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Bone-free 3D Computed Tomography Angiography Using an Image-processing Application–Imaging Efficacy for Aneurysms Near the Skull Base and Clipped
N Tomura, M Koga, T Otani, T Nishii ,2011 ,
Abstract Bone-free 3D computed tomography angiography (CTA) can be carried out to
image cerebral aneurysms near the skull base when the elimination of bones is surgically
required. The maximum intensity projection (MIP) images were initially obtained using the 

Reduce Measurement Uncertainty of Ball Crater Method by Using Image Processing Techniques
J Huang, P Liatsis ,Intelligent Control and Innovative , 2012 ,Springer
A method of reducing the uncertainty in measuring coating thickness using the ball crater
method is proposed in this research. A crucial step of the ball crater method is measurement
of the radii of the crater circles from a microscope image. While traditional methods of 

Implementation of Multilevel Threshold Method for Digital Images Used In Medical Image Processing
P Gupta, V Malik ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract The digital image processing has been applied in several areas, especially where
it is necessary to use tools for feature extraction and to get patterns of the studied images. In
an initial stage, the segmentation is used to separate the image in parts that represents a 

ELAN as flexible annotation framework for sound and image processing detectors
E Auer, A Russel, H Sloetjes, P Wittenburg ,Proc. , 2010 ,
Abstract Annotation of digital recordings in humanities research still is, to a large extend, a
process that is performed manually. This paper describes the first pattern recognition based
software components developed in the AVATecH project and their integration in the 

Function spaces and image processing
P Hästö ,2011 ,
We view an image as a function u: Q? R. We think of u (x, y) as the gray-level intensity at
location (x, y). A basic problem in image processing is removing extraneous noise from our
image. We model the situation as u= u0+ ?, where u0 is the true image, ? is random noise 

in Image Matching and Motion Extraction in Level set and PDE Based Reconstruction Methods: Applications to Inverse Problems and Image Processing
M Rumpf ,2009 ,
Abstract. In this chapter we are concerned with variational methods in image analysis.
Special attention is paid on free discontinuity approaches of Mumford Shah type and their
application in segmentation, matching and motion analysis. We study combined 

Real-time image processing for particle tracking velocimetry
M Kreizer, D Ratner ,Experiments in fluids, 2010 ,Springer
Abstract We present a novel high-speed particle tracking velocimetry (PTV) experimental
system. Its novelty is due to the FPGA-based, real-time image processing on camera.
Instead of an image, the camera transfers to the computer using a network card, only the 

Parallel Algorithms of Basic Image Processing Implemented on a Linearly Connected Parallel Processor-Gray-scale and Binary Images
H Ito, M Shimizu ,Journal of Next Generation Information , 2011 ,
Abstract This paper presents some basic image processing programs on a linearly
connected parallel processor. In this parallel processor, some processing elements (PEs)
are connected by communication memories. In many image processing systems, an input 

Image and Geometry Processing for 3-D Cinematography: An Introduction
  Image and Geometry Processing for 3-D , 2010 ,Springer
 presents an overview of the inter-relations between the art of cinematog- raphy and the science
of image and geometry processing; the second section is devoted to recent developments in
geometry; and the third section is devoted to recent developments in image processing. 

FPGA Design and Implementation of Dense Matrix-Vector Multiplication for Image ProcessingApplication
SM Qasim, AA Telba ,Proceedings of the World Congress , 2010
Abstract—Matrix-vector multiplication is a computationally intensive and kernel operation
used in many image processing applications. This paper presents a preliminary Field
Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) design and implementation of dense matrix-vector 

Local laplacian filters: Edge-aware image processing with a laplacian pyramid
  ACM Trans. Graph, 2011 ,
Abstract The Laplacian pyramid is ubiquitous for decomposing images into multiple scales
and is widely used for image analysis. However, because it is constructed with spatially
invariant Gaussian kernels, the Laplacian pyramid is widely believed as being unable to 

The Impact of the Data Archiving File Format on Scientific Computing and Performance of Image Processing Algorithms in MATLAB Using Large HDF5 and XML
K Bennett ,2012
Scientists require the ability to effortlessly share and process data collected and stored on a
variety of computer platforms in specialized data storage formats. Experiments often
generate large amounts of raw and corrected data and metadata, which describes and 

Image processing with the artificial swarm intelligence
XD Zhuang ,Advances in Image Analysis-Nature , 2011
Abstract:-The swarm intelligence technique is applied in image processing for feature
extraction. The perceptual graph is proposed to represent the relationship between adjacent
image points, from which the image features can be extracted. As a typical technique of 

Avoiding asymmetry-induced bias in longitudinal image processing
  Neuroimage, 2011 ,
Abstract Longitudinal image processing procedures frequently transfer or pool information
across time within subject, with the dual goals of reducing the variability and increasing the
accuracy of the derived measures. In this note, we discuss common difficulties in