fuzzy logic IEEE PAPER 2018

A contribution to the sustainable management of supply chain using fuzzy logic
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ABSTRACT We are currently witnessing the increase of several challenges such as the environment, human rights, labor standards, and corruption. Companies play an important role in economic development, mainly by conducting their operations in a more sustainable

The Dynamic Load Model for Medium Voltage Cascaded H-Bridge Multi-Level Inverter fed IM Drive System using Fuzzy Logic Controller
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ABSTRACT This paper proposes a detailed switching model for the medium voltage cascaded H-bridge multi level inverter drive and induction motor system using fuzzy logic controller which is suitable for power system dynamic studies. The model includes the We describe in this book recent advances in the fuzzy logicbased augmentation of neural networks and in optimization algorithms and their application in areas such as, to just mention a few, intelligent control and robotics, pattern recognition, medical diagnosis, time ABSTRACT Since fuzzy logic controllers (FLCs) can handle complex systems without knowing much about the systems mathematical model, they are widely used for a range of robotic control applications. Further, the ability of FLCs (particularly, type-2 FLCs) to effectively

Direct Torque Control of Induction Motors Based on Space Vector Modulation with Adaptive Stator Flux Observer using Fuzzy Logic Controller
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ABSTRACT This paper describes a mix of direct torque control (DTC) and space vector modulation (SVM) for a customizable speed sensor less induction motor (IM) drive. The motor drive is provided by a two-level SVPWM inverter. The inverter reference voltage is

of Material Hardness, Specific Wear Resistance of Aluminium 7071-TiB2, Cr2O3 Hybrid Composite and Prediction of Specific Wear Resistance by Fuzzy Logic
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ABSTRACT The composite material consist combination of materials which are having different physical and chemical properties. It consist of a base matrix which is the major component and reinforcements of different weight percentages. In this work a study on wear properties

Multi-response optimization of machining characteristics in ultrasonic machining of WC-Co composite through Taguchi method and grey- fuzzy logic
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AIMS Materials Science, 5(1): 75 92. DOI: 10.3934/matersci.2018.1.75 Received: 18 November 2017 Accepted: 17 January 2018 Published: 22 January 2018 Multi-response optimization of machining characteristics in ultrasonic Ravi Pratap Singh1, Ravinder Kataria2,*, Jatinder

Optimization of Three Level Inverter based on Fuzzy Logic Control to Improve the System Performance
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ABSTRACT This paper proposes a new approach for three-phase threethree level inverter to compensate all load voltage trepidations, and to mitigate harmonics. The traditional arrangement of system is based on the two-level voltage source inverter with classical

Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic Based Flexible Querying in Databases
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ABSTRACT : Databases are very important sources for storing huge size of data. Today, yearly produced information is expressed as multiple size of the amount that produced before. Retrieving correct data is as important as storing it. At this point, querying becomes more

Decoupling of Fluctuating Power using Fuzzy Logic Controller for Single Phase Systems
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ABSTRACT Single-phaseac/dc or dc/ac systems are innately subject to the symphonious aggravation that is caused by the well known doubled line frequency swell power. This issue can be facilitated through the establishment of bulky electrolytic capacitors in the dc link. An

Spatial Data Mining for Prediction of natural events and disaster management based on fuzzy logic using hybrid PSO
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ABSTRACT Spatial Data Mining can fulfill existent requirements of numerous geographic applications for disaster management. It permits acquiring benefit of enhancing accessibility of geographically referenced data and their probable aspects. From natural events data

Quantum Logic Fuzzy Co-implication (Some Properties and Applications)
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ABSTRACT : Recently, many works have appeared of Fuzzy implications over triangular norms and triangular conorms. In this paper, we attempt a systematic study of Quantum logic Co- implications generated from a t-norm, t-conorm and strong negation. Also, some examples

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ABSTRACT : In todays informative world, tremendous traffic demands for ubiquitous access and emerging multimedia applications significantly increase the energy consumption of battery- powered mobile devices. This trend leads to that energy efficiency becomes an essential

Evaluating the potential of fuzzy logic to predict compressive strength of lightweight concrete, SCC, and fly ash
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Evaluating the combined impact of fly ash (FA), lightweight concrete, and self-compacting concrete (SCC) to predict compressive strength, considering its increasing application in concrete structures, is a novelty. In general, concrete is a mix of a lot of material, and

Fuzzy Logic based Approach for VoIP Quality Maintaining
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ABSTRACT Voice communication is an emerging technology and has great importance in our routine life. Perceptual, Voice over Internet Protocol quality is an important issue for VoIP Apps services because VoIP Apps require real-time support. Many network factors (packet ABSTRACT . Supply chain management is one of the main concerns of the companies, due to the expected conditions of the markets, have become factors generating risk causing, uncertainty in the process of delivery of goods associated with transportation. Several

Reliability Factors Based Fuzzy Logic Scheme for Spectrum Sensing
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ABSTRACT The accurate spectrum sensing is a fundamental requirement of dynamic spectrum access for deployment of Cognitive Radio Network (CRN). To acheive this requirement a Reliability factors based Fuzzy Logic (RFL) Scheme for Spectrum Sensing

A novel model predictive- fuzzy logic hybrid controller design for D-STATCOM in wind energy distribution systems
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ABSTRACT Wind energy is a resource that does not require any fuel or feedstock to be treated, refined or transported. It does not produce air pollution and hazardous waste. Because of these, wind energy, one of the major renewable energy sources, has been widely used in

Semantic Analysis of App Review for Fraud Detection using Fuzzy Logic
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ABSTRACT Now-a-days, use of apps has increased with the increasing craze towards mobiles. For all types of mobile application, users are preferring smartphones. Generally, depending on how many users already have downloaded that application, what are the

