IEEE PROJECT ON IOT- Internet of Things

communication of IoT devices over LTE mobile networks

Navigation Aids Management Based on IoT

Real-time traffic information collecting and monitoring system based on the internet of things

Connectivity Issues on IoT Business Smart Home Network

IoT-Based Home Energy Management System over Dynamic Home Area Networks

Development of Secured Smart City Using IOT

Smart Medicine and Physical Health System Using IoT

Parking Prediction Techniques in an IoT Environment

IoT-based Intelligent for Fire Emergency Response Systems.

IoT-RFID Testbed for Supporting Traffic Light Control

Temperature Affects TO IoT Communication

Wireless M2M and IoT

Design of the IOT Gateway for Agricultural Greenhouse

IoT based reference architecture for smart water management processes

IOT Technology ANDE-commerce

design of a sensor network based on IoT technology for landslide hazard assessment

Implementation of Internet of Things for Home Automation

Digital Door Lock System for the Internet of Things with Improved Security and Usability

Architecture Design of the Internet of Things Based on Cloud Computing

Internet of Things, the Smart X enabler

Reliable Services Composition Method for the Internet of Thing Using Directed Service-Object Graph Deployment Scheme

An Online Anomaly Learning and Forecasting Model for Large-Scale Service of Internet of Things

Mobile health platform for diabetes management based on the Internet-of-Things

6TiSCH: deterministic IP-enabled industrial internet (of things)

A survey on internet of things architecture, protocols, possible applications, security, privacy, real-world implementation and future trends

The Management of Application of Big Data in Internet of Thing in Environmental Protection in China

Towards effective security control assignment in the Industrial Internet of Things

Sensing Network Element Ontology Description Model for Internet of Things

Towards energy-efficient HealthCare: An Internet-of-Things architecture using intelligent gateways

Secure layers based architecture for Internet of Things

The design of teaching management system in universities based on biometrics identification and the Internet of Things technology

Security analysis and proposal of new access control model in the Internet of Thing

Proactive architecture for Internet of Things (IoTs) management in smart homes

An architecture supporting knowledge flow in Social Internet of Things systems

Feasability of an Ultra narrow band antenna for the internet of things

Self-powered batteryless wireless communication systems for internet of things based on piezoelectric energy harvester

Fog computing-based intelligent inference performance evaluation system integrated internet of thing in food cold chain

The Emerging Enernet: Convergence of the Smart Grid with the Internet of Things

Security analysis of IEEE 802.15.4 MAC in the context of Internet of Things (IoT)

A Proactive Multi-type Context-Aware Recommender System in the Environment of Internet of Things; Ubiquitous Computing and Communications; Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing; Pervasive Intelligence and Computing (CIT/IUCC/DASC/PICOM), 2015 IEEE International Conference on, Liverpool, 2015, pp. 351-355.

Study on earnings forecast of internet of things in China —Based on Anylogic simulation model

Review of Internet of Things in development of smart cities with data management & privacy

An impact review on internet of things attacks

Wearable Internet: Powering Personal Devices with the Internet of Things Capabilities

Digital Enterprise Architecture - Transformation for the Internet of Things

Friendship Selection in the Social Internet of Things: Challenges and Possible Strategies

Principle application and vision in Internet of Things (IoT)

Video Streaming Considerations for Internet of Things

User-Driven Privacy Enforcement for Cloud-Based Services in the Internet of Things

Research Directions on the Adoption, Usage, and Impact of the Internet of Things through the Use of Big Data Analytics

The research on Internet of things application architecture based on web

An Analysis of RFID Authentication Schemes for Internet of Things in Healthcare Environment Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Assessment of the Suitability of Fog Computing in the Context of Internet of Things

Personalized speech recognition for Internet of Things

Internet of Things for Sports (IoTSport): An architectural framework for sports and recreational activity

Satellite Communications Supporting Internet of Remote Things

Situation Awareness Measurement Enhanced for Efficient Monitoring in the Internet of Things

Setting up a multi-purpose Internet of Things system

Trustworthiness Management in the Social Internet of Things

The P2P communication technology research based on Internet of things

Conceptualization of Software Defined Network layers over internet of things for future smart cities applications

