Fuzzy Logic in Automatic Braking System

S Akolkar 2010
Abstract In recent years, fuzzy logic control techniques have been applied to wide range of
systems. This paper introduces the concept of fuzzy logic and elaborates designing a fuzzy controller
for automatic braking system. By taking distance and relative speed as inputs, this fuzzy 

braking system using fuzzy logic

A Fuzzy Logic Control Synthesis for An Airplane Antilock-braking System
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I Ursu, F Ursu Proceedings of the Romanian Academy, 2004 acad.ro
In this paper, an airplane fuzzy logic control synthesis for an antilock-braking system (ABS)
is proposed. The slip ratios of rear wheels are inferred, having from measurements (or from
integration, in the case of model simulation) angular velocities of front wheels. The 

Fuzzy Logic Based Effective Anti-Lock Braking System Adaptive to Road Conditions
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Abstract. The anti-lock braking system detects locking of wheels and modulates the brake
pressure to prevent the wheels from locking. This results in improved longitudinal stability
and steering control during emergency braking. In this paper an adaptive fuzzy logic 

Enhanced Antilock Braking System using Fuzzy Logic Road Detector
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A Kant, M Kumar, SSL Varun iaster.com
ABSTRACT Antilock braking system (ABS) stops a vehicle wheel without locking while
decreasing the stopping distance. Here we use fuzzy logic to detect the road conditions.
Vehicle dynamics and braking systems is complex and proposed controller in different 

Antilock-Braking System Using Fuzzy Logic
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K Subbulakshmi Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 2014 idosi.org
Abstract: This paper proposes an innovative way to interface the concept of FUZZY LOGIC
and ABS system used (mainly in transportation and motors) and tests on an experimental
car with antilock-braking system (ABS) and vehicle speed estimation using fuzzy logic.