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First-order Convex Optimization Methods for Signal and Image Processing
  2011 ,
Abstract In this thesis we investigate the use of first-order convex optimization methods
applied to problems in signal and image processing. First we make a general introduction to
convex optimization, first-order methods and their iteration complexity. Then we look at 

A Remote Laboratory for Real-Time Digital Image Processing on Embedded Systems
A Kalantzopoulos, D Markonis ,International Journal of , 2009 ,
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to present a Remote Laboratory on embedded
systems focused in real-time digital image processing. This laboratory consists of a Main
Web Server and several Workstations which are designed for digital image retrieval from a 

Study of frequency pattern of coherent turbulent flow over ripples using image processingwith implication in river restoration
A Keshavarzi, J Ball , . Earth Syst. Sci. , 2011 ,
Abstract River channel change and bed scourings are source of major environmental
problem for fish and aquatic habitat. The bed form such as ripples and dunes is the result of
an interaction between turbulent flow structure and sediment particles at the bed. The 

A new online course on radar polarimetry and polsar image processing
B Leblon, A LaRocque ,European Space Agency,(Special , 2009 ,
ABSTRACT Scheduled lectures and supervised laboratory sessions are the classical
method of teaching radar polarimetry and polarimetric SAR image processing courses. This
paper describes a new teaching method that uses multimedia and Internet technology in 

Advances in medical image processing
TM Deserno, T Aach, K Amunts, W Hillen , Science-Research and , 2011 ,Springer
Abstract For more than 20 years, the German Workshop on Medical Image Processing 
(Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin, BVM) is held annually and has been established recently
as a European conference. In 2010, the workshop was held in Aachen, Germany. Based 

Designing a Virtual Item Bank Based on the Techniques of Image Processing
WW Liao ,TOJET, 2011 ,
ABSTRACT One of the major weaknesses of the item exposure rates of figural items in
Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests lies in its inaccuracies. In this study, a new approach is
proposed and a useful test tool known as the Virtual Item Bank (VIB) is introduced. The 

Comparison of GP and SAP in the image-processing filter construction using pathology images
T Hiroyasu, S Fujita, A Watanabe ,Image and Signal , 2010 ,
Abstract—In this paper, programming methods of constructing filters for choosing target
images from pathology images are discussed. Automatic construction of these filters would
be very useful in the medical field. Image processing filters can be expressed as tree 

An assessment of the diagnostic criteria for sessile serrated adenoma/polyps: SSA/Ps usingimage processing software analysis for Ki67 immunohistochemistry
Y Fujimori, T Fujimori, J Imura ,Diagnostic , 2012 ,
Background Serrated polyps belong to a heterogeneous group of lesions that are generally
characterized morphologically. This type of lesion is thought to be the precursor of sporadic
carcinomas with microsatellite instability, and probably also the precursor for CpG island- 

Sidescan sonar image processing: correcting brightness variation and patching gaps
YC Chang, SK Hsu ,Journal of Marine Science and , 2010 ,
ABSTRACT Sidescan sonar data are typically presented as gray level images. However,
sidescan images often show striking variations in brightness. These variations, caused by
the sonar beam pattern and the constantly changing attitude of the towfish, make the 

Biomass-coal flame monitoring by digital image processing in a semi-industrial combustion pilot plant
A González, B Peña ,Proceedings of the 18th European , 2010 ,
ABSTRACT: Co-firing of biomass with coal is a widely adopted strategy in order to reduce
CO2 emissions in electricity generation. Among the adverse effects of biomass addition,
problems derived from ash deposition in heat exchanger surfaces, leading to fouling, 

Textural identification of basaltic rock mass using image processing and neural network
  A Tiwary ,Computational Geosciences, 2010 ,Springer
Abstract A new approach to identify the texture based on image processing of thin sections
of different basalt rock samples is proposed here. This methodology uses RGB or grayscale
image of thin section of rock sample as an input and extracts 27 numerical parameters. A 

Irregularities and Scaling in Signal and Image Processing: Multifractal Analysis
 S Jaffard ,Benoit Mandelbrot: A Life in Many , 2011 ,
Abstract: B. Mandelbrot gave a new birth to the notions of scale invariance, selfsimilarity and
non-integer dimensions, gathering them as the founding corner-stones used to build up
fractal geometry. The first purpose of the present contribution is to review and relate 

Quaternion atomic function wavelet for applications in image processing
E Moya-Sánchez ,Progress in Pattern Recognition , 2010 ,Springer
Atomic Functions are widely used in different applications in image processing, pattern
recognition, computational physics and also in the digital interpretation of signal
measurements. The main contribution of this work is to develop a Quaternionic Atomic 

Parallel Computing System for Image Intelligent Processing
Z Duan, T Lei ,Information Technology Journal, 2012
 Tasks in this kind of image processing can be divided to three levels. They are low level tasks,
middle level tasks and high level tasks. Low level tasks in image processing are also called
preprocessing which is used to organize data for later image processing. 

High-level expectations for low-level image processing
L Hotz, B Neumann ,KI 2008: Advances in Artificial Intelligence, 2008 ,Springer
Scene interpretation systems are often conceived as extensions of low-level image analysis
with bottom-up processing for high-level interpretations. In this contribution we show how a
generic high-level interpretation system can generate hypotheses and initiate feedback in 

Signal and Image Processing for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Technology Tuition
J Jan ,Proc. int. conf. ICEE, 2009 ,
Abstract The paper describes briefly an approach to a difficult and challenging task of
teaching the elements of digital signal and image processing plus the necessary
background in signal and system theory during one term to the interdisciplinary students 

IVUS image processing and semantic analysis for Cardiovascular Diseases risk prediction
C Doulaverakis, M Papadogiorgaki ,International Journal of , 2010 ,Inderscience
The work presented in this paper is part of a system able to perform risk classification of
patients based on medical image analysis and on the semantically structured information of
patient data from medical records and biochemical data. More specifically, the paper 

Measurement of the energy spectrum of 252 Cf fission fragments using nuclear track detectors and digital image processing
G Espinosa, JI Golzarri, VM Castano ,Rev. Mex. Fis , 2010 ,
The energy spectrum of 252 Cf fission fragments was measured using Nuclear Tracks
Detectors (NTD’s) and Digital Image Analysis System (DIAS). The detection material was
fused silica glass. The detectors were chemically etched in an 8% HF solution. After 

A Novel Approach to Overcome the Intertwined Shortcomings of DWT For Image Processing and De-noising
RPS Chauhan ,Synthesis, 2012
ABSTRACT Shift variance, poor directional selectivity, oscillations and aliasing are four
fundamental, intertwined shortcomings of the DWT that undermines its application for certain
image processing tasks. The initial motivation behind the work to use advanced CWT