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Distributed file system virtualization techniques supporting on-demand virtual machine environments for grid computing
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Abstract This paper presents a data management solution which allows fast Virtual Machine
(VM) instantiation and efficient run-time execution to support VMs as execution
environments in Grid computing. It is based on novel distributed file system virtualization 

 Scientific computing on the grid
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The advocates of Grid computing promise a world where large shared scientific research
instruments, experimental data, numerical simulations, analysis tools, re- search and development,
as well as people, are closely coordinated and integrated in virtual organizations. 

 Automatic metadata capture and grid computing
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RP Tyer, PA Couch, KK van Dam ,Proceedings of All , 2006 ,
Abstract We report a pragmatic approach to enable non-intrusive automatic metadata
harvesting from grid-enabled simulation calculations. The framework, called RCommands,
gives users a set of unix line commands and a web interface to the metadata database. 

An efficient network information model using NWS for grid computing environments
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CT Yang, PC Shih, SY Chen, WC Shih ,Grid and Cooperative Computing- , 2005 ,Springer
Grid computing technologies enable large-scale aggregation and sharing of resources via
wide-area networks focused on sharing computational, data, and other resources to form
general-purpose services for users. In this paper, we address network information 

Emerging technologies for multicluster/grid computing
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Abstract The growing popularity of the Internet along with the availability of powerful
computers and high-speed networks as low-cost commodity components is changing the
way we do computing. The emergence of two computing paradigms,” cluster computing” 

 Grid Computing enabled geospatial catalogue web service
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ABSTRACT The Geospatial Catalogue Web Service is a vital service for sharing and
interoperating volumes of distributed heterogeneous geospatial resources, such as data,
services, applications, and their replicas over the web. Based on the Grid technology and 

Defeating colluding nodes in desktop grid computing platforms
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Abstract Desktop Grid systems reached a preeminent place among the most powerful
computing platforms in the planet. Unfortunately, they are extremely vulnerable to mischief,
because computing projects exert no administrative or technical control on volunteers. 

 Distributed file systems and grid computing
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Overview Introduction to grid computing What is a distributed file system ?
NFS What is a grid engine ? Open Grid Scheduler 

MediGRID–Grid Computing For Medicine and Life Sciences
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A Weisbecker, J Falkner, O Rienhoff  Grid Computing, 2009 ,Springer
MediGRID has established a grid infrastructure for medical and bioinformatical research. It
enhances interdisciplinary and widely location-independent collaboration of researchers by
providing grid services in a controlled e-Science platform which is continually available, 

 Trust and security in enterprise grid computing environment
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S Goel, M Sobolewski ,Proc. of IASTED Int. Conf. on Communication, , 2003
Abstract This paper presents a trust and security model for a Grid Computing System. The
issues involved in development of this model are investigated in context of a servicebased
P2P architecture. The hierarchical intergrid architecture has been developed for B2B 

A deadline and budget constrained cost-time optimization algorithm for scheduling dependent tasks in grid computing
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H Feng, G Song, Y Zheng, J Xia ,Grid and Cooperative Computing, 2004 ,Springer
Computational grid has a promising future in large-scale computing, because it enables the
sharing of widely distributed computing resources. Good managements with excellent
scheduling algorithms are in great demand to take full advantage of it. Many scheduling 

 Grid Computing: A Brief Technology Analysis
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R Smith ,CTO Network Library, 2005 ,
Executive Summary Grid computing is a means of allocating the computational power of a
large number of computers to a very difficult problem. The goal is to access computers only
when they are needed and to scale the problem so that even small computers can make a 

Sztaki desktop grid: Building a scalable, secure platform for desktop grid computing
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In this paper we present a concept how separate desktop grids can be used as building
blocks for larger scale grids by organizing them in a hierarchical tree. We describe an
enhanced security model which satisfies the requirements of the hierarchical setup and is 

 Grid Computing and the Future of Neuroscience Computation
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Since the introduction of computing as a vital tool in scientific research, we have seen
several distinct generations of systems architectures come and go. With the earlier
generations, it was uncommon for individual researchers to have computers on their 

Grid economy comes of age: Emerging gridbus tools for service-oriented cluster and grid computing
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Rajkumar Buyya is Co-Chair of the IEEE Computer Society Task Force on Cluster Computing
(TFCC) and international speaker in the IEEE Computer Society Chapter Tutorials Program.
Currently at the University of Melbourne, Australia, he is leading research activities of the 

Adaptive group scheduling mechanism using mobile agents in peer-to-peer grid computingenvironment
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S Choi, M Baik, J Gil, S Jung, C Hwang ,Applied Intelligence, 2006 ,Springer
Abstract Peer-to-peer grid computing is an attractive computing paradigm for high
throughput applications. However, both volatility due to the autonomy of volunteers (ie,
resource providers) and the heterogeneous properties of volunteers are challenging 

 Grid-HSI: using Grid computing to enable hyperspectral imaging analysis
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CL Carvajal-Jiménez, W Lugo-Beauchamp, W Rivera ,CIIT04, 2004 ,
Abstract This paper outlines the design and implementation of Grid-HSI, a Service Oriented
Architecture-based Grid application to enable hyperspectral imaging analysis. Grid-HSI
provides users with a transparent interface to access computational resources and 

Grid computing: The future of distributed computing for high performance scientific and business applications
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S Mukherjee, J Mustafi, A Chaudhuri ,Distributed Computing, 2002 ,Springer
Grid computing offers an efficient method of coordinating resource sharing and problem
solving in or between physically dispersed virtual organizations. It offers an opportunity to
access greater computing power at a fraction of current cost of technology. Grid computing