image sensor IEEE PAPER 2018

Multi-MGy total ionizing dose induced MOSFET variability effects on radiation hardened CMOS image sensor performances
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I. INTRODUCTION MOS Image Sensors (CIS) are today the main solid-state image sensor technology and they are widely used for the development of various scientific applications, thanks to their high performances, high integration capabilities and low power consumption. Their demand

Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Image Sensor Using Gate/Body-tied P-channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor-type
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In this paper, we propose a CMOS image sensor that uses a gate/body-tied p-chnnel metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (PMOSFET)-type photodetector for highspeed binary operation. The sensitivity of the gate/body-tied PMOSFET-type photodetector is

Improving Point- Sensor Image Resolution with Distributed Acoustic Sensing at Bradys Enhanced Geothermal System
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ABSTRACT To date, investigations into the deployment and ability of surface horizontal distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) fiber to characterize reservoirs has been lacking compared to borehole DAS configurations, which has been more prevalent for well

Design and study of a post-processing tool for long-term thermal infrared image sequences and multi- sensor data exploitation
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Latest improvements on uncooled infrared cameras has brought new opportunities for non- invasive diagnostics in the Civil Engineerings field. In particular, such technology has been studied and tested for long-term in-situ monitoring. However, in order to perform a

Two calibration methods to improve the linearity of a CMOS image sensor
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ABSTRACT This paper presents two on-chip calibration methods for improving the linearity of a CMOS image sensor (CIS). A prototype 128 128 pixel sensor with a size of 10 um 12 um is fabricated using a 0.18 um 1P4M CIS process. Both calibration methods show obvious

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ABSTRACT There has been a significant upsurge in the development of satellite platforms with enormous number of sensors in recent years. Several remotely sensed data with spatial resolutions extending from 0.5 to 25,000 m are accessible for diverse applications. This

Simulating Image Communication over Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks Using TOSSIM
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ABSTRACT Wireless camera sensor networks have been employed for different types of visual monitoring applications, promoting innovative services for Internet of Things scenarios and smart cities. In this context, in order to better support the validation procedures of visual CSE PROJECTS