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A WSDM-based architecture for global usage characterization of grid computing infrastructures
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G Ludwig, L Gaspary, G Cavalheiro, W Cirne ,Large Scale Management , 2006 ,Springer
Current solutions to characterize grid computing usage are limited in three important
aspects. First, they do not provide a global, uniform view of the use of infrastructures
comprised of heterogeneous grid middleware. Second, they do not allow the specification 

 Grid Computing for Air Quality and Environmental Studies in Bulgaria
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K Ganev, D Syrakov, M Prodanova ,Proceedings of 23rd , 2009 ,
Abstract Comprehensive atmospheric composition studies require multi-scale numerical
experiments to be carried out, which to clarify to some extend different scale processes
interaction, but also to further specify requirements for input data (emissions, boundary 

 Grid Computing in Physics and Life Sciences
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H Stockinger ,Proceedings of World Academy of Science, , 2006
Abstract—Certain sciences such as physics, chemistry or biology, have a strong
computational aspect and use computing infrastructures to advance their scientific goals.
Often, high performance and/or high throughput computing infrastructures such as clusters 

Functional validation in grid computing
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G Jiang, G Cybenko ,Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, 2004 ,Springer
The development of the World Wide Web has changed the way we think about information.
Information on the web is distributed, updates are made asynchronously and resources
come online and go offline without centralized control. Global networking will similarly 

 A parallel multilevel fast multipole algorithm for GRID computing allowing optical full-wave simulations
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Abstract We present a parallel multilevel fast multipole algorithm aimed at low cost GRID
computer environments connected by a fast switch. The algorithm is a scheduling algorithm
where work packets are handled in certain order to ensure minimal idle time of the 

Architectures for Enhancing Grid Infrastructures with Cloud Computing
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On the other hand, the In-VIGO project adds some virtualization lay- ers to the classical grid model,
to enable the creation of dynamic pools of virtual resources for application-specific grid computing
[1]. Finally, several studies have explored the use of VMs to provide custom (VO 

Grid Computing, E-Science and Applications in Industry
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H Hoffmann ,Wirtschaftsinformatik 2005, 2005 ,Springer
The early universe was extremely dense, hot and opaque for electromagnetic radiation until
it cooled off and expanded sufficiently to become transparent to light and astronomical
observation. Particle Physics creates matter at temperatures or energies that correspond 

 Grid computing with globus: an overview and research challenges
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The Open Grid Forum (OGF) is an organization that resulted from the merger of the Global
Grid Forum (GGF) and the Enterprise Grid Alliance (EGA). GGF was an international
organization that started in 1999, with the focus on the development of open standards for 

 Adaptive grid computing for MPI applications
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J Zhang, W Meleis , of Parallel and Distributed Computing and , 2009 ,
ABSTRACT Our objective is to provide location-, topology-, and administrative-transparent
grid computing for MPI applications, while hiding the physical details of computing platforms
and heterogeneous networks from the application developers and users. To achieve this 

XtreemOS-MD: Grid computing from mobile devices
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Grid and Cloud computing are well known topics, and currently one of the focus of many
research and commercial projects. Nevertheless, the transparent access to Grid facilities
from mobile devices (like PDAs or smartphones) is normally out of the scope of those 

 A Cost-Benefit Perspective of Grid Computing
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J Cropper ,Undergraduate Research Symposium April, 2004, 2004 ,
ABSTRACT Grid computing is represented by a collection of distributed computing
resources available over a local or wide area network that appears to an end user or
application as one large computing system. Several small and medium e-Businesses 

 A Bottom-up approach to Grid-Computing at a University: the Black-Forest-Grid Initiative
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M Diesmann, M Geier, A Greiner, WR Hess ,Material ,
ABSTRACT Recent years have seen a rapid increase in the need for highperformance
computing. These demands come from disciplines such as particle physics traditionally
relying on High Performance Computing (HPC) but lately also from the various branches 

 Distributed load balancing model for grid computing
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B Yagoubi, M Meddeber ,Revue Africaine de la Recherche en , 2010 ,
ABSTRACT. Most of the existing load balancing strategies were interested in distributed
systems which were supposed to have homogeneous resources interconnected with
homogeneous and fast networks. For Grid computing, these assumptions are not realistic 

