image classification

Local Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor for Image Classification

In defense of nearest-neighbor based image
classification. In CVPR, June 2008. 

Fast dual minimization of the vectorial total variation norm and applications to color image processing
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We propose a regularization algorithm for color/vectorial images which is fast, easy to code and mathematically well-posed. More precisely, the regularization model is based on the dual formulation of the vectorial Total Variation (VTV) norm and it be regarded as the

Image processing of explosive activity at Stromboli
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Volcanic activity of Strombolian type was defined, more then one century ago, after Stromboli (Mercalli, 1891). Its persistent explosive character, from 100 to 300 explosions per day, is inferred to have lasted millennia, as quoted by historical records. This peculiarity

A common image processing framework for 2-D barcode reading
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Until today the most important optical machine readable syinhols have been the ID barcodes. This is a wellknown and estahlishcd technolo_ey hut it shows some liniitations in terms of quantity of information stored in a symbol and error correction capability. Also the

Image Processing
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Template matching is one of the areas of profound interests in recent times. It has turned out to be a revolution in the field of computer vision. Template matching provides a new dimension into the imageprocessing capabilities, although there have been many attempts

Automatic road pavement assessment with image processing : review and comparison
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In the field of noninvasive sensing techniques for civil infrastructures monitoring, this paper addresses the problem of crack detection, in the surface of the French national roads, by automatic analysis of optical images. The first contribution is a state of the art of the image

A class of fast Gaussian binomial filters for speech and image processing
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The Gaussian Binomial filters are a family of one-and twodimensional FIR filters with binary- valued coefficients (- 1). The family can function as a bank of filters, with taps corresponding to lowpass, band-pass with differing center frequencies, and high-pass filters

The Haar-wavelet transform in digital image processing : its status and achievements
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Abstract. Image processing and analysis based on the continuous or discrete image transforms are classic techniques. The image transforms are widely used in image filtering, data description, etc. Nowadays the wavelet theorems make up very popular methods of image

Surface defects detection for ceramic tiles using image processing and morphological techniques
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Quality control in ceramic tile manufacturing is hard, labor intensive and it is performed in a harsh industrial environment with noise, extreme temperature and humidity. It can be divided into color analysis, dimension verification, and surface defect detection, which is the main

Introduction to the special issue on partial differential equations and geometry-driven diffusion in image processing and analysis
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(1) where is the evolving image , is an operator that characterizes the given algorithm, and the image is the initial condition. 1 The solution of the differential equation gives the processed image at scale. In the case of vector-valued images, a system of coupled PDEs of

An image processing approach to surface matching.
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Establishing a correspondence between two surfaces is a basic ingredient in many geometry processing applications. Existing approaches, which attempt to match two meshes directly in 3D, can be cumbersome to implement and it is often hard to produce accurate

Importance of statistical measures in digital image processing
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This paper presents the comprehensive study of the various statistical measures and their application in digital image processing at root level. We have simulated the majority of statistical measures and reviewed their existing applications. Also we have explored and

Digital image processing using MATLAB
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Singular value decomposition applied to digital image processing
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This project has applied theory of linear algebra called singular value decomposition (SVD) to digital image processing . Two specific areas of digital image processing are investigated and tested. One is digital image compression, and other is face recognition

Principal component analysis in image processing
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Principal component analysis (PCA) is one of the statistical techniques frequently used in signal processing to the data dimension reduction or to the data decorrelation. Presented paper deals with two distinct applications of PCA in image processing . The first application

Brain tumor MRI image segmentation and detection in image processing
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Image processing is an active research area in which medical image processing is a highly challenging field. Medical imaging techniques are used to image the inner portions of the human body for medical diagnosis. Brain tumor is a serious life altering disease condition

Lung cancer detection using image processing techniques
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Recently, image processing techniques are widely used in several medical areas for image improvement in earlier detection and treatment stages, where the time factor is very important to discover the abnormality issues in target images, especially in various cancerThe MPP, a single instruction, multiple data parallel computer with 16K processors being built for NASA by Goodyear Aerospace, can perform over six billion eightbit adds and 1.8 billion eight-bit multiplies per second. Its SIMD architecture and immense computing power

Algorithm for image processing using improved median filter and comparison of mean, median and improved median filter
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An improved median filter algorithm is implemented for the de-noising of highly corrupted images and edge preservation. Mean, Median and improved mean filter is used for the noise detection. Fundamental of image processing , image degradation and restoration processes

Identifying lung cancer using image processing techniques
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The automated Computer Aided Diagnosing (CAD) system is proposed in this paper for detection of lung cancer form the analysis of computed tomography images. To produce a successful Computer Aided Diagnosis system, several problems has to be resolved. In

Intelligent parking space detection system based on image processing
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This paper aims to present an intelligent system for parking space detection based on image processing technique that capture and process the brown rounded image drawn at parking lot and produce the information of the empty car parking spaces. It will be display at the CSE PROJECTS