Stability and Performance Analysis of Polynomial FuzzyModel-Based Control Systems and Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems
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ABSTRACT The main research objective in this thesis is to investigate the stability and performance of the interval type-2 (IT2) polynomial- fuzzymodel-based (PFMB) control system. PFMB control scheme has been developed recently around 2009 and demonstrates

Design of Fuzzy Logic Tuned PID Controller for Electric Vehicle based on IPMSM Using Flux-weakening
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ABSTRACT This work presents an approach for modeling of electric vehicle considering the vehicle dynamics, drive train, rotational wheel and load dynamics. The system is composed of IPMSM (Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) coupled with the wheels through

Modelling an Integrated Fuzzy Logic and Multi-Criteria Approach for Land Capability Assessment for Optimized Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Siting Yeast.
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ABSTRACT The rapid growth of municipal solid waste (MSW) is considered one of the greatest environmental challenges in both developed and developing countries. Among the numerous approaches in solid waste management, the sanitary landfill is still the most

Feedback Linearization of Induction Motor Drives by using Fuzzy Logic Controller
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ABSTRACT This paper represents a Direct Torque Controlled (DTC) Induction Motor (IM) drive that utilizes feedback linearization and Sliding-Mode Control (SMC). Another feedback linearization approach is proposed which is Fuzzy logic controller (FLC), which outputs a

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ABSTRACT Sentiment Analysis (SA) is the study of peoples opinions, emotions, and appraisals toward products and events. In the past years, it fascinated a great deal of attentions from both industry and academia for a variety of applications. Opinions are significant, because

Does U Logic offer advantages over Fuzzy Logic
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When vague control variables are treated as probabilities rather than as fuzzy alternatives to fuzzy logic can be considered. A many valued logic that supports probability, U logic provides an application of expert systems to process control In traffic lights, a basic control engineering

Application of Fuzzy Logic and Statistical Approaches for Estimation of Suspended Sediment Concentration
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Conservation of land and water resources is among the most important issues related to the watershed management. Spatially and temporally unbalanced distribution of water, along with rapid population growth and negative impacts of human activities on the quality of water

Criticality assessment risk; contribution of fuzzy logic
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ABSTRACT : In order to determine the criticality of a risk, an assessment of the probability of occurrence (notion of frequency) and of the impact (notion of severity) are to be estimated. The criticality is the product of the probability of its occurrence and the impact that the risk

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ABSTRACT Fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic plays an important role in medical field. Various fuzzy models are involving fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic to deal with different aspect of medical diagnosis. Sanchez formulated the diagnostic model involving fuzzy matrices

A Fuzzy Logic Based Soft Computing Approach in CBIR System Using Incremental Filtering Feature Selection to Identify Patterns
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ABSTRACT Content based Image Retrieval (CBIR) may be a set of techniques for retrieving semantically-relevant pictures from an image database supported automatically-derived image options. Generally, in CBIR systems, the visual features are described at low-level

Analysis on Modified Fuzzy Logic Toolbox for Marine Navigation Applications
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Programmed marine navigation and control is a vital piece of savvy vehicle control framework. It incorporates course keeping, and the course is evolving. Its primary design is to guarantee that boats cruise in the provided guidance consequently disregarding changes In the original version of the book, Reference [15] has been removed from the reference list in chapter Fuzzy Ontology Modeling by Utilizing Fuzzy Set and Fuzzy Description Logic. The erratum chapter and the book have been updated with the change The updated online version of

Generalization of Fuzzy C-Means Based on Neutrosophic Logic
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ABSTRACT : This article presents a New Neutrosophic C-Means (NNCMs) method for clustering. It uses the neutrosophic logic (NL), to generalize the Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) clustering system. The NNCMs system assigns objects to clusters using three degrees of membership

A fuzzy logic approach to software development effort estimation
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ABSTRACT Accurate effort estimation is an ongoing challenge and is the most important activity in software project management. The data available in the initial stages of software development is not clear and incomplete which makes the software effort estimation a

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ABSTRACT Cloud computing is an emerging as a distributed computing method taking over the traditional methods to provide a vast usages of resources without owing them. This helps to minimize the cost of users as they will not depend upon hardware resources for their

Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Power Quality Improvement of Doubly Fed Induction Generator Wind Energy Conversion System
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ABSTRACT Fossils fuels will be the main fuels for the thermal power there is a fear that they will get exhausted eventually in next century therefore many countries are trying systems based on non-conventional and renewable sources. Fuzzy logic control is proposed for windmill

Five Phase DVR with Fuzzy Logic Controller
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Phase Supply usage is most opted to meet the requirement of the industrial needs with that the consumer requirements. Industrial loads are specially designed loads like Five Phase Induction Motors (FPIM) to get more efficiency. After conversion of Three Phase Supply to

Reduction of Ping Pong Effect In Cognitive Radio Spectrum Handoffs Using Fuzzy Logic Based Inference
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ABSTRACT The evolution in wireless communication and networking has increased the demand for the availability of extra spectrum bands. The spectrum is a scarce resource and requires to be utilized in an efficient way. Research in this domain has envisaged that the ABSTRACT Mobile robots in indoor environments require path planning techniques with very fast processing cycles and ability to work in dynamic environments. The dynamic window approach is one of the most sophisticated approaches in obstacle avoidance. It uses

Investigation and Speed Control Strategies of Three Phase Induction Motor by Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
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There are many control strategies use for speed control of induction motor. The inverter-fed induction motor drive can be controlled by using various schemes depending on the application, desired performance, and controller design complexity. Out of which a vector

Prediction and Evaluation of Students Academic Performance using Fuzzy Logic
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ABSTRACT -This paper presents a new fuzzy logic based approach for performance evaluation of students in school or college. The prediction of student academic performance is important to both educational institutions and students as well for a various purposes. In this