Frequency Domain Equalization for Single Carrier Broadband Wireless Systems

Broadband wireless access systems deployed likely to face hostile radio propagation environment s , wi th mul t ipa th de l a yspr e ad e x t ending over tens or hundreds of bit intervals. Orthogonal frequency-division multiplex (OFDM) is a recognized multicarrier solution to combat the effects of such multipath conditions. This article surveys frequency domain equalization (FDE) applied to single-carrier (SC) modulation solutions. SC radio modems with frequency domain equalization have similar performance, efficiency, and low signal processing complexity advantages as OFDM, and in addition are less sensitive than OFDM to RF impairments such as power amplifier nonlinearities. We discuss similarities and differences of SC and OFDM systems and coexistence possibilities, and present examples of SC-FDE performance capabilities. Broadband wireless access technologies, offering bit rates of tens of megabits per second or more (HiperMAN) group. Such systems, installed with minimal labor costs, may operate over non-lineof small office/home office (SOHO) subscribers. In such environments multipath can be severe. This raises the question of what types of anti-multipath measures are necessary, and consistent with low-cost solutions. Several variations of orthogona lf r equency -div is ion mul t ipl e x ing(OFDM) have been proposed as effective anti-multipath techniques, primarily because of the favorable As such, this enables the use of a cheaper power amplifier than a comparable OFDM system; and this is a benefit of some importance, since the power amplifier can be one of the more costly component

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