intelligent agent user interface

 Constructing intelligent agents using Java
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JP Bigus, J Bigus ,2001 ,
 International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Page 17.
Processing Functions ? User interface agents ? Search agents ? Information agents ? Filter
agentsetc. Intelligent agents are software programs with an attitude. Page 18. 

 JACK intelligent agents-summary of an agent infrastructure
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N Howden, R Rönnquist, A Hodgson , on autonomous agents, 2001 ,
 Map-based interface  to represent individual reasoning and from the architectural advantages
of that representation to the user due to  areas such as: Naturalistic decision making within agent
reasoning; Agent-based manufacturing controllers; Intelligent agent Internet assistants 

An open agent architecture
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into the vast swamp of data in search of information, but rather the desired, or better yet, needed
information will be pre- sented to the user by an intelligent agent in the  A difficult question is how
the user interface can know about the English vocabulary of the various agents. 

Developing intelligent agent systems
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Some software agents may act as agents
in this sense as well. For example, a software assistant that buys products or services on behalf
of its user.  Page 19. WHAT IS AN INTELLIGENT AGENT? 3 its goals. 

Beyond butlers: Intelligent agents as mentors
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A Baylor ,Journal of Educational Computing Research, 2000 ,Baywood
 user’s actions and makes suggestions. While intelligent agent technology involves artificial
intelligence (reasoning, planning, natural language processing, etc.) and system development
techniques (object-oriented programming, scripting languages, human-machine interface, 

 Automatic interface generation and future user interface tools
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J Nichols, A Faulring , on The Future of User Interface Design , 2005 ,
 in certain situations. For example, the author of an intelligent agent might want to
focus on the intelligence aspect and delegate the details of the user interface to
another piece of soft- ware. Automatic interface generation also 

 Privacy critics: UI components to safeguard users’ privacy
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 Therefore, the user’s interaction with an interface for controlling private  Page 2. PRIVACY CRITICS
Critic-based architectures were first introduced by Fischer [3]. A critic, a type of intelligent agent,
provides feedback and suggestions as users go about their ordinary tasks. 

 Intelligent agents in a teaching and learning environment on the Web
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strategies for the organization of the learning resources based on information suggested by the
user agent.  The proposed multi-agent system is based on a two level agent architecture which
uses interface agents at   JL Marzo, Adaptive Intelligent Agent Approach to 

An XML-based runtime user interface description language for mobile computing devices
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A CIO is a possible implementation for such an AIO. Using these concepts allows abstracting
the user interface independent of the target platform.  [9] tries to solve this problem at design time
using an intelligent agent (a mediator) for laying out UI components. 

 Agents for the user interface
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H Lieberman, T Selker ,Handbook of Agent Technology, 2003 ,
 The job of the interface is to provide the best possible coupling of the computer’s data  is also brittle,
as the complexity of the problem can easily overwhelm the user’s short-term  The intelligent agent
approach is to consider the combination of the user and the machine as a single