how to write research paper

It is easy,fun and enjoyable, All of us might have written essays during school days,
Research paper is little bit bigger version of more pages, includes the results and conclusion.
Other names for research paper are
project report / dissertation phd thesis.

We assume that you had already finished your research work and want to publish the paper in leading journals or conferences.

And you have all the materials with you to write along with the results

format has to be clean and easy to follow. Here are the points you should include in the proposal:

Below are structures that are commonly used.

Title of paper

Literature review

You should check the content guideline if any applicable for your paper if something specific need to follow.

write the abstract or synopsis of the paper.

Almost all publishers need abstract or synopsis first for the selection of the paper. This will be one paragragrap writing of your work along with title and authors.

Start with one line description about the work , share few good results and work location. with a conclussion.

go through details below

project report is the final report of your research work to be submitted to get your degree completed. This can be termed as project work or phd thesis also. The degree can be bachelor masters or phd.


1: selection of topic/ problem

2: research use INTERNET and local libraries

3: Write the project proposal, concept in your mind

4: submit to your university/ college for approval , you can discuss with close friends, research scholars

5: work on your topic, important step you need to prove your concept. Donot work without the approval, sometimes it can be rejected also.

6: Write the full paper

7: Edit and do spell, grammar check using software.

8: Get feedback from friends and professors

9: submit your final full paper

we will discuss more details above points here

1: selection of topic/ problem

1. Go through the full list of research papers at

2. select your subject and read the papers
3. Search in the search box for more results
4. For each subject and ph.d topic there are more than 100 papers are available for free download.
5. Download the papers and read thoroughly

The topic should be valuable, unique, and reasonable and simple. Avoid taking complex problems which can take more time and sometimes no conclussion.

Discuss few alternatives of the title with your mentor before you start writing the proposal.

writing the proposal
format has to be clean and easy to follow. Here are the points you should include in the proposal:
You should check departmental and course regulations if something specific need to follow.

Below are two structures that are commonly used.

Title page
Literature review

writing final paper

The structure will be same as your proposal, need to add all your results, graphs, measurements after the introduction

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