Analysis and Design of Pre Cast Box for Road under Bridge and Road Over Bridge by using Staad Pro

A level crossing or a grade crossing is a place where railroad line and a street meet each other at a similar level. In the Urban regions for the most part the level intersections are checked by qualified railroad staffs that screen the train development and close the level intersection door to stop the meddling street traffic yet such shutting of entryways prompts gridlock in streets, makes loss of time the street clients and now and again likewise prompts a mishap. The best choices to kill the level going across are Road under Bridge RUB and Road over Bridge ROB . There are 3 fundamental strategies for development of street under scaffold. Box pushing strategy, Cut and spread strategy, moving method utilizing RH brace. In this paper a plan of Road under Bridge or Subway by Box Pushing Method is introduced. During that time, traffic is continuing overhead typically, ignorant of the development beneath. The no problematic nature of the cycle along with its inalienable wellbeing, effortlessness and economy make box pushing a valuable apparatus for the rehearsing structural designer. This paper means to carry a more noteworthy experience with the crate pushing cycle to the peruser and afterward give a few contemplations and rules to help engineers in planning an undertaking that can be assembled utilizing the container pushing strategy. Box pushing is a settled methods for designing ducts or passages under rail banks or streams to oblige street or rail traffic.

by Oriz Khan | Prof. Kapil Mandloi “Analysis and Design of Pre Cast Box for Road under Bridge and Road Over Bridge by using Staad Pro”

Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Volume-4 | Issue-6 , October 2020,


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