Comparison of RCC Buildings with a Soft Storey Irregularity in Different Zones

Soft storey is one of the main reasons for building damage during an earthquake and has been mentioned in all investigation report. Soft storeys in a high rise building play an important role on its seismic performance. At the soft storey level, there is a discontinuity in the rigidity of the structure due to lack of infill walls or due to variation in floor height. Soft storey is generally utilized as a part of auxiliary individuals in a building. Ex cellar stopping, shops. soft story is floor level in which the stiffness of the floor is under 80 of the normal stiffness of three stories above it. Earthquake occurred in multi storeyed building shows that if the structures are not well designed and constructed with an adequate strength it leads to the complete collapse of the structures. To ensure safety against seismic forces of multi storied building, there is need to study of seismic analysis to design earthquake resistance structures. Building irregularities generally become obvious with the effect of a seismic load. It is crucial that the irregularities of structural systems should be considered properly with respect to the conditions determined by the building codes.

by Namrata V. Kursange | G. D. Dhawale | R. S. Kedar “Comparison of RCC Buildings with a Soft-Storey Irregularity in Different Zones”

Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Volume-5 | Issue-1 , December 2020,


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