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Secure Data Transmission Technique for iPhone using Quick Response (QR) Code
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Abstract The increasing use of smartphones and tablet computers as personal and business tools poses new levels of complexity to IT management and security. With continued growth of smartphones, and associated increase of mobile security concerns, users of mobile

Effects of age and smartphone experience on driver behavior during address entry: a comparison between a Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone
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ABSTRACT A Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5s were compared in a driving simulator where participants performed visual-manual and auditory-vocal address entry tasks. Auditory-vocal tasks were associated with shorter task times, fewer off-road glances,

The AppleiPhone: An Analysis of Organizational Culture and its Impact on Creativity
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Abstract Effective leadership is associated with numerous positive employee outcomes, in such areas as work attitudes (job satisfaction, organizational commitment), decreased turnover, and increased job performance. HR professionals at every level can

Apple's Research Kit Development Framework for Iphone Apps Enables Innovative Approaches to Medical Research Data Collection
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In March 2015, Apple announced a new iPhone application development framework for medical research called Research Kit [1]. Research Kit makes it easy for investigators and software developers to build applications for collecting medical research data. No doubt

Preannouncement Effects on Apple's Supply Chains: Using the Event Study Based on iPhone6 and 6 Plus
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Abstract. Innovative new products pre announcement is delicated market strategy. Specifically, the pre announcement of innovative new products positively influences the Apple's suppliers. Using the event study mehtods, this study find that iPhone

Jailbroken iPhone Forensics for the Investigations and Controversy to Digital Evidence
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Abstract. The smartphone has gradually become an indispensable assistant in our daily life. Apple's iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones. However, once the iPhone has become a criminal tool for assisting the offender, the electromagnetic record in the iPhone

Assembling the World's Most Expensive iPhone
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Summary: In stark contrast with Brazil's inward oriented industrial development since the end of World War II, the country has recently become a magnet for the foreign direct investment of electronics-producing MNEs since Dilma Rousseff took office in 2011.

Towards understanding how Touch ID impacts users' authentication secrets selection foriPhone lock
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Abstract Smartphones today store large amounts of data that can be confidential, private or sensitive. To protect such data, all mobile OSs have a phone lock mechanism, a mechanism that requires user authentication in order to access applications or data on the phone,

Biometric Authentication on iPhone and Android: Usability, Perceptions, and Influences on Adoption
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Abstract:While biometrics have long been promoted as the future of authentication, the recent introduction of Android face unlock and iPhone fingerprint unlock are among the first large-scale deployments of biometrics for consumers. In a 10-participant, within-subjects

IT 301-001 March 2, 2015 IPhone" By placing this statement on my webpage, I certify that I have read and understand the GMU
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At the age of technological advances, the release of the iPhone in 2007 considered as a quantum jump in the world. The iPhone is an internet-enabled smartphone that revolutionized the mobile phone industry. The iPhone was developed by Apple Inc, which

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Page 1. IMAGINING KANDINSKY'S THEORIES AS A SYNESTHETIC iPHONE APP by Anna Torlen A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty ofv ABSTRACT Author: Anna Torlen Title: Imagining Kandinsky's Theories As A Synesthetic iPhone App Institution: Florida Atlantic University