Fabric level and application level QoS guarantees in grid computing
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L Chunlin, L Layuan ,Informatica, 2007 ,IOS Press
In the paper, a cross-layer optimization between application layer and fabric layer is
proposed. The aim is to optimize the end-to-end quality of the dynamic grid application as
well as efficiently utilizing the grid resources. The application layer QoS and fabric layer 

 Data Integration and Generalization for SDI in a Grid Computing Framework
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ABSTRACT: So far, most spatial data infrastructures (SDIs) provide services for the
generation of fixed-scale maps only. In a project funded by the German Ministry of Education
and Science, the potential of grid computing for the deployment of geographic data 

Effects of potentially disruptive technology on software company’s business model–Case Grid computing
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LM Sainio, J Porras ,International Journal of Technology Marketing, 2006 ,Inderscience
This paper presents a framework for analysing the effects of a new, potentially disruptive
technology on a firm’s business model. As a case example of the framework usage, the
paper analyses the possible effects of grid infrastructure on a software company providing 

 Integrated Access Control and Intrusion Detection (IACID) Framework for Secure Grid Computing
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Abstract Traditional Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) work in isolation from access control
for the application the systems aim to protect. The lack of coordination and inter-operation
between these components prevents detecting sophisticated attacks and responding to 

Unibus: a contrarian approach to grid computing
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D Kurzyniec, M Slawinska, J Slawinski ,The Journal of , 2007 ,Springer
Abstract Despite maturing in many ways, heterogeneous distributed computing platforms
continue to require substantial effort in terms of software installation and management for
efficient use, often necessitating manual intervention by resource providers and end-users 

 Distributed Double-level Workflow Scheduling Algorithms for Grid Computing
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F Dong, S Akl , and Applications, Special Issue on Grid Computing , 2007 ,
ABSTRACT Resources in computational Grids nowadays are usually owned by multiple
administrative domains which are connected by WANs. Unlike resource management
patterns in traditional parallel and distributed systems, Grid resources usually have their 

 An Object-oriented model for adaptive high performance computing on the computational Grid
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 Grid computing, a new concept, is emerged by
coordinating HPC computing and data resources (computers, supercomputers, workstations,
storage,) over the world to form a world-scale virtual supercomputer. 

 Distributed aggregation schemes for scalable peer-to-peer and grid computing
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Abstract: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems and P2P Grids are evolving as two viable distributed
computing paradigms for wide-area resource sharing on the Internet. To achieve scalable
distribution of processing workload among the nodes, large-scale distributed systems 

 Legion: An Integrated Architecture for Grid Computing
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Abstract: Legion and Globus are pioneering grid technologies. Several of the aims and
goals of both projects are similar, yet their underlying architectures and philosophies differ
substantially. The scope of both projects is the creation of world-wide grids; in that respect, 

 LHCb distributed data analysis on the computing grid
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SK Paterson ,2006 ,
 Where the Internet has made it possible to share information stored on computers across the
world, Grid computing aims to provide access to computing power  and Dr. David Cameron for
two excellent examples of how to write a thesis in the field of Grid computing. 

 Using grid computing to enable hyperspectral imaging analysis
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CL Carvajal-Jimenez ,2004 ,
Researchers and scientists at the NSF Engineering Research Center for Subsurface
Sensing and Imaging Systems (CENSSIS) need access to heterogeneous and distributed
resources to perform hyperspectral imaging data analysis. With the rapid advances in the 

 Lambda Grid, Grid Computing and AAA
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J Vollbrecht ,Merit Techical Report, 2004 ,
Abstract This paper outlines the changing requirements of high performance computing
applications, reviews work that has been done in the area of Lambda Grid [16] and
Computing Grid [17] to address these requirements, describes some architectural issues 

 Grid Computing Looking Forward
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E Castro-Leon, J Munter ,Technology, 2005 ,
Page 1. White Paper Grid Computing Looking Forward By Enrique Castro-Leon and Joel Munter
Intel® Solution Services Page 2. 2 Contents  Business-Process Innovation Drives Grid
Ecosystems.8 Grid-Computing Standards Enable Future Innovation 11