grid computing IEEE PAPER 2018

New approaches in user-centric job monitoring on the LHC Computing Grid
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There has been one development in science in the last decade that affected almost all fields of knowledge, ranging from humanities, economics and social science to natural sciences. This development is the huge rise in the amounts of data that are created and have to be

On a Unique Grid ComputingBased Totally Distributed Brute-force Attack Scheme (GCDBF) by using Exploiting Botnets
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ABSTRACT Brute-pressure assaults are acknowledged to be the promising manner to break into even maximum complex structures by way of attempting each possible permutation of the keys. but because cryptosystems commenced to use longer and more complicated keys

Comparison Between Cloud Computing Grid Computing and Distributed Computing On working Aspect
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ABSTRACT The conveyed processing is done on numerous frameworks to take care of a substantial scale issue. The developing of fast broadband systems in created and creating nations, the constant increment in processing power, and the quick development of the

Virtual Machines for Grid Computing
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ABSTRACT The emerging computational grid infrastructure will provide users with access to orders of magnitude more computing power than they currently have available. These resources will be heterogeneous in type and implementation and independently controlled

A Comparison between Cloud Computing and Grid Computing
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ABSTRACT -Cloud computing is a very fast growing technology which has many benefits over conventional computing . Cloud computing can be thought as a higher level of grid computing . In cloud computing most things are similar to grid computing . Most of the people

On the Robot Path Planning using Cloud Computing for Large Grid Maps
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ABSTRACT Global path planning consists in finding the optimal path for a mobile robot with the lowest cost in the minimum amount of time, without colliding with the obstacles scattered in the workspace. In this paper, we investigate the benefits of offloading path planning CSE PROJECTS