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GPS (Global Positioning System) definition. Global Positioning System was developed by the United States Department of Defense. It uses between 24 and 32 Medium Earth Orbit satellites that transmit precise microwave signals. This enables GPS receivers to determine their current location, time and velocity.

Drive Me Not: GPS Spoofing Detection via Cellular Network
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ABSTRACT The Global Positioning System ( GPS ) has been proved to be exposed to several cybersecurity attacks, due to its intrinsic insecure design. GPS spoo ng is one of the most easiest, cheap, and dreadful attacks that can be delivered: fake GPS signals can be

GPS Based Autonomous Navigation Study for the Lunar Gateway
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For high altitude GPS and ground tracking techniques, transmitter geometry degrades with increasing distance from the Earth For two-way ground tracking, lateral errors grow with distance, but range errors can be kept uniformly small For GPS one-way ranging

Rupture Characteristics of the 25 November 2016 Aketao Earthquake in Eastern Pamir Revealed by GPS and Teleseismic Data
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Abstract The 25 November 2016 Aketao, Xinjiang earth- quake occurred on the northeastern margin of the Pamir plateau, rupturing the Muji fault on the northern segment of the Kongur Extensional System. We collected coseismic offsets at 7 GPS sites, which show that the fault experienced

GPS -GIS based soil fertility maps of Sangamner tahsil of Ahmednagar district (MS)
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Plant nutrients supply from chemical fertilizers plays a vital role in increasing agricultural production by enhancing the soil quality and productivity. The GPS and GIS techniques ie (Global Position System and Geographical Information System) are widely utilized for

GPS Tracker Application in Manufacturing Companies Based on Android
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ABSTRACT GPS technology at this time is commonly used, Because GPS is already a mandatory feature on a Smartphone because it can help in everyday life, such as for example we want to a place that we have never visited and we do not know the route to

Use of a GPS -Embedded Accelerometer to Evaluate the Complexity of the Running Gait. Part 2: Effects of Fatiguing Activity
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Headline In the companion study, we report a new approach for an- alyzing gait complexity and the structure of gait variabil- ity (12). Previous studies show that the fractal scaling index (FSI) determined using detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA) is reduced by neuromuscular disorders This paper presents a cooperative navigation technique which exploits relative vision-based sensing and carrier-phase differential GPS (CDGPS) among antennas embarked on different flying platforms, to provide accurate UAV attitude estimates in real time or in post

Drone and GPS sensors-based grassland management using deep-learning image segmentation
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Farmers have interests to install the automation of checking grass and condition of raising cows using ICT techniques. In particular, it takes a long time to measure the number of broad- leaved weeds, which badly affect the raising cows, for increasing farm crops efficiently and

Diagnosis and management of chlamydia: a guide for GPs
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Chlamydia l PRESCRIBING IN PRACTICEâ–  to multiple complications. In women, it can lead to chronic pelvic pain, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ectopic pregnancy, tubal infertility and sexually acquired reactive arthritis (SARA). In men, it can lead to epididymo-orchitis and

The Size Distribution of Cities Delineated with a Network Theory-based Method and Mobile Phone GPS Data
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We delineate cities independent of administrative boundaries in Japan by using a network theory-based method and GPS -based human mobility data. We divide the country into approximately 1 1 km2 cells and detect the partition of cells that is optimal from the

Moderate Geomagnetic Storm Condition, WAAS Alerts and Real GPS Positioning Quality
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The most significant part of Wade Area Augmentation System (WAAS) integrity consists of the User Differential Range Error (UDRE) and the Grid Ionospheric Vertical Error (GIVE). WAAS solutions are not completely appropriate to determine the GIVE term within the entire

On correlation between SID monitor and GPS -derived TEC observations during a massive ionospheric storm development
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Abstract Space weather, geomagnetic and ionospheric conditions are the most prominent single cause of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning performance degradation, through introduction of the GNSS signal ionospheric delay. This affects

Positioning precision of GPS /Galileo integration in Vietnam
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The design of Galileo has been conceived so as to facilitate its possible joint use with GPS thus contributing to a favorable multi-GNSS environment. Evaluating the performances of such multi-GNSS combination is crucial for end users to assess the quality of obtainable

On long-term solar activity impact on GPS single-frequency 3D positioning accuracy in the Adriatic Region
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The Sun acts as the main driver of processes affecting the Earths ionosphere, directly and indirectly influencing the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals timing measurements. Solar impacts can be categorized according to different timescales that are

Application of GPS
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The ecological situation of coastal zones is one of the major concerns in modern science. This is due to many factors: the increase of oil pollution caused by an increase in oil and gas activity on the shelf, intensification of commercial shipping and an increase of suspended

Design of GPS System for Tracking a Life Vest
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Global Positioning System ( GPS ) is a satellite navigation system used to determine the ground position of an object. Nowadays, the GPS equips in many commercial products such as smartphones, sport watches, car dash camera and hiking. It apparently has unforeseen

Application of GPS /GSM Lagrangian mini-drifters for coastal ocean dynamics analysis
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This paper describes our experience in the application of Lagrangian mini-drifters in studies of coastal water circulation. As shown by our experiments in the Southeastern Baltic Sea, an application of Lagrangian mini-drifters makes it possible to detect the presence of complex

Validation of Global TEC Mapping Model Based on Spherical Harmonic Expansion towards TEC Mapping over Egypt from a Regional GPS Network
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Unlike the interpolation process of Total Electron Content (TEC) maps made by Ionospheric Associate Analysis Centers (IAAC) over areas have no International GNSS Service (IGS) stations, A TEC mapping tool with a temporal resolution of 1 h based on GPS dual frequency

Long-Term Evaluation of GPS Timing Receiver Failures
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This paper provides an overview of the results of a continuous, 2-month experimental evaluation of all timing data provided by several GPS receivers. The primary purpose of this experiment was to provide mea-surement data facilitating fault modeling in our project

A Dual-Sense Circularly-Polarized Printed Monopole Antenna for GPS and Wireless Communications
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ABSTRACT A printed monopole antenna with dual-sense circular polarization (CP) for GPS and wireless communications is presented in this paper. In order to generate the lower resonant GPS band, a rectangular slit is inserted in the patch which is fed asymmetrically by