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Silicon-doped LiNi0. 5Mn1. 5O4 as a high voltage cathode for Li-ion batteries
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ABSTRACT To improve the electrochemical performance of the LiNi0. 5Mn1. 5O4 high voltage cathode for Lithium Ion Batteries, silicon-doped LiNi0. 5Mn1. 5xSixO4 samples (0.00≤ x≤ 0.35) were prepared by different synthesis routes (solid-state reaction and ball

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ABSTRACT -The objective of the project is to design a voltage multiplier which should be able to multiply voltage from an input as low as 12 Volts to a maximum output of approximately 200 Volts. As High Voltage DC (HVDC) transmission is becoming more popular in the present

The effects of beef carcasses high voltage electrical stimulation and roasting methods on tenderness and water retention of beef
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ABSTRACT The aim of the study was to determine the effect of high voltage electrical stimulation (330 V, 17 Hz, 120 s) of beef half-carcass and heat treatment on tenderness and water holding capacity of meat. The experimental material was a semimembranosus muscle

Study on Timing Characteristics of High Voltage Pulse Generation with Different Charging Voltages
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ABSTRACT The time synchronization of each sub-unit of a pulsed generator is important to generate an output highpower radio frequency (RF) signal. To obtain the time synchronization between an input RF signal fed by an external source and an electron beam

Nonlinear dynamic analysis of high voltage overhead transmission lines
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According to a generalized Hamiltons principle, three-dimensional (3D) nonlinear vibration equations for overhead transmission lines that consider geometric nonlinearity are established. Based on the characteristics of an actual transmission line, the 3D equations

A High Voltage Low-Power Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter Based on GaN and SiC Devices for LED Drivers
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1 ABSTRACT Previous research on switched-capacitor DC-DC converters has focused on low- voltage and/or highpower ranges where the efficiencies are dominated by conduction loss. Switched-capacitor DC-DC converters at high voltage (> 100 V) low-power (10 W) levels

The influence of the geometry and resistance of the high voltage winding of the HTS transformer on the inrush current parameters
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ABSTRACT . In this work we have analysed the inrush current of superconducting transformers. The value and time of decay of the inrush current depend on the radial and axial dimensions of the high voltage winding. In the case of superconducting transformers, these parameters ABSTRACT An LED driver consisting of dimmable current balancing circuits (CBCs) and a boost converter with drain voltage balance (DVB) and phase-shifted pulsewidth modulation (PSPWM) control schemes is presented. To reduce the power loss on conventional linear

An Isolated Soft-Switched Boost DC-DC Converter with Low Voltage Stress and High Step-Up Ratio.
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ABSTRACT : This paper presents a novel soft-switched isolated boost converter which can provide high step up ratio and high efficiency with low voltage stress for portable application as well as PV assisted converter system. Lossless active clamp snubber circuit helps in

Hybrid GSA-ANN methods to forecast sheath current of high voltage underground cable lines
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ABSTRACT : Electrical safety is major issue for electric networks, so high voltage underground cable lines have been used instead of overhead line recently in city center and neighborhood. However, sheath current generates on metallic sheath of high voltage

A high performance grounded voltage controlled positive resistor
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ABSTRACT : A simple high performance grounded voltage controlled positive resistor (GVCPR) is proposed in this paper. The inherited features of GVCPR are simplicity, broad range of programmability, wider bandwidth and low power dissipation. The power dissipation of

A HighResolution Supply Voltage Sensor Design and Its Performance Evaluation on an FPGA
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ABSTRACT Nowadays, integrated circuits (ICs) have higher integration densities. The simultaneous switching activities that are synchronized with a single global clock is one of the main causes that produce voltage drops across the power distribution network (PDN) of

A Framework for Wide-area Monitoring of Tree-related High Impedance Faults in Medium- voltage Networks
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ABSTRACT Wide-area monitoring of tree-related high impedance fault (THIF) efficiently contributes to increase reliability of large-scaled network, since the failure to early location of them may results in critical lines tripping and consequently large blackouts. In the first place

Study the Electrical Performance of 11 kV Porcelain Outdoor High Voltage Insulators
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ABSTRACT This paper investigates the electrical performance of an 11 kV porcelain outdoor insulator when subjected to an alternative voltage at 50 Hz. The electrical field and potential distributions over the insulator surface were computed and analysed using the

