Friendlee-A Mobile Application for Your Social Life

Friendlee-A Mobile Application for Your Social Life

We have designed and implemented Friendlee, a mobile social networking application for close relationships. Friendlee analyzes the user’s call and messaging activity to form an intimate network of the user’s closest social contacts while providing ambient awareness of the user’ social network in a compelling, yet nonintrusive manner. Categories and Subject Descriptors The viral growth of online social networking applications in the past few years has facilitated, like never before, forming new friends online and keeping in touch with old friends and past colleagues. These sites typically make it easy to declare friends, or add like-minded people as friends, and then follow their activities or posts online. While these declared networks appear large and thriving, it has been recently shown that much of the activity in these networks is driven by a more intimate group of users. Twitter networks of friends and followers, for example, are sustained by an underlying sparse network of friends who interact frequently and reciprocate each other’s attention. Even in the social networks formed through mobile phone calls and text messages:these overlap substantially with a user’s ‘real’ social network :an analysis of phone communication logs reveals that people interact with only a small fraction of the people actually present in their phonebook. These kinds of intimate social networks with the closest, most meaningful ties, such as between close friends, family, relatives and even close colleagues, are characterized by high frequency of interaction, but also by a great need to feel connected, to be in touch , and a need for sharing detailed activity and context information . However, scarcely any of the online social networking applications support users adequately in staying connected with this core group of people . To address this problem, we have developed Friendlee, an application that analyzes the user’s call and messaging activity to identify the user’s closest social contacts. Friendlee enhances the mobile phone, providing the user with an ambient awareness of her intimate network. Since Friendlee also keeps track of the businesses the user has called frequently, we are able to automatically identify the user’s preferred services, which can then be used as recommendations to their social network. Close friends and colleagues remain among our most influential sources of practical advice and recommendations about services, such as health insurance and restaurants, as well as about people, in both social and professional settings . Several studies have shown that people find recommendations generated by their social networks in taste-related domains to be as useful and interesting as the ones generated through traditional collaborative filtering approaches.

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