fuzzy logic research papers 2012 section 9

Design of a Robust and Adaptive Fuzzy Logic based Power System Stabilizer (RAFLPSS) for damping low frequency electro-mechanical oscillations
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A Mahabuba, MA Khan, EA Ahmed ,Proc. of SPIE Vol ,spiedigitallibrary.org
ABSTRACT This paper presents a design procedure for a Robust and Adaptive Fuzzy Logic
based Power System Stabilizer (RAFLPSS) to improve the small signal stability of Power
System. The parameters of RAFLPSS are tuned by adaptive neural network. This 

 Classification of Power Quality Problems Using SVM, Fuzzy Logic and Wavelet Analysis
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KP Rao, KSR Kumar ,irnetexplore.ac.in
Abstract-Power quality issues have been a source of major concern in recent years due to
extensive use of power electronic devices and non-linear loads in electrical power system
and consequently sensitive detection and accurate classification of power disturbances 

 A Novel Fuzzy Logic Solar (PV)-Grid/DG Powered Pump Controller for Efficient Water Management
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SKS Sandeep, PA Vardhan, P Anand, SN Singh ,ijecee.com
Abstract. Water-management is an interdisciplinary field concerned with the management
and optimum utilization of water. The consumption of water is increasing due to rapid growth
of population. Further due to ecological changes, the open reservoir systems water 

 Matlab Design and Simulation of AGC and AVR For Single Area Power System With Fuzzy Logic Control
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P Dabur, NK Yadav, R Avtar ,International Journal of Soft Computing
Abstract—This paper deals with the combination of automatic generation control (AGC) of
thermal system with automatic voltage control (AVR). In this particular work thermal unit is
considered with single area concept. The primary purpose of the AGC is to balance the 

 Defect Detection on Solar Cell Using Morphology and Fuzzy Logic Techniques
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AH Aghamohammdi, AS Prabuwanoo, S Saharan ,brightsparks-online.um.edu.my
Abstract. Recently, photovoltaic (PV) systems or solar cells have been widely used as a
main renewable energy resource to generate electricity. Generally, electricity energy needs
a good quality of solar cell. Physically defects such as crack, broken lines and 

 Comparative Study of Speed Control of 8/6 Switched Reluctance Motor Using Pi and Fuzzy Logic Controller
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A Ramya, G Dhivya, PD Bharathi, R Dhyaneswaran
Abstract: This paper deals with the comparative study of speed control of 8/6 Switched
Reluctance Motor using PI and Fuzzy Logic Controller. Nowadays the Switched Reluctance
Motor has gained more and more attraction in industries. The speed of the Switched 

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Abstract Nowadays the continuous casting is used for providing almost one hundred percent
of world steel production. A wide range of steel grades is continuously cast with high-quality
achievements. The solidifying steel, during its pass through the caster, is subjected to 

 Enhancement Of Power System Stability Using Fuzzy Logic Based Power System Stabilizer
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C Pradeepkumar, VSRPK Neeli
Abstract Electromechanical oscillations in a power system often exhibit poor damping when
the power transfer over a corridor is high relative to the transmission strength. Traditional
approaches to aid the damping of power system oscillations include the use of Power 

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Y Misra ,ijltet.org
Abstract—Soft computing is tolerant of imprecision, uncertainty, partial truth, and
approximation. By using soft computing we try to incorporate intelligence in the system. The
basic ideas underlying soft computing in its current form is influenced by Zadeh’s 1965 

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V Bhuvaneswari, SJ Brintha
Abstract Data mining is defined as the process of extracting or mining knowledge from vast
and large database. Data mining is an interdisciplinary field that brings together techniques
from machine learning, pattern recognition, statistics, databases, and visualization to 

 Application of Fuzzy Logic in Delay Analysis in Construction
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S Singh, MK Trivedi
Abstract This paper describes an application of fuzzy logic in analysis of delays in
construction projects using Fuzzy toolbox of MATLAB Program Software. Delays in
construction projects are inevitable and may result in claims and disputes among different 

 Diagnostics Decision Support System for Tuberculosis using Fuzzy Logic
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K Soundararajan, S Sureshkumar, C Anusuya
Abstract—Healthcare has been one of the top demands of this generation. We present an
application of fuzzy logic for the development of decision support system in medicine. Fuzzy
logic are a highly suitable and applicable basis for developing knowledge based systems 

 Sensorless Vector Control for Induction Motor Drive Based on an Adaptive Speed Observer using the Fuzzy-Logic Approach
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A Mechernene, M Zerikat, S Chekroun, N Benharir ,enset-oran.dz
Abstract: This paper proposes a sensorless speed observer method of an induction motor
using fuzzy logic approach in rotor fieldoriented control system. Speed and rotor flux are
estimated from only measurable variables, the stator voltages and currents. The proposed 

