grid computing environment

QR factorization of tall and skinny matrices in a grid computing environment

FREE-DOWNLOAD E Agullo, C Coti, J Dongarra Parallel & Distributed , 2010

Introduction to grid computing
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In the past several years, grid computing has emerged as a way to harness and take advantage of computing resources across geographies and organizations. In this IBM Redbook, we describe a generalized view of grid computing including concepts, standards

Introduction to grid computing with globus
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This IBM Redbook is intended to give readers interested in the technical aspects of grid computing a hands-on introduction using the Globus Toolkit. This will include a discussion of the first basics of grid computing , applications to be run on the grid , and various grid

Scheduling algorithms for grid computing : State of the art and open problems
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Thanks to advances in wide-area network technologies and the low cost of computing resources, Grid computing came into being and is currently an active research area. One motivation of Grid computing is to aggregate the power of widely distributed resources, and

A gentle introduction to grid computing and technologies
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Grid is an infrastructure that involves the integrated and collaborative use of computers, networks, databases and scientific instruments owned and managed by multiple organizations. Grid applications often involve large amounts of data and/or computing

Alchemi: A. NET-based Enterprise Grid Computing System.
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Computational grids that couple geographically distributed resources are becoming the de- facto computing platform for solving large-scale problems in science, engineering, and commerce. Software to enable grid computing has been primarily written for Unix-class

A task scheduling algorithm based on PSO for grid computing
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Grid computing is a high performance computing environment to solve larger scale computational demands. Grid computing contains resource management, task scheduling, security problems, information management and so on. Task scheduling is a fundamental

The Role of Planning in Grid Computing .
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Grid computing gives users access to widely distributed networks of computing resources to solve large-scale tasks such as scientific computation. These tasks are defined as standalone components that can be combined to process the data in various ways. We have

Dynamic load balancing strategy for grid computing
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Workload and resource management are two essential functions provided at the service level of the grid software infrastructure. To improve the global throughput of these software environments, workloads have to be evenly scheduled among the available resources. To

Load balanced min-min algorithm for static meta-task scheduling in grid computing
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Grid computing has become a real alternative to traditional supercomputing environments for developing parallel applications that harness massive computational resources. However, the complexity incurred in building such parallel Grid -aware applications is higher

Divisible load scheduling for grid computing .
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The use of divisible load scheduling theory is proposed to model and design grid systems such as those arising in large physics experiments. Current divisible load theory is summarized. A typical application, the STAR experiment at RHIC is discussed. This includes

Mobile grid computing : Changes and challenges of resource management in a mobile grid environment
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Grid computing has recently migrated from traditional high performance and distributed computing to pervasive and utility computing based on the advanced capabilities of the wireless networks and the lightweight, thin devices. This has as result the emergence of a

Scheduling in a grid computing environment using genetic algorithms
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We investigate the possibility to use the computing GRID in a flexible way to permit the maximum usage of resources. In our simulation the jobs submitted by the users provide a characterization of themself to help the system scheduler to do an optimal scheduling in

The Grid : International efforts in global computing
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The last decade has seen a considerable increase in commodity computer and network performance, mainly as a result of faster hardware and more sophisticated software. Nevertheless, there are still problems, in the fields of science, engineering and business

Adaptive negotiation for agent-based grid computing
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The Grid concept has recently emerged as a vision for future network based computing , by enabling seamless integration of computing systems and clusters, data storage, specialized networks and sophisticated analysis and visualization software. Intelligent agents can play

A Framework for Resource Allocation in Grid Computing .
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Grid computing is the future computing paradigm for enterprise applications. An enterprise application running on a grid is composed of a set of SLA-constrained sub-tasks demanding different types of services and resources such as processors, data storages, service

Towards e-learning grids: Using grid computing in electronic learning
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E-learning has been a topic of increasing interest in recent years, due mainly to the fact that increased scheduling flexibility as well as tool support can now be offered at a widely affordable level. As a result, many e-learning platforms and systems have been developed

Enabling applications for grid computing with Globus
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This IBM Redbook is the second in a planned series of redbooks addressing grid computing . In the first redbook, Introduction to Grid Computing with Globus, SG24-689 grid concepts and the Globus Toolkit were introduced. In this redbook, we build on those

Market-based Resource Allocation for Grid Computing : A Model and Simulation.
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Resource allocation is an important aspect of Grid computing . One approach uses market mechanisms to allocate resources. In this paper, we review the literature on market-based resource allocation for Grid computing classifying approaches as model-or state-based and

Grid computing enabled web processing service
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Page 1. Grid Computing Enabled Web Processing Service Bastian Baranski, University of Münster GI-Days 2008 Münster, Germany June 16-1 2008 Page 2. June 1 2008 Grid Enabled Web Processing Service 2 Agenda 1. OGC Web Processing Service

A QoS guided scheduling algorithm for grid computing
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Task scheduling is an integrated component of computing . With the emergence of grid and ubiquitous computing , newer challenges have arisen in task scheduling. Unlike traditional parallel computing , grid is a shared enterprising environment where is no central control