A Novel Approach for High Voltage Power Substations Design Regarding to Electric Field Dosage assessment
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ABSTRACT This investigation present a new method for reducing electrical field in power electrical substation and also it has been paid attention to health personnel who work in this place therefore the health of staff has been a priority. In this way we have measured RMS GaN-on-GaN Schottky barrier diode (SBD) with a planar nitridation-based termination (NT) technique. The developed NT-SBD with nearly ideal Schottky contact exhibits a forward current density over kA/cm2, current swing over 1013, and differential specific ON-resistance

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ABSTRACT :-The present scenario of electrical circuit designing highly believe multi-level inverter circuits and these circuits providing low noise ratios and high efficiencies in outcomes. The major need of this survey is to investigate the effectiveness of Cascaded

Evaluation of electromagnetic processes in high voltage OHL by transient fast analysis models
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ABSTRACT . This paper presents fast transient analysis application for HV power systems with shunt reactors. It is proposed how to speed up analysis of transient processes by using digital filters method and modelling of power lines by wave equations. Proposed

A Comparative Study of Empirical and Variational Mode Decomposition on High Voltage Discharges
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ABSTRACT Signal quality is the key issue for maintaining effective power transmission in electrical networks. In most cases, a high voltage (HV) is transmitted in power systems to decrease power loss. Power quality disturbances are monitored by observing the noise

Comparison of Line Voltage Stability Indices for Assessment of Voltage Instability in high Voltage Network
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ABSTRACT : In the current scenario, the issue of voltage stability is receiving special attention as power systems are operating under stressed conditions. Timely assessment and mitigation of voltage stability in thepower system may save the system from cascaded blackouts or

Controlled switching in high voltage power networks: case studies in the South African and Dutch transmission networks
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This document contains a student thesis (bachelors or masters), as authored by a student at Eindhoven University of Technology. Student theses are made available in the TU/e repository upon obtaining the required degree. The grade received is not published on the

Impact of Pollution on High Voltage Insulators: Research Status and Recommendations
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ABSTRACT Fast urbanization and industrialization in India over most recent two decades has brought about expanded interest for dependable electric power. The unwavering quality thus is enormously affected by the grid system and its segments being legitimately kept up

Cost Effective Design of High Voltage Impulse Generator and Modeling in Matlab
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ABSTRACT Quality of the power system depends upon the reliability of its components such as transformer, transmission lines, insulators, circuit breakers and isolators. The transient voltage due to internal or external reasons may affect the insulation level of the components Over the last century, electronics has been a major drive for the revolution in communication systems and in data computing. The demand for integrated circuits is accelerating as high integration of electronic functions is needed to share information and control our

A Programmable High Voltage Power Supply
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ABSTRACT : Programmable High voltage power supplies are useful instruments in semiconductor device testing, piezoelectric positioning, electrostatic transducing and controls. A stable, low cost, easy to construct virtual high voltage power supply is presented

Application of additional grounded wires in high voltage overhead power lines to reduce the intensity of electric field generated by phase wires
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ABSTRACT . To minimize interference with the environment it is important to make every effort already at the design stage to spare the trouble associated with additional investment later on. Due to the value of land in urban areas, it is beneficial to take necessary measures to

Market Survey Technical Description Installation of Several High Voltage Outdoor Static Var Compensators
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In order to be considered as a potential bidder for the forthcoming Invitation to Tender, the respondent shall be either a single firm (hereinafter referred to asthe Firm ) or a group of firms (hereinafter referred to asthe Group of Firms ). The Firm or the Group of Firms shall demonstrate that

Ultra- highefficient Writing in VoltageControl Spintronics Memory (VoCSM); the Most Promising Embedded Memory for Deep Learning
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ABSTRACT Our new proposal of voltagecontrol spintronics memory (VoCSM) in which spin- orbit torque (SOT) in conjunction with the voltagecontrol-magnetic-anisotropy (VCMA) effect works as the writing principle showed small switching current of 37 uA for about 350 KBT ABSTRACT This paper presents analysismethodology for impedance design of distributed voltage domains supplied from high frequency voltage regulators (VRs). The approach addresses entire system including the combination of routing parasitics, decoupling

Microcomputer Based High Impedance Fault Detection In Low- Voltage Distribution Feeders
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ABSTRACT Highimpedance faults (HIFs) on distribution feeders are abnormal electrical conditions that cannot be detected by conventional protection schemes. These faults pose a threat on human lives when neighboring objects become in contact with the lines bare and