Analysis and Design of Pre Cast Box for Road under Bridge RUB and Road Over Bridge ROB by using STAAD Pro. and Box Pushing Technique

A level intersection or a level intersection is where a railroad line and a road meet each other at a comparative level. In the Urban locales generally the level crossing points are checked by qualified railroad staffs that screen the train advancement and close the level convergence entryway to stop the intruding road traffic yet such closing of portals prompts gridlock in roads, makes loss of time the road customers and from time to time similarly prompts a disaster. The most ideal decisions to murder the level going across are Road under Bridge RUB and Road over Bridge ROB . There are 3 essential systems for advancement of road under framework. Box pushing system, Cut and spread procedure, moving strategy using RH support. In this paper an arrangement of Road under Bridge or Subway by Box Pushing Method is presented. During that time, traffic is proceeding with overhead ordinarily, uninformed of the improvement underneath. The no risky nature of the cycle alongside its unavoidable prosperity, ease and economy make box pushing an important mechanical assembly for the practicing auxiliary fashioner. This paper intends to convey a more essential involvement in the carton pushing cycle to the peruser and subsequently give a couple of considerations and rules to help engineers in arranging an endeavor that can be collected using the holder pushing methodology. Box pushing is a settled strategies for planning conduits or entries under rail banks or streams to oblige road or rail traffic.

by Shubham Rghuvanshi | Prof. Nitesh Kushwah | Rajat Palya “Analysis and Design of Pre Cast Box for Road under Bridge (RUB) and Road Over Bridge (ROB) by using STAAD Pro. and Box Pushing Technique”

Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Volume-5 | Issue-1 , December 2020,


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