ieee robotics project

the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots.

The concepts of robot flight and movement, how robots perceive their environment, and how they adjust their movements to avoid obstacles, navigate difficult terrains and accomplish complex tasks such as construction and disaster recovery. You will be exposed to real world examples of how robots have been applied in disaster situations, how they have made advances in human health care and what their future capabilities will be.

Few projects of robotics

Gesture based Robotics, Mobile Robotics, Bluetooth Robotics, Voice controlled Robotics Project, Sensor Guided Robotics Project, WiFi controlled Robotics Project, Swarm Robotics Project,

underwater robotic vehicle

humanoid robotics

medical robotics

robotic vehicle

Lorentz levitation technology: a new approach to fine motion robotics , teleoperation, haptic interfaces, and vibration isolation rl hollis se salcudean
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Recently, a new technology for stably levitating and controlling the position and orientation of a rigid body has been introduced. A unique feature is the use of Lorentz forces rather than the usual Maxwell forces as in magnetic bearings. The Lorentz force approach, which uses

Industrial robotics : technology, programming, and applications
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Programming, and Applications taking an interdisciplinary approach to roboticsthis new book covers such topics as robot technology robot programming applicationsmachine visionartificial industrial robotics technology programming and applications mikell p groover

Fundamentals of robotics : analysis and control
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Human-robot interaction in rescue robotics
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DARPA/NSF study as an application domain for the research in human-robot integration (HRI). This article provides a short tutorial on how robots are currently used in urban search and rescue (USAR) and discusses the HRI issues encountered over the past eight years. A

Pneumatic artificial muscles: actuators for robotics and automation
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This article is intended as an introduction to and an overview of Pneumatic Artificial Muscles (PAMs). These are pneumatic actuators made mainly of a flexible and inflatable membrane. First, their concept and way of operation are explained. Next, the properties of these

Openrave: A planning architecture for autonomous robotics
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One of the challenges in developing real-world autonomous robots is the need for integrating and rigorously testing high-level scripting, motion planning, perception, and control algorithms. For this purpose, we introduce an open-source cross-platform software

Robotics for engineers
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Industrial robots, as other modern manufacturing systems, are advanced automation systems that utilize computers as an integral part of their control. Computers are now a Vital part of industrial automation. They run production lines and control stand-alone

Soft robotics
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We start by reviewing the main design and control ideas of actively controlled compliant systems using the DLR arms, hands, and the humanoid manipulator Justin as examples. We take these robots as a performance reference, which we are currently trying to outperform

A comparative analysis of actuator technologies for robotics
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There has been considerable progress in developing traditional actuator technologies for robotics in the past few years. Nevertheless, if we are to achieve the lightweight, high performance, and mobile robots envisioned for the future, new technologies may be

Cognitive developmental robotics : A survey
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Cognitive developmental robotics (CDR) aims to provide new understanding of how humans higher cognitive functions develop by means of a synthetic approach that developmentally constructs cognitive functions. The core idea of CDR is physical

Reinforcement learning for humanoid robotics
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Reinforcement learning offers one of the most general framework to take traditional robotics towards true autonomy and versatility. However, applying reinforcement learning to high dimensional movement systems like humanoid robots remains an unsolved problem. In this

How to evolve autonomous robots: Different approaches in evolutionary robotics
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Abstract number of parts or modules within the system; rather, it scales with the number of possible interactions between parts and modules. A methodology for evolving the control systems of autonomous robots has not yet been well established. In this paper we will show

The KUKA-DLR Lightweight Robot arm-a new reference platform for robotics research and manufacturing
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Transforming research results into marketable products requires considerable endurance and a strong sense of entrepreneurship. The KUKA Lightweight Robot (LWR) is the latest outcome of a bilateral research collaboration between , and the

Issues in evolutionary robotics
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In this paper we propose and justify a methodology for the development of the control systems, orcognitive architectures, of autonomous mobile robots. We argue that the design by hand of such control systems becomes prohibitively di cult as complexity increases. We

Cloud robotics : architecture, challenges and applications
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We extend the computation and information sharing capabilities of networked robotics by proposing a cloud robotic architecture. The cloud robotic architecture leverages the combination of an ad-hoc cloud formed by machine-to-machine (M2M) communications

A survey of research on cloud robotics and automation.
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The Cloud infrastructure and its extensive set of In-ternet-accessible resources has potential to provide significant benefits to robots and automation systems. We consider robots and automation systems that rely on data or code from a network to support their operation, ie

Robot programming: a practical guide to behavior-based robotics
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Robotics education for all ages
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Robotics is a growing field that has the potential to significantly impact the nature of engineering and science education at all levels, from K-12 to graduate school. In this paper I briefly survey my experiences, as a robotics researcher and educator, of teaching robotics

What does robotics offer animal behaviour
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There is a growing body of robot-based research that makes a serious claim to be a new methodology for biology. Robots can be used as models of specific animal systems to test hypotheses regarding the control of behaviour. At levels from learning algorithms to specific

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