with regard to a long life. The research has been organized around major topics and the findings related to the

SOA Governance from an Enterprise Architecture Viewpoint
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Abstract. To obtain business benefits resulting from the implementation of an SOA approach is not sufficient managing technical features. A strategy aligned to business should be considered as a basis for activities of implementation, validation, development and

An investigation of benefits affecting SOA adoption in e-Banking
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Abstract:Banking is a leading industry in the development of e-business and e-banking grows rapidly due to the numerous potential benefits associated with it. E-banking brings up unique types of challenges and requires innovative integration solutions as Service

SPLIT: An Automated Approach for Enterprise Product Line Adoption Through SOA
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Abstract Nowadays, the software industry is faced with challenges regarding complexity, time to market, quality standards, and evolution. To face those challenges, two strategies that are gaining interest both in academy and industry are Service Oriented Architecture (

Orthogonal Dual-Frequency SOA-Fiber Laser
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Building scalable, extensible, interoperable, distributed and easy–to–use large–scale data mining applications has proved to be challenging. Service–oriented architecture (SOA) is a flexible set of design principles used for solving such challenges. Many studies try to

Towards an Integrated SOA-based Architecture for Interoperable and Responsive Manufacturing Systems Using the ISA-95 Object Model.
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3Dept. of Industrial System Engineering and Design, Universitat Jaume I, Castellón, Spain aantonio. garciadominguez@ uca. es, binmaculada. medina@ uca. es, cmariano. marcos@ uca. es, dpradesl@ uji. es Keywords: service-oriented architectures; manufacturing

A comparative performance analysis of WOA vs. SOA
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ABSTRACT Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) is an Emerging approach that addresses the requirements of loosely coupled, standards-based, and protocol independent distributed computing. A Distributed Computing is always required a tight coupled relationship

Feature-Based Analysis into the Trend of Software Technologies from Traditional to ServiceOriented Architecture and Software as a Service Cloud
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Abstract: There are issues of confusion between the concepts of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Software as a Service (SaaS) which affect on the benefits they offer like cost reduction and agility. To solve this problem, the paper aims to explore the

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ABSTRACT There are issues of confusion between the concepts of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Software as a Service (SaaS) which affect on the benefits they offer like cost reduction and agility. To solve this problem, the paper aims to explore the

Integrating Software Agents and Web Services in Service Oriented Architecture Based Cloud Services Discovery Framework
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Abstract Cloud Computing is becoming gradually more important. Cloud Computing is an integrated model of hardware, software, and middleware that has been provided as a service. Cloud services (CSs) facilitate the use and reuse of Cloud Computing layers as a

An Aspect-oriented Software Architecture Description Language AO-ADL Based on XYZ.
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Abstract Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) can resolve the code tangling problem in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) via using the technology of separation of concerns. Software architecture is becoming an important part in the phase of software design, it has

by Application of Techniques Based on Formal Concept Analysis and Oriented Graph for a Remodulaisation Software Architecture Composed of Classes and
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Summary In a previous study we proceeded to the remodularization architecture based classes and packages using the Formal Concept Analysis (FCA), we then got two possible remodularized architectures. We tried the redistribution of classes by using a Service oriented modeling and architecture Service Oriented Architecture and Science Overview of Service oriented Architecture Web Services and Grid Computing Service oriented computing-11 Using Service Oriented Architecture and Component Based Development to Build Web Service Applications Impact of service oriented architecture on enterprise systems organizational structures and individuals Service oriented modeling and architecture Service Oriented Computing-Key Concepts and Principles Service Oriented Architecture Explained Consumer Centric Service Oriented Architecture-A New Approach Service Oriented Computing-State of the Art and Research Challenges Service oriented architecture- Programming model and product architecture Semantically enabled Service Oriented Architecture-Concepts Technology and Application


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