a high-efficiency wireless energy transmis- sion via magnetic resonance is implemented by using negative perme- ability metamaterial structures. The metamaterial structure is con- sisted of a three-dimensional (3D) periodic array of the unit cell that the capacitively loaded split ring resonators (CLSRRs) are periodically arranged in the cubic dielectric surfaces. This metamaterial structure has the negative permeability property that matches free space, which is used as a magnetic °ux guide in order to enhance the e±ciency of energy transmission between a source and distant receiving coil. The e±ciency of energy transmission is improved as reducing the radiation loss by focusing the magnetic ¯eld to a distant receiving coil. The distance able to transport the energy with maintaining the same e±- ciency has been increased by the same mechanism. The e±ciency of energy transmission is approximately 80% at a transmission distance of 1.5 m

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