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Image resampling and constraint formulation for multi-frame super-resolution restoration
S Borman ,SPIE Electronic Imaging, 2003 ,
ABSTRACT Multi-frame super-resolution restoration algorithms commonly utilize a linear
observation model relating the recorded images to the unknown restored image estimates.
Working within this framework, we demonstrate a method for generalizing the observation 

Vector Directional Distance Rational Hybrid Filters for Color Image Restoration
L Khriji ,Computer Journal of Engineering Research, 2005 ,
Abstract: A new class of nonlinear filters, called vector-directional distance rational hybrid
filters (VDDRHF) for multispectral image processing, is introduced and applied to color
image-filtering problems. These filters are based on rational functions (RF). The VDDRHF 

A Two-level domain decomposition method for image restoration
J Xu, XC Tai ,UCLA Computational and Applied , 2009 ,
Abstract. Image restoration has drawn much attention in recent years and a surge of
research has been done on variational models and their numerical studies. However, there
remains an urgent need to develop fast and robust methods for solving the minimization 

Restoration and fusion optimization scheme of multifocus image using genetic search strategies
X Zhang, J Han ,Optica Applicata, 2005 ,
A novel and optimal algorithm is presented that is suitable for multifocus image fusion. A
synergistic combination of segmentation techniques and genetic search strategies is
employed in salience analysis of contrast feature-vision system. Some evaluation 

Restoration of Optical Variable Density Sound Tracks on Motion Picture Films by DigitalImage Processing
D Richter, I Kurreck ,Optim. Proceedings of the , 2000 ,
Abstract: The emulsion carriers of many motion picture films are approaching the end of their
life cycle. Many of them are treated as an important cultural heritage. Preserving and
restoring the existing motion picture and sound track information is an important task. The 

Non-local kernel regression for image and video restoration
Y Zhang ,Computer Vision–ECCV 2010, 2010 ,Springer
This paper presents a non-local kernel regression (NL-KR) method for image and video
restoration tasks, which exploits both the non-local self-similarity and local structural
regularity in natural images. The non-local self-similarity is based on the observation that 

Damped Newton’s method for image restoration
D Yi ,Trends in Mathematics, Information Center for , 2006 ,
As in image enhancement, the ultimate goal of restoration techniques is to improve an
image in some sense. For the purpose of differentiation, we consider restoration to be a
process that attempts to reconstruct or recover an image that has been degraded by using 

Two-dimensional maximum entropy image restoration
JE Brolley, RB Lazarus, BR Suydam ,1977 ,
We have developed the two-dimensional~“LOG P analysis and applied it to restoring a
pinhole image produced by 2-keV X rays. The physical principles and an outline of the
mathematical procedure we employed have been reported.

Image restoration based on camera microscanning
JL López-Martínez, V Kober , Recognition and Image , 2010 ,Springer
Abstract Common restoration techniques use a single observed image for the processing. In
this work three observed degraded images obtained from camera microscanning are utilized
for image restoration. It is assumed that the degraded images contain information about 

Image Restoration Combining the Total Variation Minimization and a Second-Order Functional
LI Fang ,Journal of East China Normal University (Natural , 2007 ,
Abstract: A new variational model for noise removal was proposed. It combines the total
variational (TV) functional with a second order functional, and the corresponding negative
gradient flow is a fourth order PDE. The proposed model combines the benefits of the total 

Blind image restoration based on parzen-window estimate and regularization method
L Chen, X Chen ,PROCEEDINGS-SPIE THE , 2007 ,
ABSTRACT To investigate blind image restoration problem, we propose to combine Parzen-
window estimate with regularization technique (PWERT) in this paper. Parzen-window
estimate method is engaged to obtain point spread function. And regularization technique 

Image restoration using SVD and adaptive regularization
F Fillali, K Benmahammed ,J. Automation & Systems , 2010 ,
In this paper, we consider the problem of image restoration degraded by a shift invariant blur
and corrupted by random additive noise. A new approach is implemented by using the
Singular Value Decomposition (SVD). In absence of noise, the image restored is the same 

Image restoration regularized by a fourth-order PDE
W Ma, YL You ,Proceedings of the SPIE, 2009 ,
ABSTRACT A fourth order PDE is proposed as the regularization operator for image
restoration in order to alleviate the “blocky” effects that frequently mar restored images
regularized with anisotropic diffusion (a second order PDE). This is motivated by its 

Restoration of images damaged by semi-transparent water blotches using localized imageenhancement
A Greenblatt, S Agaian ,Proceedings of SPIE, the , 2008 ,
ABSTRACT Vast libraries of historic photographs are currently degrading due to the effects
of semi-transparent water blotches. Most current restoration techniques involve heavy user
interaction and are therefore too expensive to use for large quantities of images. This 

Generalized Gaussian model for SAR image restoration
E Bratsolis, M Sigelle , of SPIE’s 9th , 2003 ,
ABSTRACT A generalized Gaussian model that can be used for speckle reduction and
restoration of synthetic aperture radar (sAR) images is presented here. We have worked in 3-
look simulated and real ERs-1 amplitude images. A MAP approximation of the a posteriori 

Performance Evaluation of A Superresolution Algorithm for Image Restoration
C Bhattacharya , conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image , 2000 ,
Abstract: The class of algorithms called Superresolution is applied to reconstruct signals
from apriori known information of limited spectrum and spatial bound of signals. In practice
target scene information is limited by aperture point spread function (psf) of sensor and 

Blind Image Restoration for MMW Radiometer Based on Wavelet Techniques
H Park, MK Singh, S Kim, H Lee , AND REMOTE SENSING , 2005 ,
Abstract—Important earth surface parameters are detected and monitored by airborne and
spaceborne radiometers. In the other hand, a poor inherent resolution capability of the
passive millimeter-wave (PMMW) imaging becomes a problem in many applications. To 

An efficiency restoration method for turbulence-degraded image base on improved SeDDaRA method
H Zuo, Q Zhang ,Proceedings of SPIE, 2009 ,
ABSTRACT Turbulence-degraded image restoration is an important part in detection system
which based on image. Most of current researches on turbulence-degraded image were
focus on getting perfect image and not very care about processing speed. They are not