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Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is the direct connection between the computers and human brain. The BCI reads the waves produced from the brain at different locations in the human head, translates these signals into actions and commands, that can control the computers

Implementation of Voice Based Home Automation System Using Raspberry Pi
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Voice Based Home Automation System using Raspberry Pi is the project which will be very useful for old age people and disabled people, basically for ones who cannot perform basic activities efficiently. It is the idea which corresponds to the new era of automation and

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In day to day life, everything has been digitized. Digitization is something greater than invention because digitization leads to change. In the real-time certain home devices need to be digitized and those include water heaters, a system to monitor water overflow in water

Implementation of Smart Home Automation with Enhanced Security
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With the surge in usage of power and human population, there is a vital need to conserve electricity in every way possible. The lack of ability to access and control the appliances from remote locations is one of the major reasons for power loss. To overcome this automatic

An Intelligent Remote Controlled System for Smart Home Automation
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Home automation is an important milestone in achieving smart grid and is ever exciting field that has exploded over the past few years. Advancement in technologies have made homes more convenient, efficient and even more secure. Introducing the Raspberry Pi to the world

Home Automation System Based on Voice Recognition
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This paper introduces the outline of the minimal cost voice home automation system based on voice recognition to control the different home machines and can activate the bed height just by the voice orders as indicated by their need and solace. The proposed system

Home Automation and Gas Leakage Detection System Using IoT and Android
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ABSTRACT Home Automation System (HAS) enables us to control household appliances and provides home security and emergency system to be activated. It not only appeals to trim the human efforts but also helps to maintain energy efficiency and time saving. Existing

Advance IOT Based Home Automation
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Traditionally electrical appliances in a home are controlled via switches that regulate the electricity to the devices. As the world gets more and more technologically advanced, we find new technology coming deeper and deeper into our personal lives even at home

Antitheft System with Android Based Smart Home Automation
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The objective of this project is to design an Electronic Security Controlled System for homes and public places like banks, malls, etc.. The proposed system combines the use of home automation and antitheft security systems using same microcontroller board. The electronic

Internet of Things Based Smart Home Automation
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Home Automation is conveniences installed and designed to perform chore in your living place. Smart homes are often referred to as intelligent homes as they perform services that become part of our life. Many of the automated systems that silently perform their jobs

Smart Home Automation and Security System using Arduino and IOT
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With the advancement of technology and more dependency of people on smart phone and increasing demands of easy and quick way of solving Daily life task, it has become very important to have a technology which can control over the domestic and industrial

Internet of Things Based Home Automation Control System Using Raspberry Pi
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Smart home control device is an open-source Wi-Fi empower where every one of the machines (light, fan, air conditioning and so on.) are associated with the raspberry pi board, and this board is associated with the Wi-Fi by utilizing Wi-Fi module. We offer charge to

Arduino Based Home Automation System Using MQTT Protocol Incorporating Internet of Things (IOT)
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In recent years, the home environment has seen a rapid introduction of network enabled digital technology. This technology offers new and exciting opportunities to increase the connectivity of devices within the home for the purpose of home automation . Home

Home Security Automation Using Internet of Things
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This project is about Smart Home Automation based on Internet of things. Basically this project is built to focus our smart life style. It is a smart way to lead our life easily and swiftly. It will save our time and from outside we can monitor our home and important work place. It

Home Automation System Using WeMos D1 Mini
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The Internet of Things (IoT) based home automation system, aims to control all the devices of the smart homes through Internet protocols and an MQTT server. The concept of home automation to bring the control of operating your everyday home appliances, and making

Scenario of Home Automation in India
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Home automation has completely changed the vision of home appliances in the world. Globalization of home automation has now reached India, The technique is new, but it has very wide scope on the livelihood of basically handicapped people and for the cost efficient

Home Automation using EMOTIV: Controlling TV by Brainwaves
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In this paper, our goal is to prove the possibility of controlling a home device by solely using neural pattern recognition interface captured by Emotiv EPOC. The neuroheadset EPOC is a personal interface for human interaction with computer through the acquisition of electrical

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Internet of Things (IoT) conceptualizes the thought of remotely connecting and observance universe objects (things) through the net. once it involves our house, this idea is capably incorporated to form it smarter, safer and automatic. This IoT project focuses on building a

Application of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in Home Automation
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The term home automation offers remote and timer control of systems and embedded devices such as light, heating, ventilation, entertainment systems, appliances, etc., to improve comfort, convenience, energy efficiency, and security. However, the element of

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Automation is the use of control systems and information technologies to reduce the need for human work in the production of goods and services. In the scope of industrialization, automation is a step beyond mechanization. Whereas mechanization provided human

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