image mining IEEE PAPER 2018

Amalgamation of Data Mining and Image Processing Techniques in Image Retrieval
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ABSTRACT : In the field of Image Processing, Mining is a new technique. Image mining is the extraction of latent data, amalgamation of image data and surplus patterns which are invisible in images. This involves Image Processing, Data Mining etc., without any prior

Image Mining of Endoscopic Images for Colon Examination Based on Random Set and Co-ocurrence Texture Descriptors
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ABSTRACT The aim of our research was to develop a method that allows us automatically to discover the decision rules for diagnosing medical images in normal tissue images and images showing a polyp. We used a data set of images that came from an endoscope video

Imagebased data mining to analyse shrinkage versus erosion of lung cancer tumours treated with radiotherapy
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ABSTRACT Lung cancer tumours are believed to regress in two modes during radiotherapy; by shrinking elastically and by fragmenting. A method is proposed applying imagebased data mining techniques to cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans in order to determine

An Approach for Image Data Mining using Image Processing Techniques
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ABSTRACT -The automatic telemedicine system for computer-aided screening and grading of diabetic retinopathy depends on consistent detection of retinal lesions in fundus images. The automatic detection of both microaneurysms and hemorrhages in color fundus images CSE PROJECTS