A survey of Internet-of-Things: Future vision, architecture, challenges and services

Responsible Objects: Towards Self-Healing Internet of Things Applications

Developing NovaGenesis architecture for internet of things services: Observation, challenges and ITMS application

A decentralized approach for security and privacy challenges in the Internet of Things

Time analysis based IOTs (Internet of Things) enable TeraHertz RAM design on 40nm FPGA

Internet of Things: A Survey on Enabling Technologies, Protocols, and Applications

A Practical Evaluation of Information Processing and Abstraction Techniques for the Internet of Things

The internet of Bio-Nano things

Security of ONS service for applications of the Internet of Things and their pilot implementation in academic network

Neighbor Discovery for Opportunistic Networking in Internet of Things Scenarios: A Survey

Reliability Evaluation of Coal Mine Internet of Things

Social Internet of Things: The Potential of the Internet of Things for Defining Human Behaviours

A framework for evaluating Internet-of-Things platforms: Application provider viewpoint

Lightning protection of China railway vehicle running safety monitor system - Internet of Things in lightning protection

Patented Network Analysis on Cloud Computing Technology in Internet of Things

A Wearable Internet of Things Mote with Bare Metal 6LoWPAN Protocol for Pervasive Healthcare

Research on the reengineering of warehousing process based on Internet of Things

On the energy savings achieved through an internet of things enabled smart city trial

Cognitive Machine-to-Machine Communications for Internet-of-Things: A Protocol Stack Perspective

The Internet of Things: Challenges & security issues

DataClouds: Enabling Community-Based Data-Centric Services Over the Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT): Security challenges, business opportunities & reference architecture for E-commerce

A review on Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Everything (IoE) and Internet of Nano Things (IoNT)

MPEG-V International Standard and the Internet of Things

Middleware for Internet of Things: A Study

Design of explosive production information and managing system based on Internet of Things

Neural network approach to forecast the state of the Internet of Things elements

SOSLITE: Lightweight Sensor Observation Service (SOS) for the Internet of Things (IOT)

Securing the Internet of Things: A Standardization Perspective

Mobile Applications Modelling and Security Handling in Cloud-Centric Internet of Things

A Survey on Internet of Things From Industrial Market Perspective

EPC application framework in the context of Internet of Things

Testbed for evaluating reference models of Internet of Things (IoT)

Caching in Named Data Networking for the wireless Internet of Things

Analysis of the security solutions implemented in current Internet of Things platforms

The Social Internet of Things

Scalability of Machine to Machine systems and the Internet of Things on LTE mobile networks

The Potential Cloud Application Model for Internet of Things - Case Study of Shopping Malls

A novel strategy for controlling the movement of a smart wheelchair using internet of things

Modeling for a Greener Internet of Things: Carbon Footprint Planning and Allocation: A Tutorial Approach Using Monte Carlo Simulation

Analysis and design of security in Internet of things

Power consumption for global information dissemination in the Internet of Things

OpenIoT: An open service framework for the Internet of Things

Countermeasure Security Risks Management in the Internet of Things Based on Fuzzy Logic Inference

Home Health Hub Internet of Things (H3IoT): An architectural framework for monitoring health of elderly people

An initial energy disaggregation technique for smart metering and detection of elevators under the vision of the Internet of Things

Short Paper: 'A peer to peer security protocol for the internet of things': Secure communication for the sensiblethings platform

Internet of Things(IoT) digital forensic investigation model: Top-down forensic approach methodology

An Internet of Things Framework for Smart Energy in Buildings: Designs, Prototype, and Experiments

Internet of Things: A system's architecture proposal

Poster Abstract: Security Comes First, a Public-key Cryptography Framework for the Internet of Things

Cloud Databases for Internet-of-Things Data

Transfering full body exergames from desktop applications to mobile devices: The role of the Internet of Things

The Cluster Between Internet of Things and Social Networks: Review and Research Challenges

Affective Internet of Things: Mimicking human-like personality in designing smart-objects

Enabling federated emergencies and Public Safety Answering Points with wearable and mobile Internet of Things support: An approach based on EENA and OMA LWM2M emerging standards

Multiagent Web for the Internet of Things CSE PROJECTS