industrial automation 2019

demand for power-efficient and industrial grade components with guaranteed long-term availability – influence which solutions best suit industrial applications. Industrial automation is a set of technologies that uses control systems and devices, such as computer software and robotics,

Reliable Industrial IoT-Based Distributed Automation
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Recent advances in information technologies and embedded systems networking are revolutionizing manufacturing industry, leading to a new stage known as the Industry 4.0 . Namely, to address fluctuating market demands, manufacturers have embraced mass

Transformation to advanced mechatronics systems within new industrial revolution: A novel framework in Automation of Everything (AoE)
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The recent advances in cyber-physical domains, cloud, cloudlet and edge platforms along with the evolving Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, big data analytics and cutting-edge wireless communication technologies within the Industry 4.0 (4IR) are urging mechatronics

Industrial automation : conveyors in industrial automation : automation project for Konepaja Astex Gear OY
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The objective of the project was to design, build and program a conveyor line for an existing production unit in Konepaja Astex Gera Oy, Lappeenranta. The aim was to speed up the producing time for several types of parts by implementing automated driven conveyor line to

A Developed Length Based Product Separating Conveyor for Industrial Automation
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A length-based automatic product separating system for a developed automation in the industrial section is presented in this paper. During the final dispatch entity, sorting of products and separating them at the specified position is always a paramount undertaking in

On the Combination of Gamification and Crowd Computation in Industrial Automation and Robotics Applications
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Autonomous intelligent systems outperform human workers in an expanding range of domains, typically those in which success is a function of speed, precision and repeatability. However, many cognitive tasks remain beyond the reach of automation . In this work, we

Robots, Automation and the demand for Industrial Space
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We utilize the data set developed by Acemoglu Restrepro (2017) depicting the likely adoption rate of robots by firms in each US MSA. Our focus is on the impact of this automation metric on the market for industrial real estate (factories and warehouses). We get

Securing IT Networks for Industrial and Building Automation Systems
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Automation systems both in industry and building control contexts often require network connections for remote administration and data exchange. This, however, also exposes them to cyber threats like hacking attacks. Hackers may use these machines for a number of