fuzzy logic in fault diagnosis

Case-based reasoning and fuzzy logic in fault diagnosis

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Fuzzy logic : intelligence, control, and information
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undergraduate electrical engineering course in fuzzy logic providing equal emphasis on theoretical foundations and practical issues fuzzy logic has 9 ratings and reviews highlights motivations and benefits of employing fuzzy logic in control engineering and information

Fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic
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This book is a natural outgrowth of Fuzzy Sets, Uncertainly, and information by George J. Klir and Tina A. Folger (Prentice Hall, 1988). It reflects the tremendous advances that have taken place in the areas of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic during the period 1988-1995. Captured

Fuzzy thinking: The new science of fuzzy logic
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This part is a preview of the parts to follow, and as the title suggests, the central thesis is that everything is a matter of degree. The world is grey, not black-and-white. But Western scientists and philosophers have refused to face up to this fact; they persist in describing the

Mathematics behind fuzzy logic
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Fuzzy set theoretical approach to numerous problems of applied mathematics and, especially, fuzzy logical analysis of those problems become frequent in the modern mathematical modelling of the real world. It is desirable to offer the mathematically oriented The world we live in is becoming ever more reliant on the use of electronics and computers to control the behavior of real-world resources. For example, an increasing amount of commerce is performed without a single banknote or coin ever being exchanged. Similarly

A fuzzy - logic -based approach to qualitative modeling
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This paper discusses a general approach to qualitative modeling based on fuzzy logic . The method of qualitative modeling is divided into two parts: fuzzy modeling and linguistic approximation. It proposes to use a fuzzy clustering method ( fuzzy c-means method) to ABSTRACT A general neural-network (connectionist) model for fuzzy logic control and decision systems is proposed. This connectionist model, in the form of feedforward multilayer net, combines the idea of fuzzy logic controller and neural-network structure and

Fuzzy Logic Synthesis with Genetic Algorithms.
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This paper considers the application of a genetics-based learning algorithm to systems based on fuzzy logic . One of the more active areas in the application of fuzzy logic is fuzzy controllers. A fuzzy logic controller (FLC) is based on linguistic control strategies (or rules)

Fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic , fuzzy methods
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The concepts of fuzzy set and of its applications has become a battlefield of conflicting opinions, since its steady development during the sixties. On the one hand, in the camp of engineering, we often see a euphoric expectation that by this concept a lot of problems can

Application of fuzzy sets in soil science: fuzzy logic , fuzzy measurements and fuzzy decisions
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Fuzzy systems, including fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic , provide a rich and meaningful improvement, or extension of conventional logic . The mathematics generated by this theory is consistent, and fuzzy set theory be seen as a generalisation of classic set theory

Industrial applications of fuzzy logic and intelligent systems
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This Industrial Applications of Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Systems are generally reliable for you who want to be considered a successful person, why. The explanation of this Industrial Applications of Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Systems can be among the great books you must

Tutorial on fuzzy logic
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Fuzzy logic is based on the theory of fuzzy sets, where an objects membership of a set is gradual rather than just member or not a member. Fuzzy logic uses the whole interval of real numbers between zero (False) and one (True) to develop a logic as a basis for rules of

Some properties of fuzzy logic
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In this paper, the fuzzy set [Zadeh (1965)] is viewed as a multivalued logic with a continuum of truth values in the interval [0, 1]. The concepts of inconsistency, validity, prime implicant and prime implicate are extended to fuzzy logic and various properties of these notions m

Fuzzy logic introduction
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Fuzzy Logic was initiated in 1965 , , , by Lotfi A. Zadeh, professor for computer science at the University of California in Berkeley. Basically, Fuzzy Logic (FL) is a multivalued logic , that allows intermediate values to be defined between conventional evaluations like

Handbook of mathematical fuzzy logic (in 2 volumes)
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Page 1. Published on IIIA CSIC (https://www.iiia.csic.es) HomeHandbook of Mathematical Fuzzy Logic - volume 2 Handbook of Mathematical Fuzzy Logic - volume 2 Title Handbook of Mathematical Fuzzy Logic - volume 2 Publication Type Book YearToday it is widely agreed that an important problem in Al is the representation of commonsense knowledge. I In general, this knowledge be regarded as a collection of such propositions as snow is white, icy roads are slippery, most Frenchmen are not very

Elements of intuitionistic fuzzy logic . Part I
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The definition of the notion of intuitionistic fuzzy set is the basis for defining intuitionistic fuzzy logics of different kinds. In this paper, we construct two versions of intuitionistic fuzzy propositional calculus (IFPC) and a version of intuitionistic fuzzy predicate logic (IFPL).

Generalizing Term Subsumption Languages to Fuzzy Logic .
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During the past decade, knowledge representation research in AI has generated a class of languages called term subsumption languages (TSL), which is a knowledge representation formalism with a well-defined logic -based semantics-Due to its formal semantics, a term

Image classification based on fuzzy logic
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Fuzzy logic is relatively young theory. Major advantage of this theory is that it allows the natural description, in linguistic terms, of problems that should be solved rather than in terms of relationships between precise numerical values. This advantage, dealing with the The world we live in is pervaded with uncertainty and imprecision. Is it likely to rain this afternoon Should I take an umbrella with me Will I be able to find parking near the campus Should I go by bus Such simple questions are a common occurrence in our daily CSE PROJECTS