Development of Semi Automatic Operated Pneumatic Based Wire Stripping Machine


In recent years, the trend in the business has been toward more automation. A growing number of variables, including improving accuracy and reducing human error, are driving this trend. An in depth examination of the design and development of a pneumatically driven cable stripping machine for industrial mass production is provided in this dissertation, which includes an extensive bibliography. To cut the cable in large diameters in mass production, the industry now employs the traditional technique of employing a cable cutter, which takes longer and needs more manpower to cut the cable than other methods. The precision achieved by the traditional technique is low, and the procedure is time consuming. In addition to providing a solution to the traditional way of solving issues, automation reduces costs and saves time while also increasing accuracy and reducing human mistakes. By using automation, we want to achieve low cost stripping that is both quick and efficient, thereby reducing stripping time. The practical goal of an automated cable stripping machine is to remove the PVC from a cable at the necessary length and in the required number of pieces, according to the specifications. The stripping process in this system is accomplished via the use of pneumatic pressure and an Arduino. In our project, a solenoid valve is utilized to activate a pneumatic double acting cylinder, which is controlled by an Arduino.

by C. Sangeevi | K. S. Athiabiraman | B. Arunkumar “Development of Semi-Automatic Operated Pneumatic Based Wire Stripping Machine”

Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Volume-5 | Issue-5 , August 2021,


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