html5 IEEE PAPER 2017

Retrieving forensic artifacts from HTML5 web storage on Linux
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The web browser is one of the most popular applications on a computer, used for browsing and searching the most sensitive data. Accordingly, web browser forensics is becoming an important topic as extracting information from the browser has shown the be very useful [1].

A study on Migrating Flash files to HTML5/JavaScript.
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ABSTRACT Over the past few years, there is a significant shift from web to mobile devices. In addition, the success of HTML5 has negatively impacted the usage and support for Adobe Flash. This has resulted in unmaintained Flash assets and code bases. In this paper, we

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ABSTRACT This paper traces linkages between the commoditisation of the Web andapp- centric media , an environment composed of a multitude of concrete-but-connected software applications. Within this environment, multiplatform HTML5 apps are often framed as the

Taking a Glance at the History of HTML5
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We argue that HTML5 is a tipping point in the history of hypertext standardization, not only by the different innovations that it has introduced but also by the way it has conceived as a Living Standard . We claim that this new approach has permitted technology users to enter

Using Audio for Player Interaction in HTML5 Games
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ABSTRACT Advances on computing hardware and software throughout the last decades drastically molded the prospect of the entertainment industry. Within this context, a prominent development was the emergence of interactive computer-driven products. The

An HTML5-based pure web site solution for rapidly viewing and processing large-scale 3D
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Abstract This study aimed to propose a pure web-based solution to serve users to access large-scale 3D medical volume anywhere with good user experience and complete details. A novel solution of the Master-Slave interaction mode was proposed, which absorbed My goal in writing this book is to provide everything you need to know to be proficient in creating professional quality web applications that take advantage of all the great features in HTML5. I also wanted this to be equally helpful for both novices and seasoned

Leveraging HTML5 and WebGL to Address Information Assurance Barriers for Simulation Based Training in the US Military
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ABSTRACT A decade ago, it was assumed that simulation based training applications such as VBS3 (Virtual Battle Spaces 3) that use commercially available game engines would become a ubiquitous part of the infantry soldiers training curriculum. Unfortunately, the

Analysis on HTML5 UI Design Paradigm under the Background of Data Flow and Interactive Experience
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Abstract: With the bursting development of the website techniques, the optimal design pattern needs to be analysis and found out. Under this background, this paper conducts analysis on HTML5 UI design paradigm under the background of data flow and the

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The HTML5 canvas is a workspace that can be added to a web page to perform many of the same features as Flash. However, unlike Flash, which is no longer viewable on many devices, any device which can view web pages with a current browser can view canvas CSE PROJECTS