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A Nayak, B Mahendru ,euroasiapub.org
ABSTRACT This paper presents an approach for short term load forecasting which is used
for generation scheduling, economic load dispatch and security assessment at any time. In
this paper,’time’and ‘temperature’of a day are taken as inputs for fuzzy logic controller and 

 Adaptive Two-stage Fuzzy Logic Controllers for Urban Traffic Signals at Isolated Intersections
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Y Wenchen, Z Lun, H Zhaocheng, Y Yuchen ,elrond.informatik.tu-freiberg.de
Abstract-This paper presents two optimal approaches of two-stage fuzzy controller for traffic
signals at isolated intersections. Firstly, in the light that traffic status variables in two-stage
controller leads to the inefficiency of traffic status weakening under low traffic flow, a two- 

 Fuzzy logic control implementation in sensorless PM drive systems
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KM Al-Aubidy, GM Amer ,philadelphia.edu.jo
Abstract The PM motor drive systems are becoming particularly popular in many industrial
applications. They have many of the desirable performance characteristics of both the AC
and DC drive systems. In this paper, a fuzzy logic controller is proposed for the real-time 

 Using Artificial Immune System and Fuzzy Logic for Alert Correlation
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M Bateni, A Baraani, AA Ghorbani ,ijns.femto.com.tw
Abstract One of the most important challenges facing the intrusion detection systems (IDSs)
is the huge number of generated alerts. A system administrator will be overwhelmed by
these alerts in such a way that she/he cannot manage and use the alerts. The best-known 

 Parametric Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems
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A Tellez, H Molina, L Villa, E Rubio, I Batyrshin ,cdn.intechopen.com
The use of Fuzzy Logic Systems (FLS) for control applications has increased since they
became popular from 80’s. After Mendel in 90’s showed how uncertainty can be computed in
order to achieve more robust systems, Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems (T2FLS) are in the 

 A fuzzy logic based Approach to Minimize the Rental Cost of Machines for Specially Structured Three Stages Flow Shop Scheduling
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D Gupta, S Aggarwal, S Sharma ,pelagiaresearchlibrary.com
ABSTRACT This paper is an attempt to introduce the concept of specially structured n-jobs,
three machine flow shop scheduling in which the processing time of jobs are uncertain that
is not known exactly and are in fuzzy environment. Fuzzy logic poses the ability to mimic 

 Fuzzy Logic Approach for QoS Routing Analysis
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A Shehu, A Maraj ,cdn.intechopen.com
One of the main challenges nowadays for managing IP networks is guaranteeing quality of
service. One of the proposed solutions is traffic management with MPLS protocol. However,
requirement characterization and the network state are very difficult tasks, taking into 

 Robust Position Control of a Synchronous Motor Using Fuzzy Logic Sliding mode Model Following Controller with Sinusoidal Command Input
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P Phakamach ,xa.yimg.com
Abstract A Synchronous Motor position control system using a Fuzzy Logic Sliding mode
Model Following Controller or FLSMFC is presented. The FLSMFC structure consists of an
integrator and sliding mode control system. The FLSMFC strategy is implemented on 

 Modular Fuzzy Logic Controller for Motion Control of Two-Wheeled Wheelchair
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S Ahmad, NH Siddique, MO Tokhi ,cdn.intechopen.com
Most of the wheelchair users are paraplegics, who are not able to move on their own due to
permanent injury in their lower extremities. These wheelchairs are four-wheeled and have
certain limitations due to design and control mechanism. For example, the wheelchairs 

 An Approach to Estimate the Shear Strength of Rice Stem using a Fuzzy Logic Model
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H Zareiforoush, A Mahdavian, B Hosseinzadeh ,researchpub.org
Abstract—In this study, a fuzzy logic model was developed to estimate the optimum shear
strength of rice stem. The input parameters of the fuzzy model were stem moisture content,
internode position and cutting blade loading rate. In order to write the fuzzy rules for the 

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V Karthi, V Pushparajesh, T Manigandan
Abstract: This project presents the idea of using the switched reluctance motor (SRM) as an
alternative to previously used drives, in white good and other industrial applications. In order
to show the advantage of the SRM, the SRM is described explaining how it works and why 

 Impact of GCIs Performance on Power Quality of Smart Grid using Fuzzy Logic
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M Nirmala, G Karthikeyan ,ijmer.com
ABSTRACT The operating performance of the Grid Connected Inverters (GCIs) in windmill is
highly important related to stable and safety operation of a Smart Grid(SG). These inverters
control features not only cover the renewable energy conversion and active power feeding