Effort of Load Balancer to Achieve Green Cloud Computing: A Review
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Abstract In a distributed system, from the starting days onwards distribution of load among servers becomes a serious problem in the commercial Internet. The problem in this scenario is The entire single application oriented server has to engage the entire amount of traffic

Green Computing Turns Green IT
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Abstract: The notion of Green computing is the contemporary style that is gaining high esteem. Green computing is the study and practice of environmentally sustainable computing. Green Computing practices entail crafting, mechanizing, employing and

A Parallel Task Scheduling Optimization Algorithm Based on Clonal Operator in Green CloudComputing
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Abstract:Computing resources in cloud computing with heterogeneous, dynamic, non- balancing and other features, how to allocate resources to fully improve resource utilization and reduce task execution time and energy consumption optimization is the key problem

A Performance Optimization Model of Task Scheduling towards Green Cloud Computing
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Abstract: Cloud computing becomes a powerful trend in the development of ICT services. It allows dynamic resource scaling from infinite resource pool for supporting Cloud users. Such scenario leads to necessity of larger size of computing infrastructure and increases

Need of Green computing to improve environmental condition in current era
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ABSTRACT: Green computing refers to the process of improving the efficiency of computing devices and reducing its negative impact on mankind and environment. Over the years the idea of green computing has attracted the world due to its environment benefits. At present On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Green, Pervasive and Cloud Computing (GPC 2016), held in Xi'an, China, during May 68, 2016. The conference was organized by

Review on Green Computing: The next movement in computing
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Abstract: Now days, computer is being used by almost every person or organization in our society. But sometimes they get so lost in the excitement of using new technologies that they are not aware of its effects on the world around us. Green computing is a global effort

Green Computing: Eco Friendly Technology
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Abstract:Green computing is the study and practice of efficient and eco-friendly computing. Green computing is also called as green technology. The principle behind energy efficient coding is to save power by getting software to make less use of the hardware, rather than

Resource Allocation and Server Consolidation Algorithms for Green Computing
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Abstract:In cloud computing data centers, the only interest was high performance without paying much attention to energy consumption that is growing rapidly. Many huge problems come up from this high energy consumption. Turning green is a new concept for data

Green Computing
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Abstract: Green and intelligent buildings have been getting increasing attention in and around world due to their potential to reduce building energy costs, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, reduce water consumption, and add value to the buildings given the savings

Energy Aware Virtual Machine Consolidation in Conjunction with Qos for Green CloudComputing
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Abstract: Today's digital world relies on cloud computing to achieve its business goals. Dependence on cloud computing solutions and their infrastructure results in increased energy consumption by the data centres, which in turn impose major impact on our

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Abstract--The Cloud Computing is the fast developing technology but it facing serious issues like power shortages. Here there are many critical issues for the cloud providers such as achieving an energy-efficiency control and simultaneously satisfying a performance